Sunday, 23 July 2017

Your Amazing Challenge cards

The Challenge


Lilian went for 'That' embossing folder, (the most sought after on the internet)! 
For her card this week, choosing the categories
Embossing, Embellishment & Yellow
Such a bright, cheerful card that would brighten anyone's day.
Thank you so much Lilian 


Brenda chose the categories : Embossing, Grey & Die Cut, 
Using a Crafters Companion 3D Embossing Folder, oh my goodness it looks 
Like Guipure Lace, I absolutely love the effect, you really need nothing else 
Other than a sentiment and embellishment, which is exactly what Brenda
Has added, I have to say that little touch of pink works so well with the Grey,
I think it will become one of my new favourite colours!
Thank you so much Brenda for rushing to get a card made.


Val chose the categories: Grey, Embossing and Die cut, creating a pretty embossed background, I love how you have added that little touch of decorative paper that picks up the grey perfectly, the butterfly finishes the card perfectly!
Thank you so much Val 

Janet has become a stamping queen over this past 6 months, I'm not sure 
If it was getting the 'Faux Misti' that got you started but I distinctly remember
You saying 'I'm not really a stamper', now like me, most of your cards
have Stamping on them, it brings a huge smile to my face, it shows 
that it's not just the newer paper Crafters like Margaret that have 
grown in the number of different 'mediums' we use to create 
cards, we are all learning together. 
Your card is fantastic Janet, the sentiment is very true too! 
Ooh almost forgot....
Janet chose : Grey, Masculine & Yellow!
Thanks Janet 

Karen has made two cards for this challenge, choosing the categories:
Grey, Yellow & Birthday (card 1)
Hexagon, Embellishment & Die cut (card 2)
Here is Karen's description:
New Birth - all with Sue W dies and a printed sentiment, all mounted onto foam tape. I created the card blank using dies and mounted the shadow box onto cream to give a little bit of contrast between the white elements. I may change the sentiment to "It's a ..." once gender is known! This is the first card I have made with yellow and grey - I love it!

On the second one I have used a free Serif kit - Envelopes 2012. I made the card blank by resizing a hexagon and welded together with a third hexagon to cover the "join" on ScaNCut, decoupaged the bowler hat and moustache My embellishment is a die cut Sue W bow set plus a pearl!
hexagon/die cut/embellishment
I love both of these cards Karen, the Grey and yellow baby card is perfect for when you
Don't know what flavour baby us expected! (Not that many have the patience to wait these days)!
Thank you so much for taking part.


Maria has chosen the categories:
Grey, Yellow, Masculine
Maria has made this fantastic card for her Step-Son's birthday,
He is a keen cook so Sue's Apron Die is perfect for his card, I love all 
the amazing details you have added, the oven gloves are fab!
Thank you my lovely


Lynda has made 3 challenge cards for this weeks challenge,
Choosing Categories:
Grey, Yellow & Die cut
Grey, Yellow & Masculine
Lynda has used her Stampin'Up ! Stamp sets to create her challenge cards
'Timeless Textures' and 'Touches of Texture' are the stamp sets that Lynda chose,
they work brilliantly together, you have created 3 amazing cards Lynda,
You are another one of our blog family that is stamping more and more.
I hope you feel the excitement I do, it's like we have a whole new world
of crafting goodies, like me you used to mainly buy dies!
Thank you so much Lynda 


Michele has also created 3 cards for this week's challenge,
Choosing the categories:
Masculine, Embossing, Wood
Grey, Hexagon, Happy Birthday
Hexagon, Embossing,Yellow
Three totally different and totally fantastic cards Michele, 
The first one has the wood embossing detail in the background that works 
well with the tree in the topper.
The second card meets more than three categories with it being hexagonal,
It's grey and yellow, has a happy birthday die cut and embellishment, amazing attention to detail Mrs C !!! 
Third card is one that Michele entered into magazine Design competition,
Michele had to work to strict guidelines, luckily it works for our Challenge too.
Thank you so much Michele


Margaret has chosen the categories:
Embossing, Happy Birthday & Embellishment
Margaret has used the beautiful 'Birthday Blooms' stamp set from
Stampin' Up to create her card, such a pretty combination Margaret.
I know you have had a busy week so an even bigger thank you to you my lovely.

Well you all certainly rose to that challenge, you did amazingly well!
Can I ask you all if you liked this style of challenge??
there are so many combinations out there, I would love to try another 
in a few weeks, I need to think about next week's challenge first!

Have a lovely Sunday ladies and anyone looking in that doesn't comment, 
We'd love to have you join in our daily chat, we discuss just about anything
From Politics to paper craft, all very tongue in cheek of course !! 

Love and hugs to all



  1. Morning Ladies

    WOW-so many gorgeous cards today.
    Lilian-your card has given me an idea so I'd like to "copy" you card design if I may??

    Sandra-I absolutely loved this type of challenge as there's so much choice. I really hope you do another one like this.

    Didn't sleep much-coughing & sneezing so I'm feeling tired. Won't be doing very much today.
    The Car Boot Sale was very disappointing I took the sum totyof £9 then had to pay £10 for the table! There's not Sale in August & I'm away for the September date so I've provisionally booked for October to see if people are in the mood to start buying Christmas cards.


    1. How disappointing for you MICHELE and to be suffering with a cold too Take care

    2. To have a table sound a lot , perhaps you can find another place that don't take so much. You like to get something for your hard work, your cards are all lovely x

    3. Hi Michele, sorry your not feeling too good, and that the sale was such a let down. My card was a very quick make as I'd spent hours trying to do Sandra's embossing folder technique, feel free to copy, I'd feel flattered.

  2. Morning Everyone
    from a very dull and cold morning here in Sheffield.

    What a 'Bumper Bundle' of Gorgeousness we have this week. So much so that I had to get another display board out in the CAFE so everyone could see them all.

    I love all of them and think that this week's Challenge was one to really get the little grey cells working. Would love another one.

    Sorry I didn't get in yesterday as the day just seemed to box me in. I didn't seem to stop from getting up to going to bed and really couldn't see why at the end of the day. Anyway another day and hopefully a little less busy.

    The CAFE is OPEN to all. Lunch on today's menu is Roast Pork with all trimmings so please place your orders.

    Have a good day whatever you're all up to.
    Hope the SALE went well MICHELE.
    Hugs on their way to you all. xxxx

    1. Can I have Yorkshire puddings with mine please - two!

    2. The lunch sound mouth watering good, can I sign up for one please. Oh, Look at Karen asking for 2 Yorkshire's with hers ! Can I have two too please, Lol xx

  3. You all amaze me ladies and how different all of the cards are!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and look forward to the next I had so many ideas crashing around in my head You coiled even challenge us further by keeping to the rules if Tic-Tac-Toe now that we have had a taste for it
    I deliberately made the baby card in grey/yellow because that's the colours in my friend's chosen for her nursery (baby due Oct)
    I had a lovely day meeting up with our friends Lots of chatting, the friend's daughter is really getting into card making/crafting and is now planning her wedding makes Oscar was great fun I even got to see him splashing about in the bath!
    Have a great day ladies We supposed to be going to a Salsa/picnic this afternoon...

    1. Fabulous cards, love the baby one :-) If you go today for the picnic I hope you have a great time and the rain stays away, hugs xx

  4. Morning Sandra and ladies.
    wowser what a lot of card today and I just LOVE them all!
    Lilians and Brenda's are Gorgeous and also Lynda, you got the hang of the stamping also. I liked this challenge so I'm up for another one.
    I wish anyone not feeling so good a better day !
    Totally pooped from yesterday (fab day tho) and haven't slept much. waiting for the slap in the face later because my healthy eating have gone completely out the window and I just feeling blaaaaaa :-( Will start walking again so hopefully it will put me in the right mind.
    Have a nice Sunday everyone and take care. love and many hugs , Maria xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    Loving all the cards this week Sandra from urself and the ladies. Everyone has been so busy this week. Really loved the versatility of this challenge even tho I haven't joined in it all cards look amazing.

    My favourite choice this week is Lillian's. I just love butterfly's lol. Btw what is "that" embossing folder? I might have to try purchase it but I'm guessing it's a difficult one to get? Lol xx

    Love to all and thoughts and cuddles available to all in need of them xx

    1. Hi Tracy,
      The Embossing Folder was a freebie on a magazine after such a huge demand for it they released it for sale, it has sold out many times, look on 'Craft Stash' for it, they always had it in stock.
      It's a fantastic design, it makes a whole card, all you have to do is embellish it !!
      I hope you find it ok !!

      It's in stock, follow the link above !!

  6. Hi Sandra.
    Lovely cards this week ladies.

    Just got back from Sunday Market and coffee with friends we met and off to get changed to met some relatives over on holiday.

    Lynda. Wouldn't you think the dog place would be happy to find a good home for the dog!!!

    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

  7. Morning

    Lovely art gallery of all your gorgeousness ladies, you really pulled out all stops for this challenge. I'm still in the process of making mine, I stopped to make a Golden Anniversary for my dear heart Glenys.

    The jumble sake yesterday defied all expectations, so many tables loaded with all sorts, not just clothes. I had a budget and spent it all. I came home with boxes and bags full to the brim of toys, materials, bric-a-brac & Christmas decs. They were selling off cheaper than normal as they are not holding one next month. So many bargains to be had, I even bought an old coat rack with a shelf on top for your hats. I shall be recycling and distressing this one ready for when Jamie gets a new porch built. Looking forward to the next one now.

    Jamie is off today for a 'Gender Reveal' party, whatever next? Why are today's youngsters so enthralled with every party that originates in the US of A? Just another excuse for the parents to receive more gifts for their baby methinks.
    With tongue firmly in cheek, I expect the next thing will be a Conception Party. WOW! That would certainly be something wouldn't it?
    I am so glad I had my children in a different century, then you all had a delightful surprize when Baby appeared and you knew what sex they were. Lovely days then.

    I'm off to Aldi to get something for lunch, I'll pop in later to read comments.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I Love opening this blog on Sundays and this week is no exception - such a wealth of beautiful cards and inspiration. And the choices in this challenge made it so interesting. Thank you Sandra.xx

    Feeling a lot better today thank goodness. Might even have another play with the Woodland EF. I hate letting things beat me. Sandra you made it look so easy. I have tried using different card. The ink transfers to EF but when I put it through my Gemini it hasn't transferred to the card! Just had a thought - i will try putting it through a different machine. (Might need to give it a dust first) Will let you know if that works.

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  9. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra a lovely lot of cards all inspired by your challenge, yes please can we have a similar one. My card was made in a hurry I am not very happy with it, must try
    Brenda hope you are feeling better today, hugs on the
    Thank you for the best wishes for Pam much appreciated, she called me this morning to say it was still bleeding abit, after talking to out of hours Dr. they agreed to send a District Nurse out sometime today, her granddaughter is with her today. I will see her tomorrow.
    Michele sorry the car boot sale was not good, hope you feel better soon, hugs on
    Maria hope WW was as not as bad as you
    Hope you all have a restful Sunday.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love

  10. Hello All, beautiful day here very hot, been weeding the patio, which always makes me feel a bit queezy with all the bending.

    Beautiful cards today, lots of inspiration which I'm in desperate for, very quick card from me this week, spent ages trying the woodland embossing technique that Sandra showed, hoping to have another go, like Brenda I won't be beat.

    Have a lovely Sunday , hugs alround, Lilian