Saturday, 24 February 2018

Michele's Magazine Review, Shopping & a Great Idea !

Michele's Magazine Review

Here’s this months roundup of crafty magazines.

Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine has some lovely Art Deco toppers which you could use for a variety of occasions.  

Diecutting Essentials magazine has a brilliant set of Dies free this month-flowers, Easter eggs & bunnies plus a basket very similar to the Sue Wilson one. Lots of ideas inside the magazine using the fre gift. 

Simply Cards & Papercraft has a gorgeous set of stamps & Dies from Altenew plus some matching downloads to use with the Dies if you’re not confident about Stamping, 

Making Cards has a great set of stamps plus great quality papers. Two themes on the papers-Easter & general/wine glasses to coordinate with the stamps. Lots of possibilities with this set of stamps.

Look who got their cards in print???!!  

Papercraft Inspirations has a lovely set of heart stamps & Dies free this month.  The free papers are all “weather related “ and there’s some lovely cards to copy.

That all for another month.


Thank you Michele for another fantastic review, Congratulations on getting your cards published in a magazine, you are becoming quite the Celebrity Card maker!!! I am so pleased for you, your cards are amazing and totally deserve a spot in a magazine!  

I will confess that I just couldn't resist the magazine with Altenew Dies etc, they look so fantastic, I can't wait to play with them.

Brenda shared her shopping with us this week, oh Brenda I think I might just have to get the Vintage Embossing Folder and Paper pad, they are so pretty!!  

The first photo is what Brenda bought from Oyster Crafts, some Foam for making flowers and a simple die to die cut them with, I can't wait to see how you get on Brenda, Sue and I spent an afternoon playing with the same foam but we didn't really get much success, I was using my best gun though, which may have been to hot, the successful ones I've seen on YouTube use an Iron, hold the foam on for a few seconds and shape!
I do love that template you have bought too.

Brenda's second photo shows the lovely paper pads and Embossing Folder from Crafter's Companion, they are so pretty, your cards are going to be amazing!! 
Thank you so much for sharing your shopping my lovely .


Karen Couldn't resist these new Stamps a new and Dies from John Lockwood after seeing them on Hochanda, Karen isn't a member though so bought hers from Ang Duck (Ducksdoodahs).
I didn't see the show that they were featured in Karen but I will go and have a look, I look forward to seeing what you make with them. Thank you so much for sharing your shopping with us.


Danielle needed a New Baby card in the week but didn't have a Stamp or day that would work, so she had a quick browse on Pinterest and a a couple hours later she had made this!! I think it's a brilliant idea! Just a piece of blue card, a couple of doilies and some ribbon! Such a a lovely card.
Thank you so much Danielle for allowing me to share your card.

Well that's all for today, will you be buying any of Michele's featured magazines??, I am hoping that there will be someone selling Sara Davies paper pads at the Craft show today, there aren't very many exhibitors but the ones that are going usually have a good range of products. So fingers crossed !! 
It will be nice to get out of the house and away from the box mountain! 
I have pretty much fitted most of my unit together, it just needs to be moved into position and then the doors can be attached, I finished assembling them yesterday.  To get it into its position is going to be like one of those little puzzles with a free square, where you have to move all the other bits around to get everything in the right order, it's going to be chaos for an hour or two, well maybe three! 
I will be taking plenty of photos so you can see how I decide to organise it.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Love the crafty shopping Brenda & Karen, your goodies look very interesting.

    Danielle-what a pretty card & such a great idea.

    Sandra-hope you have fun at the craft show today.

    My car was fine (£311 including a new battery plus full service & MOT) so not much other spending especially as my car insurance is also due this week!


    1. Hi Michele. Thanks for you mag review.
      I have the top one and the free gift is very pretty and really good quality.
      It doesn't sound as though the bill wasn't too hefty yesterday but the insurance is always a necessary but expensive item.
      Hope Phil got on OK yesterday and is not in too much pain today.x

    2. So Michele, forgot to say well done for getting your cards and name in print. Very well deserved.x

    3. Thank you Michele for the magazine review, always helpful. I too have the first one but don't think I will be using the Art deco so if anyone would like it just say.
      Congrats also to have your letter and cards printed in a magazine. Wishing your hubby better. Have a nice weekend x

    4. Great review Michele, I bought the rose one, well ordered it from web.
      Well getting your cards into print.

    5. Thank you Michele for a great mag review I like the one with the free Altenew flowers stamps / dies Congrats on having your name in print well done. Hope Phil is feeling better.xx

    6. Hi Michele
      Congratulations on having your name in print once again.
      Thanks also for the magazine reviews, always useful having your take on what’s on offer of all of them.
      Your car wasn’t to expensive but I wonder how much the insurance. Petes is due ant the veg on March, but I’ll be looking on the websites as his has gone up over £50.00 this time, but he’s not had any accidents or anything.
      Hope Phil is feeling better today.

    7. Hi Michele. Ouch, having to pay the garage bill and then insurance on top is not a good week for you is it 😞 my old car always worked out that way too.
      Congrats on being published again, not surprising as your cards are wonderful. Thank you for the mag reviews. I have the first and last mags too but I'm really bad about using the free gifts. I hope to make at least one card with them. I hope Phil's scan went well X

  2. Thank you MICHELE for the magazine review I like the look of the Alte New Die and stamps
    I love your shopping BRENDA I’ll be interested in seeing how you get on with the foam
    There is something about JL’s latest collection that really floats my boat I’m hoping to play later today
    Pleased to see that your unit is nearly finished and then you’ll be able to really crack on
    Have a great day at the show ladies
    Not up to much today apart from ironing and playing!
    Have a good day all

    1. Hi Karen.
      I couldn't resist Johns stamps either. I bought the same one plus the ribbon and the dragonfly dies. Sadly Ang doesn't deliver over here as yet so I got them from JS. They usually take a week so I've got to wait a bit longer to play.
      Have a good Saturday. Hope the kitchen is coming on well.x

    2. Have fun playing with the items from JL, like the look of the flowers. Take care xx

    3. Hi Karen I have ordered the same JL Dies I was bit disappointed they were ment to arrive today but didn't. Enjoy playing with them.
      Hug's xx

    4. Hi Karen
      Enjoy playing with your goodies. John wasn’t at the show today and I was looking forward to seeing what he’d done with his new Dies and stamps.

  3. Hi Sandra and all,
    Hope all those travelling to the craft show today have a great time and buy lots of goodies.x
    BRENDA love all your crafty buys. The foam looks very interesting and I look forward to seeing how you get on with it.x
    DANIELLE very cute card. Love the shape and the idea. Might have to steal that if you don't mind.x
    Not much on today. Meeting my chatty friend for coffee then calling on another friend who had a cataract op on Wednesday and there has been a complication. I have quite a few personal cards to make for next month, mostly male ones so Pinterest here I come.
    Have a good Saturday everyone.
    Hugs to all. Special ones to LYNDA,MARIA and LILIAN. Hope you're feeling a lot better today.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Thanks for the hugs Val, starting to feel better at last. Have a nice day meeting up with your friends xx

    2. Hi Val thank you for the extra Hug's. Have a good day chatting with your friends ( if you can get a word in with chatty friend )πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Sending some Hug's back xxx

    3. Hi Val I hope you had a lovely meet up with your chatty friend. Hope your other friends eye doesn’t cause her to much concern if she’s had complications.

    4. Hi Val. I hope you have had a good day meeting friends and the one with the problems after cataract surgery is able to get it sorted.
      Pinterest is my inspiration after here on the blog, especially on a Sunday 😊
      Yes, we had a good time at the show, it was small but we all got a few bits and bobs and learnt an awful lot about foam/silk flower making from a lovely helpful demonstrater X

  4. Hi everyone thank you for your kind words..VAL.. Steal away haha i dont mind at all..MICHELE...Well done. Hope you all have a great day SANDRA... Thank you fpr sharing my card so kind of you... Simon os in bed as you no night shift last night. Had cassidy's friend stop over so thats 5 kids to keep quite wish me look.. Oh and no crafting till he gets up as my craft room is in my bedroom.. xx

    1. Very cute baby card Danielle, good use of doilies. Hope the kids not too noisy so your hubby get to sleep. How many children have you got ? xx

    2. Great idea for baby card, love the doilies

    3. Hi Danielle love your card so cute. How many children have you got ?
      Sorry bit nosey 😬 Hope you keep them all quite must be hard when hubby is on night shift Hug's xx

    4. Hi Danielle
      A great card today. Love the design.
      Good luck with keeping them quite while hubby is asleep in bed. I hate to tell you this as I’m not to sure how old your children are. But they don’t get any quieter as they get older. Sleepovers with teenage girls are niosy and very late affairs,

    5. Hi Danielle. I love your baby card and would love to steal your idea too please. I hope you managed to keep all of the children quite so your OH managed to get some sleep! Take care x

  5. Hi all. Have a nice day everyone and if you are going to the craft show today I hope you have a good time spending the pennies. Got a bit confused because John said he was going to be at Farnborough this weekend but he might have meant where you are today.
    No crafting has been done for me and we going out for the day so no cc from me this week, sorry Sandra.
    Lynda- hope you ok, hugs
    Lilian- take care, hope you not in too much pain.
    Brenda- like your shopping and love to hear what you think about the forian / foam to make the flowers. Gorgeous papers.
    See you tomorrow, warm hugs to you all. Maria xx

    1. Hi Maria
      Have a nice time today where are you going? Hope your feeling better.
      Sending a bag of Hug's for

    2. Hi Maria
      You and I had a play with these foam flowers at Ally Pally didn’t we. I think you got on better then me,

    3. Hi Maria. I hope you have had a nice day out. The show was very small but at least we didn't have to walk so far so not in the usual pain afterwards 😊 i hope you continue to feel better, we don't want you not making AP. Sandra realised that there is a clash of dates so we will going to AP on Sunday this time. I hope you can still meet us there, please x

  6. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Hope you all have a good day at Farnborough think John Lockwood is demoing there. Going to get my tickets today on line for AP.
    BRENDA love your shopping intrigued to see how your foam flowers turn out
    Love the paper pad & embossing folder. Enjoy your day Hug's xx
    Not up to much home alone again so going to play in craft room. Such a chore πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ must send CC off to Sandra..Have commented on way down
    So will pop back later to see if you all had a good day shopping xx
    Hug's.Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda
      No John wasn’t at the craft show today. I thought he was, so was quite disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing what he’d done with his new collection.

    2. Hi Lynda. I bet you didn't really enjoy having time to go into your craft room did you.......much 😊
      We are going to AP on Sunday this time as Sandra is already booked out on the Saturday. Will you and Terry be able to come on the Sunday instead? I do hope you can as we all miss you both xx

  7. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you & Paul for a lovely day out. The show was not that big but got some bits & pieces. We did watch a lady from Oyster Crafts making flowers so watch this
    Michele thank you for magazine review & congratulations on being published, well
    Brenda looking forward to seeing your flowers & cards made with your lovely papers. Missed you
    Karen waiting to see what you produce with your new dies &
    Danielle what a great idea,
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  8. Hi Michele
    Thanks for the mag reviews. Must have a look at these when I go into Sainsbury’s, perhaps tomorrow. I think we’re going over to Lechlade Garden Ctr for lunch tomorrow for a change.
    Pete and Doreen went over to Hilltop today and had lunch.
    Pete as usual was asleep after tea. He work up with a start at 7.15 and said oh quick I’m missing Emmerdale why didn’t you wake me. I then reminded him it was a Saturday.
    Love your buys Brenda.
    Great stamps Karen, but do you think they look like a set of Sues?.
    Had a lovely day out as usual with Sandra and Co. Margaret brought a Lemon and coconut cake along for us. Yummy it was to.

  9. Sorry Danielle meant to say how lovely your baby grow card was,

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the CafΓ© today.
    I've commented on the way down but didn't say to Karen that I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with these stamps and dies of John's. Sorry, I got really muddled up about where and when you cannot can't make! Look forward to seeing you at AP if you can make the Sunday this time as we can't make the Saturday, I do hope you can change your day x
    Talking about getting confused Janet, sorry but I haven't got a clue why I had it in my head that your birthday was yesterday, I think it may have been because I posted your card the night before!!! Sorry to hear Jim is not well again, poor chap. Fingers crossed the meds clear the infection quickly. The Cafe is never the same when you aren't here so I do hope you are ok x
    After a very good demo about making foam or silk flowers Sandra, Mum and I are much wiser so I hope to finally manage to make some usable flowers. Watch this space 😊
    I'm off to have a play after taking a pic of my new stash. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  11. Your card is lovely DANIELLE A very clever idea
    The dies are similar to Sue’s daisies but a lot fuller It was the fact that I like JL’s idea with matching stamps - Sue’s don’t have stamps but there again John’s don’t have an open petal
    I’m able to do either day to AP
    Looking forward to everyone’s cards tomorrow

  12. Hi Brenda, sorry for missing you out. I can't wait to see what you make with all.of the beautiful papers etc. Sara Davis papers really are gorgeous aren't they 😊 I got in a real muddle about who was going to which show so I am waiting to see you at AP x

    1. I got tickets for the Saturday at Ally Pally, didn't know you changed day this year. Think Lynda going Saturday too. It is a real shame we are going to miss eachother this April.
      Out later in the morning but hope to be in in the afternoon to see some gorgeous cards. Good night xx