Saturday 10 July 2021

Mixed Up Saturday featuring Michele's Magazine Review

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

How are we all this lovely Saturday morning, what are you all up to this weekend,  frustratingly I am limited to watching Paul potter around the garden,  I am i  too much pain to even think about doing anything. I don't think Paul would like me taking on the role of 'Supervisor ' so I will demote myself to 'Spectator ' Fingers crossed I can get through the Militant that works the reception at our surgery so that I can get some pain relief.  I will enjoy the time with Paul regardless of pain. It's been a long week. 


Janet has shared a photo of the beautiful 'LaBlanche Roses'  kit that Inspired this weeks challenge and was the only kit that Janet used for all of her Rose projects.  There are so many elements in this kit and it was only around £21, which is a bargain.   Thank you so much Janet for sharing your kit with us. XXX 

Michele’s Magazine Review 

Hi Ladies 

Papercraft Essentials has a great free gift-a Shaker card kit.

Here’s some ideas of what’s inside the magazine.

This picture only shows a small selection of the ideas how to use the free gift.

Floral cards with a touch of glitter!

More ideas.

Great article explaining how to make mini albums.

Some great ideas to copy with what you already have in your stash.

More inspiration.

Layered heat embossing-I love the look this technique produces.

I absolutely love these stamps-what cute cards!!

More cute cards!!!!!!

That’s all for this week so
Happy Crafting

Love Michele

Another fantastic Review Michele, so many great features, those fuzzy animals are adorable,  I particularly love the sheep one!  Thank you so much for taking time to write it for us XXX

Karen's Shopping 

Karen's Description:

My shopping!
The Tracy Evans stamps were reduced from £17.99 to £11.99 and the Sue Wilson die was £12.99 totalling £30.98
NHS discount is 15% and I used points I’d accumulated My bill was £16.53

Thank you for sharing your Bargain shopping with us, I think it's fantastic that Craftstash gives NHS discount,  so well deserved!  I love both of your purchases,  the Tracy Evans stamps are of course my faves but I can see loads of different possibilities with the SW die, perfect for Man cards!! XXX

That's all for today Ladies,  I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you 

Sandra                                                                              xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet & Karen-quarter great crafty shopping, looking forward to seeing what you make using your new stash.

    I need to go to the butcher’s then into Southport for a few things. After that I’m hoping to spend some time in my craft room. I need to make my Dad’s birthday card-he’s 80 next Thursday but we’re meeting my brother and sister in law for lunch out tomorrow as we’ll be at work on his birthday.


  2. I love the quote for today
    Ooh JANET Your purchase looks so pretty and I’m really looking forward to your makes
    Thank you MICHELE for the magazine review It’s always handy to know what’s inside These plastic wrappers (essential I know) frustrate me I love being able to flick through a magazine before I buy
    I love these Big Bold Word dies from Sue W (some more that others) I don’t like Happy Christmas particularly but I see see the die being used for this week’s challenge! I bought the TE stamps because they were refused and I love the quirkiness of the font
    OH has some bowls - a la Ebay so we might just go and try them out later
    Take care everyone I hope you can get through/ past your receptionist SANDRA to get some different pain relief x

  3. Morning All, wet again, poor garden is beginning to look a bit battered.

    Janet love that craft pack, just my style, hope you enjoy using it.

    Michele great magazine review, lots of interesting articles. Good value for money.

    Karen love those font stamps, not keen on the Sue Wilson sentiment, but sure it will be useful.

    Sandra I hope you manage to get some pain relief, feeling you will have to be really forceful.

    Well I’m on my own this morning R playing for his first wedding in 18 months, hope the weather improves for the poor bride.

    Ironing this morning, then hopefully crafting this afternoon while watching the ladies finals from Wimbledon. Have a good day all, Lilian

  4. Hi ladies
    The quote is deff. for me this week 😊
    Wonderful Pack of roses Janet, such pretty papers. Looking forward to your cards in the morning.
    I got this magazine Michele and their are some real nice things in there. They have a competition you know, are you going to make something to send them Michele ?
    Nice new things Karen and down to a good price too.
    Hoping you get some help asap Sandra. The pain is not easy at the moment, where is the blooming sun ?
    Had a stressful morning but can now rest this afternoon with a movie and a couple of biccies with my coffee. We all going to play some games with a VR this evening, it should be fun.
    Have a nice day everyone.Hugs ,Maria xx

  5. Hi everyone.
    Love the quote, so true 😂
    Great magazine review Michele Michele, thanks for sharing.
    Love your craft buys Janet and Karen. Looking forward to seeing what you create.
    Hope you managed to get some pain relief Sandra xx
    The training walk went well with Barney yesterday. Next time she’s going to bring her dog so we can train Barney not to get over excited when we come across other dogs. Bless him, he always wants to say hello to everyone and every dog we meet.
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.yesterday went by in a flash as I spent it with Mum and Pop and didn’t get home until 10pm. Mum can’t say anything now but I know she sends her love and hugs to you all xx
    Sandra sorry that you are still suffering. I hope you do manage to get to speak to your GP soon. Fingers still crossed that you get a good x ray result. I love the gorgeous Christmas cards you have shared. I really must get my desk cleared so I can start crafting again. On Wednesday I really enjoyed colouring a stamped rose which I had hoped to use as a challenge card but not up to much today so can’t see it being finished in time xx
    Maria, you would love Longleat. It’s not too far away for you is it? Shame that the house is still closed to the public as I love having a look around and finding out something new about the history each time xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I’ve just realised I haven’t left a comment today, it’s just been one of those days where everything you plan goes out of your control, never mind I got through.

    Michele thank you for the magazine review, always very helpful.
    JANET and KAREN love your shopping, I’m sure we will see some lovely projects.

    Sandra hope you are resting and doing as you are told, I know it must be really frustrating for you as you like to be occupied. Try to stay strong and hopefully when you get through to your doctor he/she will be able to get you the help you need.

    Take care and stay safe, Love Brenda xxx