Sunday, 25 February 2018

Your Challenge Cards


Good Morning Ladies,
I hope that you are all well and managing to keep warm in this cold weather.  
We had a nice day out yesterday at the Oyster Crafts Demo day and mini craft show. Although I have to say it really was a 'Mini' craft show, there were only a handful of craft stands.
Oyster Paper Crafts had a stand with two lovely demonstrators, one showing how to make foam flowers, the other was demonstrating Penny Black silhouette stamps, she had some lovely cards and techniques.  Some of which I am eager to have a go at.

Now onto your lovely challenge cards..........

Lilian's card above is a beautiful version of this weeks 'Sketch' challenge, with the three gorgeous 'Foxgloves' (i think) and the die cut border with the sentiment. 
Such a pretty card, that looks almost hand painted. Your cards are always stunning Lilian.
Thank you so much for taking part.

Val has used a selection of patterned paper that work beautifully to create the background of her card, the focal point is that pretty 'Gorjuss' topper that Val has framed with a die cut.  Those dainty little flowers are the perfect finishing touch to your card Val, thank you so much for taking part.


Margaret has used the Stampin Up 'Touches of Texture' stamp to create the three sections of the Sketch challenge this week, it works beautifully with those lovely flowers Margaret. The matting and layering you have done really gives a fantastic finish to the card, It's fantastic Margaret, thank you so much for taking part.


Brenda has used her new Paper pad to create this beautiful Challenge Card, matting the patterned paper flags onto the pink makes the really stand out from the background, it's such a pretty pink too. I love the butterfly with its patterned background too, it looks so delicate. Such a lovely layout and card Brenda, thank you so much for sharing it with us. 


Lynda has used 3 coordinating papers to form her background, a simple piece of twine and ribbon embellish  the card along with a topper that has been stamped to match the background, all in all a fantastic card Lynda. thank you so much for taking part.


Karen has used the resist technique to create her background, I love the colours you have used over the top, I will add Karen's description here......

"Hope this is ok for challenge It’s another sketch but also used two things from the tic tac toe - resist technique and twine
The resist technique is an oldie ironing embossed wax paper between two pieces of gloss card (cheap photo paper) to transfer the wax I smooshed it through Pixie Powders.

 A lovely bright card, it reminds me of Spring!
Thank you Karen for taking part this week.

Thank you so much ladies for taking part this week, you are all amazing! 

Have a lovely Sunday

Love and hugs


Ps.  Please shout if I have forgotten your cards, I was nodding off as I wrote the blog! 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Annoyingly I have to keep logging back into Blogger every day!!!!!!

    What a lovely collection of challenge cards today, no card from me as I’ve not exactly has the best if weeks. Hopefully Sandra & I will chat about the next cry& I’ll feel like crafting. A friend wanted a golden wedding card in a hurry-luckily I still had something half made (was going to be a Mother’s Day Card) so I just Diecut the sentiment out. She’s calling for the card today!

    Housework this morning then might head into my craft room as I need to go on the computer anyway.

    Hubby is feeling slightly better-no chronic pain just constant discomfort & nausea. He’s going to risk getting back out and about for work tomorrow (not staying overnight anywhere though).


    1. So do I MICHELE It’s very frustrating Glad to hear Phill’s a little better

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a delightful set of CCs. The board looks lovely.

    SANDRA- I'm not sure if my card didn't arrive in time or it's still sleeping lol.
    Off to the Opticians this morning and no doubt will leave the shop with a much lighter purse.

    The CAFE is OPEN -usual hours for a Sunday. The lunch menu today is Roast Chicken so place your orders if you wish to join us.

    HUGS are on their way to you all xxxx

  3. Lovely cards again ladies
    One of mine me is missing but it doesn’t matter
    The JL dies are similar to Sue W’s daisies They have a lot more petals and I like this concept of being able to match up die to the stamp SW’s doesn’t have stamps but have an open and closed petal version John’s doesn’t have an open and closed die Hope that made sense PAT
    I think you’ll enjoy playing with them LYNDA and VAL The dragonflies are next on my list
    Nothing much on cards today Hoping to persuade OH to go to football He needs a break from running around after his mum (bless her)
    Kitchen should be near enough ready by the end of the week
    Roast chicken for me please JANET Can I have a little bit of cranberry sauce with mine
    Take care all xx

  4. Morning Sandra and all,
    Lovely cards today ladies. Good ideas for me to have a go at
    Like Karen I like the idea of being able to match the die to the stamp of Johns daisies. My eyesight is pretty rubbish as you know and I usually end up cutting part of the stamp off but these look pretty foolproof hopefully.
    Just off to the Sunday Market then JANET I'd love to call in for a roast chicken dinner. Don't let Karen eat all the cranberry sauce please!!!
    It looks as though the UK is in for some really nasty weather next week.Make sure you root out the thermals, I think you may need them.
    Hugs to all.
    Love Valxxx

  5. Hello All, I don’t know what happened yesterday I was sure I’d left a comment but seems to have disappeared!!! Maybe my age.

    Yesterday’s buys were super, I bought the mag with the rose die, somehow I thought there was a stamp as well, but just the die.

    Today’s cards are all so different, and lovely, I only seem to be able to do very simple cards at the moment.

    New tablets to try again today, and at last an appointment to see my Dr, albeing not until the 8th of March.

    Have a lovely Sunday all, keep warm Lilian

  6. Good Morning Ladies,
    Sue mentioned in the car on the way home from out craft day out yesterday the dates for Ally Pally, I had a panic moment as I knew that I had other plans for that weekend, which is going to see Sam Smith in concert which girls bought us for Christmas and a Stampin Up reward day, which I missed out on last year, you get lots of Freebies, more in fact than the cost of your ticket!
    So I will not be able to make the Saturday of Ally Pally but I can go on the Sunday, I would of course like to meet up with as many of you as possible as that for me is the highlight of going. I did message Lynda last night as she is the one person that I don't get to see any other time, but sadly I don't think she is able to make the Sunday.
    If any of you that are going have already bought tickets (although I think you just buy a 1 or 2 day ticket, not for a specific day (unless that has changed)) please don't worry.
    No plans have been made and I want you all to know that I am perfectly happy with you all meeting up on the Saturday. Because I know you all love that part of the day too and I would never expect anyone to change plans just because I can't make it. It's always sad when one of us can't attend, I remember how much we all missed Our Lynda & Terry in October, (there's double hugs to catch up on this time Terry)!!
    I just wanted to clear up any confusion and let you all know that no actual arrangements have been made, the most important thing is that you enjoy which ever day you go on!
    I hope you are having a lovely Sunday, it's really sunny here but very cold!
    Love and hugs to all

    1. What a fantastic weekend you’ll have-Ally Pally and the Stampin Up Rewards day plus the concert.

      I’m just jealous that any of you can meet up living fairly close to each other. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever make it to Ally Pally as it’s over 200 miles away and the times of the trains would mean an overnight stay.


    2. You are always welcome to stay with me xx

  7. Hi everyone.
    Lovely cards on show in the cafe'. Now seeing yours I'm thinking why didn't I do like that or why didn't I think of that. Well done ladies.
    Visited SIL yesterday down London way and got home late so not doing very much this afternoon.
    Dad have been taken to hospital so waiting to hear what happened but nothing surprises me anymore when it is my dad :-)
    Glad Phil is better Michele but hope the scan will tell more.
    Sending many warm hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you are not too tired. A lovely lot of CC's again this week, looking forward to tomorrow to see what you have in store for
    Maria hope Dad is ok hugs on way.
    Lynda hope the antibiotics have worked & you are pain free at least with your teeth, hugs to you
    Hope you all keep warm, hugs to all who need them love

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Lovely show of cards today. I think I can safely say they are fantastic. Plenty of ideas for us to use for inspiration if no one minds. Apparently there was another Mini Craft show at Farnborough at the Art of Craft who usually run the Farnborough show. Not to sure how we didn’t know about it. That was where John Lockwood was demoing. Brenda ( littlelamb) sent me a photo of one of the cards she made. There was also a lady who demoed the foam flowers that Sandra was looking at. She let customers have a play and gave tuition tips. One lady apparently spent 3 hrs playing with and making different flowers,
    Hugs to all who need one today.

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I feel as though my day has passed and I’m don’t know where it’s gone. I have been busy all day spent time on the telephone talking to daughters and my friend in Crete who will be in UK in a few weeks time, she will spend three days with us before she returns home. I’m really looking forward to her visit.

    What a fantastic display of Challenge cards today. The inspiration is wonderful. Thank you ladies you are all of your inspiration. xxx

    I haven’t got my ticket for AP yet, I never specify a day when I order my ticket.....just in case! I would love to go on both days then I could see everyone, but that would be selfish and unfair to John. But maybe if I could twist his arm !!!

    Have a good night everyone, I will be back tomorrow. Hugs Brenda xxx

  11. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. A beautiful selection of Challenge cards today. I really missed seeing them last Sunday as they all ooze inspiration so thank you everyone for sharing your gorgeous cards.
    Sandra, Paul, Mum and Pat, I hope none of you are too tired after yesterday. It was a mini show but still had a few goodies fall into my basket 😊 I will send you a photo Sandra.
    I'm sorry if I caused any confusion last night when we realised you couldn't make the Saturday Sandra. It's lucky that you don't have to specify which day you are going when you order the tickets isn't it so no problems there. Isn't life unfair though, that weekend is going to be a very busy one for you my lovely, then it will be back to nothing happening for months. Why is life all or nothing!!!! It will be such a shame to miss any of you but that's life! I bet you and Paul don't have anything else booked on a weekend for months!!!! I know we have the same problem on a weekend in June. We are in Guernsey for a family wedding then yesterday we received an invitation to another wedding on the same day!!!!
    I have had a quick play making some flowers with the silk I bought yesterday (the silk looks just like the foam that you made yours out of Val but seems easier for me to use, thank goodness) then have been at a friend's house until half an hour ago, now I'm off to bed.
    I hope you are all snug and warm now. Please take extra care when you go out over the next few days as it is going to be slippery underfoot if we get any rain. It is minus 2 here now but the ground is bone dry so hopefully it won't be too icy tomorrow.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx