Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Vertical Thank you

Good Morning Ladies,

Ooh I'm more than a little excited today as I get to see Pat and Sue on the same day, the three Graces are back together!!!

Today's card is a little more subtle than yesterday's card, I have been itching to play with this new stamp set for almost a week but just haven't had time. It's called 'Vertical Greetings' I bought it purely for the greetings as you don't often see the printed vertically but the trees that are in the set are fab too !!

Vertical Greetings

I covered my base card with 'Tranquil Tide' designer paper, I then embossed a piece of white card with the 'Garden Trellis' Embossing Folder, then added the Ribbon Punched Border to the edge of my embossed piece, I Placed this on top of the base layer, I stamped the triple tree stamp with 'Tranquil Tide' ink and matted it into a piece of card the same colour, I then did the same with the sentiment.
I die cut a little flower to top my bow and added a 'Tranquil Tide' tassel for a little movement.  I added tiny diamante to the centre of each tree to finish.
I hope you like today's card.

Brenda, I hope you enjoy your Holiday home for the next few days, you won't know what to do with yourself when they leave for their holiday.  I will be putting in one last order before I go away, I need the punch for the Pansy stamp I bought and I am very close to acheiving the next level of promotion, I am so excited !! 

Janet the weather doesn't look like it's going to improve anytime soon, it's so frustrating, I swear I read that this summer was going to be the hottest on record with wall to wall sunshine!!
But I think I read that every year, I'm sure it's the tourist board that writes these weather forecasts! Haha, I did say to Paul on Saturday while it was absolutely bucketing down "you have to feel sorry for anyone pitching a tent in this rain' it would be a miserable start to your holiday.  We have done it so I know exactly how miserable it is, it also ends up being so expensive, we had 4 children to entertain and they didn't want to sit in a tent all day, so we ended up going to various tourist attractions, it cost us more in one week to entertain our children than it does to pitch our tent on the site in the beach in Spain for 3 weeks! I love our country, we have tried 4 times to holiday in Cornwall and Devon and every time it was a wash out!  It it something I look forward to doing with Paul when it's just the two of us to please.

Tracy did you find your shoes and did Janice get her dress??? I look forward a photo of you in all your finery!! 
You have my sympathy, heels and my legs don't mix, nothing more uncomfortable, intact I think we are in good company there aren't many of our blog family that totter around in heels.
I hope you have a lovely time XXX

Michele I was so pleased to read that your Dad has got his companion back, I bet he was pleased to see him, I know Mum's dog really keeps her going, she moans about him the whole time but I think she'd miss him if her wasn't there. XXX

Well I'm off back the the craft room, so many cards to make to cover the posts while I'm away, I wish I could churn out 10 a day, sadly I'm usually a one card a day kind of girl, two hours choosing what to use, another two on a layout and then one to make it up, add in to that the three hours you loose in Pinterest, before you know it craft day is over!! 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Another lovely card Sandra. The vertical sentiments look very useful.

    Busy day at work yesterday, was glad to get home.

    My Dad will be thrilled at having Casper (his dog) back home with him. My brother is staying with Dad for 2 nights-wasn't expecting him to return so soon but it's well timed as imystill full of cold & don't want to pass it on to Dad.

    Sandra-enjoy your crafty day today with Pat & Sue.


    1. Hi Michele. I hope you manage to shake off your cold soon. At least you don't have to worry about your Dad, knowing your brother is there with him. Take care x

  2. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. This is a lovely card. I love the embossing folder, havent noticed that one before, and the border is so pretty. I must have a go at making tassels as they are a lovely addition.
    I am looking forward to seeing you and Pat, it's been far too long since we have all been together. At least you will have a softer chair to sit on today Pat.
    Maria, I will be thinking of you tomorrow, I hope the op sorts out your shoulder pain. Big hugs are on the way x
    Tracy, I hope your shoe shopping was successful yesterday. Like Tracy I have to find some shoes/sandals for sons wedding. I used to live in heels but my feet swell up very quickly now if I wear them so it will be a hunt for a pair with not much heel, wide and smart enough,AND don't cost the earth!
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. My appointment was yesterday Sue but a complete shamble because I was meant to have had the 'needling' done before and never got one, neither of us very happy as you understand so now I have to wait, again grrrr. Hope you okay, hugs xx

    2. Mrs b. U summed that up perfect!! Yeah got shoes silver strappies big enough heel that I can wLk in as I don't really do heels. Got them in Debenhams. They said £35 but went thru the till at £28 so I don't complain lol x

  3. How ###### frustrating. Pressed publish and my long comment disappeared. Will call in later. Xxx

  4. Morning Everyone
    Sorry I'm late in OPENING UP the CAFE but I just slept a little longer than usual which is most UNUSUAL for me.

    SANDRA- another very pretty card and those stamps look very usful.

    SHOES- I love love love shoes and always have and yes I spent all day in 3inch heels working and dancing but now I just have one pair in the bottom of my wardrobe which I will not get rid of. I keep them just to look at and stroke and remember all the wonderful times I had. My shoes/sandals are now always flat but I still try to find beautiful ones.

    CAMPING- I too had put up tents in pouring rain and had to rescue items in howling gales but that was a long long time ago and I have to admit that COMFORT is now my priority in

    I managed to sort out my pot of flowers on my youngest Daughter's birthday card yesterday with my glue gun. She will be 50 on 20th Aug. It must have been a very busy year 1967 hihihi. Today my task is to photograph and hopefully send off pics to SANDRA.

    The CAFE is OPEN so pop in and sit a while.

    HUGs are winging their way to all Dear Friends.xxxx

  5. Hi Sandra and all,
    love the card this morning Sandra and the card yesterday is beautiful, like the papers and the flowers very much.
    looking forward to go to the SU party later.
    Hope you get everything sorted in good time for your holiday. Do the girls want more or less with them this year ?
    Son going camping and half BB so have laid most of the things in the lounge at the moment. They are flying to Denmark, Train to Sweden and then Hire Car going up through Norway before back to Stockholm flying back home and this in 15 days ! Lol To be young again and have the energy.
    Hospital appointment yesterday was a Waste of time as it was meant for after I had the procedure ! Lucky I am so calm, could have done without going there as was in the middle of sorting out my crafts around the bed. I have a lot Lol
    Have a good day everyone, Maria xxx

  6. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Love your card Sandra & that stamp set is lovely I like the vertical sentiments &
    The trees are great with 3 different styles making a gorgeous card.
    Lisa & Joseph are coming down today which will be nice. She has taken a day off work which she does when Joseph's on school holidays she takes at least one day a week other times her friend who's son is Joseph friend looks after him.
    MARIA sorry your hospital appointment was a waste of time. Some times the right had doesn't know what the left hands doing so frustrating for you.
    Enjoy your Stamping Up day later. Big Hug's.
    SUE & PAT enjoy your day with Sandra have a good time stroking all her new Dies & stamps 😂😂😂 Xx
    MICHELE glad your brother is staying with your dad again &Dad is getting his lovely dog back home bet he's excited. Hope work goes ok.
    Sandra we have been camping when children were small. Once we arrived late in the evening in poring rain & wlnd. Trying to put trailer tent up in the dark with rain hammering down managed to get the bedding area up so we could all get to bed at least 😭😤😭 Good old days.
    Well better get a move on befor Lisa gets here.
    Pop back later Love Lynda xx

  7. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely card, & yes I bought this stamp & used the happy birthday on my cc, great stamp thank you for suggesting it. Hope you have a lovely day with Sue &
    Michele glad your brother is helping out, hope your cold improves
    Maria how disappointing for you hope you don't have to wait long. Hope your son enjoys his holiday. Enjoy your SU
    Wet here this morning no Petanque so hope to finish my CC.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Such s lovely card and yes agree with u that it's difficult to get vertical greetings. X

    Well yesterday was a success. Along with a lovely wee pair of silver straps shoes. A top and some underwear in the sale I was happy.
    Janice got a dress that was stunning on her but she's murder as she ends up taking things back or not wearing them.
    I'll send u a pic in s few weeks to share as it's next Saturday for the hen do so another dress is in wardrobe for that. I'm not really comfortable with my body at mo as I'm not used to being a 14 lol. Trying to cut down tho. Ah well I'm sure after a few drinks I'll not care hee hee xx

    Love to all xx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I have to confess that I didn't even spot this die set in the catalogue, it's strange how you can turn the pages over, time and time again, Yet some things do not register. And when I first saw this green I couldn't imagine myself using it, But yes dear friend, you have change my mind on that, your card looks absolutely stunningly fresh and so crisp. This morning was very quiet and I spent quite a time browsing through the catalogue. Maybe I should have just stuck to my Wish List that I had already prepared, because turning the pages over - yes I have stuck with some items but as you can guess I've added more. So now I have to be really drastic and decide which items I really, really need! This afternoon I have spent running in and out with the washing. First of all it was raining so I hung it on cloths airers, then the sun came out, so I picked it outside. Then we had more rain. The washing was in and out so many times all that movement should've tried it anyway.
    Hope everyone's had a good day. I'm just about to cook tea for the children, have a lovely evening everyone and hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.
    Love and hugs, Brenda XXX