Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Twist & Pop !!!

Good Morning Ladies,

Well we had to succumb last night, the heating had to be put on,
Just for a couple of hours to take the chill off, I think I feel it more as I don't move around very much. Having said that the girls were feeling it too, particularly when they came in from school. Nothing a hot chocolate couldn't fixed though.

Today's amazing card has been made by Our Michele, a real WOW card, Michele made this card for a friend's 50th Birthday.
I love the bright coloured paper you have used mixed with the gorgeous purple. 
I have started a tutorial for this 'Twist & Pop' card, if any of you want to have a go at making on, it isn't as complicated as I first thought.  If I can do it, I know you can!!
Thank you so much Michele for allowing me to share your card.XXX

It was so lovely having Sue over yesterday, we had a lovely catch up, no crafting mind !  I won't get to see Pat today as Pete has two days at hospital this week, I'm not sure about Thursday either, as Pat has surgery this week too, I will wait to hear how things go.
Paul is away on another Course today and Tomorrow, one about Housing and another about finances I think, all to do with Paul's career Finishing.  Everything seems so complicated. 

I hope you all have a fantastic day however you are spending it!

Love and hugs,



  1. Morning ladies,

    Lovely card Michele, thanks for sharing it, I will certainly look at the tutorial.
    Well, that horrible gusty wind has finally blown over although it's still quite breezy.

    Gentle hugs to all.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. It's very windy with us today as well Cheryl. Yesterday we had torrential rain.

    2. Same weather here too. Nearly got blown over on my walk yesterday so will see how it goes later Lol
      Have a good day, hugs xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Thank you Sandra for showing my card-it's fit s friends birthday on the 20th June. I'd been looking on Pinterest for ages at this style card so I decided to have ago. I used removable table initially on the opening part of the card to get the spacing right but once Sandra has done a tutorial it will all make sense.

    The weather is horrendous here-we have winds of over 40 miles a hour still, been like this all day yesterday. There's debris all over the garden-am almost glad to be going to work!


    1. Hope you have a good day. The card is great, can't wait to see how it is made. hugs xx

  3. It's lovely to see you showcase MICHELE'S cards I can't wait to see a tutorial on this wonderful card
    After a very trying day yesterday I am looking forward to being able to relax more
    Will be making four heart shaped boxes tonight as collection boxes for Friday - Wear Red for Heart day (BHF) Hopefully I'll do the CC card too
    Have a great day all xxx

    1. Love to see your boxes Karen when they're done. Hopefully today will be better than yesterday.

    2. You take care of yourself, sending a big hug for you. Love to see your boxes Karen, I still haven't made one :-) xx

  4. I meant to say that it appears Lidl have their card in stock (if you're lucky) £1.99 for 25 coloured card stock 270gsm I'm going to try my luck later

  5. Hi everyone,

    Lovely card Michele. Looking forward to the tutorial Sandra.

    Had a bad night last night. Couldn't sleep. My back was aching and just couldn't get comfy. Off back to bed now for an hour before I get ready for Crib this afternoon.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val, Sorry to read you had a bad night. Hopefully that extra hour resting will have helped to ease your back enough for you to go to your crib group later. But don't push yourself. xx

    2. Hi Val
      Sorry to hear you didn't sleep very well last night. Hopefully a rest this afternoon will help if your back doesn't stop you dropping off.

    3. Many gentle hugs for you today and wishes your back soon be better. Horrid things we getting all the time. I sat up to 4am this morning, nothing was helping and Mr Sandman was very late :-( take care xx

  6. Morning Everyone
    MICHELE- A pretty and unusual card from you today. I'll be watching for the video.

    Well yesterday was just like being back in November with high winds lashing rain and branches etc on roads and gardens really looking worse for wear -one of my favourite climbing roses has been blown off its moorings -when they should be looking their best in June.
    We still have high winds but the rain has stopped thank goodness.

    It was really difficult getting from the house to the car yesterday afternoon for K&N because of the wind but as it was my last one until September I needed to go. We all had a good catch up and made a stepper card and then another battle with the wind to get home.

    Today begins the 'putting back' everything which had to be moved for decorating so I'll be dusting/polishing/washing glassware etc and hopefully that will be the end of decorating for this year.YEHHHHHHHH.

    The CAFE is OPEN and waiting for you all to pop in and have a cuppa out of the horrible weather.
    HUGS to you all but especially Dear Friends not 100%. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Good luck with the putting everything back after your decorating.

    2. Hi Janet, gosh how thorough you are, still waiting for my "pet" to take up decorating!!!!

    3. Janet, do take care so you don't overdoing it. Could you send us a photo of your newly decorated room, I'm nosy you know Lol Have a fun time at K&N,hugs xx

  7. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Michele I love your card, as I'm sure your friend will. Sandra I am looking forward to the tutorial.

    Yesterday was certainly a very windy blustery day, as others have said the trees are really suffered in all that heavy wind. One thing I did notice when we went out in the morning was how many abandoned, inside out umbrella there were littering the streets, some people have been thoughtful enough to put them in the street bins. Mostly just left for people to trip over. At this point I could get the soapbox out, it winds me up, how people just drop things thoughtlessly when they finish with them. Do they do the same at home? I won't say any more, because once I get started!!!!!
    It sounds as if Ciara is having a lovely time in Normandy the days are very full, the evening have been spent playing games on the beach. Yesterday they went to see the Bayeux Tapestry. And later at the war graves bumped in to her dad who is one of 90 London Taxi drivers giving up their time to drive the veterans to and from this annual event. The minister with the Veterans invited the children to join in the service he was conducting. The Veterans were quite moved to have such young people join in their service. One gentleman 96 years young, insisted the headteacher take something to give the children a treat,and would not take no for an answer. So they will all be having ice cream is today thanks this gentleman. Apparently he was so moved (the headteacher writes in his daily blog) he had was in tears by the way the children have conducted themselves, it was his way of giving something back. Today they are going to Lisieux.

    Think it's time I put the coffee pot on. Hope everyone is having a good day.
    Love and hugs Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda
      Sounds like Caira is having a great time. Also that she'd bumped into here Dad there as well. How lovely that thy were invited to join the veterans service as well. I hope they all enjoy their ice cream today.

    2. It is terrible outside but luckily no rain today yet and walking yesterday was a bit like an assault course around the lake but it was funny to see the birds (swans and ducks) bobbing away in the lake, bless them Lol. A lot of rubbish everywhere, I hate it ! Glad Ciara having a nice time. We have been to the landings and the tapestry some years back now, a lovely holiday but I never eating rabbit stew again !!! hugs xx

  8. Hi Sandra
    great to hear that Sue managed to meet up with you yesterday, sounds like managed to put the world to rights rather than crafting.
    Lovely card Michele, I'll be looking at the video when it's ready.
    Quick visit to the hospital today as Petes bloods needed to be done 24hrs after his infusion.

    1. Hope everything went well at the hospital Pat and Pete is okay. Sending you both some hugs xx

    2. Hi Maria
      As far as we know everything's going ok. We saw Prof Macaulay who heads up the research programme. Call me Vera she said. The Dr Pete saw yesterday said my names Rickardo. You can call me Ricky if my names to hard to remember.

  9. Hello All, love your card Michele, been wanting to do one of these, so will wait for Sandra's tut.
    Finished clearing the debris from the garden, surprised at the sizes of branches that came down. All my love large oriental poppies are ripped to pieces.

    Have a good day all, Karen and Val hope the back improves soon, hugs Lilian

    1. Oh Lilian, so many plants have been damaged because of this wind, the garden look more like it does in the Autumn. Really hope the wind die down soon and we get some summer back. Look after yourself and take care. hugs xx

    2. Hi Lilian
      Sounds like you have a major clearing up to do. I wonder if you can save your poppies at all?. As Maria says it's more like Autumn at the moment.

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Hope your day is okay whatever you are doing and you take care if going out.
    Lovely card from Michele and hopefully when you made a tutorial, I will give it a go.
    Had a mooch around Ikea and Asda shopping this morning. Feeling a bit sluggish after a crappy night so thinking of 40 winks might help and then have a stroll around Caldecotte lake before it is time to think about dinner. Someday's I find it hard to know what to cook any ideas ?
    See you later, love and hugs Maria XxXx

    1. Me neither Maria. I never know what to cook for dinner. Pete likes his meat and 2 veg. But during the summer ( if we ever get one ). I like a salad.

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra pleased to hear you & Sue managed a meet up, I am sure it did you both good just to sit & chat. Look forward to tutorial when you have done
    Michele lovely card as usual, I am still amazed at how many different styles of cards there are!!xxx
    Janet you can hopefully get on with packing
    Pat pleased your hospital trip was a quick one today. Hope everything goes well for you, is it Friday?xxx
    Brenda how lovely Ciara met up with her Dad & they were allowed to stay for service, very emotional I believe & the children must really have made an good impression on the old gentleman, how kind of
    Val sorry to hear about your back hope rest has helped, hugs on
    Cheryl hope it is quieter with you
    Lilian sorry you had alot of clearing up to do & it is such a shame about your Oriental
    Karen hope you do well with your collecting boxes such a good
    Maria well done on your win, it is brighter here today but still quite
    Tracy hope your back is easier today take
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret
      Yes, my op on my throat is on Friday. Not to sure what's going to happen as the surgeon wanted an MRI scan. We were away when they phoned on the Tuesday for me to go in on the Thursday. I tried to ring the number they left on Friday when we got back and on the Tuesday. We called in on the way back from the Churchill, the receptionist send whoever a note and said someone would ring me. I'm still waiting.

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Fabulous card from Michele today. Will look forward to seeing the tutorial on how it's made.
    Loved your card yesterday too, Sandra.
    Still a little breezy here today, but at least it's been dry!
    Hope everyone having a good day. Love and hugs to all xxx

  13. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Love the card Michelle. I'd love to give that a go once Sandra does the tutorial.
    I was laughing to myself as that sounds like what my back stretching does. Twist n pop it lol πŸ˜‚

    Anyways no joy with back. I've tried to get a lighter tasking at work but they will insist on just doing what I can or shove me on a till which doesn't really help either!! They asked should I not goto drs?? I warned them what would happen if I had to goto drs. And ah yes u guessed it I went to dr and got signed off a week with some diazepam to help ease the spasms in ma leg.
    Weather has been lovely up here today. Hopefully nice some days whilst i recuperate. That's what I get for going back to early. Will probably hit an absence trigger now cause I was off some of last week. But I don't really care my health comes first learned that the hard way !! Xx
    Love to all xx

    1. Crikey Tracey sounds like you get a black mark against your name for being sick. Don't they realise people do get sick. As you say your health comes first.

  14. Good afternoon Sandra & everyone
    Love your card MICHELE I have seen a few on Pinterest too will look forward to see Sandra's tutorial how to make them.
    VAL sorry you had a bad night last night with your back hope it felt a little better after going back to bed for a while sending you some healing πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—xx
    JANET hope you have all your things back in there right places after your decorating & you can have some R&R now ready for your travels too Marginy please take care some πŸ€—πŸ€—on the way xx.
    PAT hope you & Pete's hospital appointments are all straight forward & not waiting around for hours ( numb bum lol ) sending you both someπŸ€—πŸ€— Hug's xx
    BRENDA so pleased Ciara is enjoying her self & to bump into her dad there as well. Lovely for all the children to be invited to join the veterans service. Hope the ice creams went down well.xx KAREN heart shaped boxes how clever are you I have trouble with a 7x7 box love to see them please xx
    CHERYL we have also got very high wind again today & very chilly extra jumper on xx LILLIAN you are making me smile now you call your OH your PET I think I've started something HAHAπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx
    My hairdresser came earlier just for a trim. Then had a walk jus a shorter one today as MY no 3 Pet had a doctors appointment as I kept on at him that his leg was very red again & he keeps knocking it which makes it bleed. She told him because his skin is so thin after his accident where he worked falling into a caustic soda pit & having skin grafts done twice. She has given him some special cream that he has to use for ever. So I will have to keep nagging him now to use it. MARIA hope your internet is sorted & your feeling okπŸ€—πŸ€—xx
    Well must dish up dinner up now love Lynda xx

  15. Hi Lynda
    My word didn't realise Terry's leg was that bad. He keeps very cheerful anyway even though he's in pain. I hope the cream does some good.
    Thanks for the hugs. Yes, it is a numb bum syndrome at the hospital. Went in at 9.00 yesterday and got home just after 7.30. Lots of bloods taken at varying intervals after his infusion. He had a meal but not me. Good job I wasn't to hungry. We did walk about in between his bloods but not many places to walk to in a hospital. Gentle hugs to you both.

  16. Thanks Pat yes he went through it & it was both legs that got burnt. Too long a story to put on here I don't want to bore everyone with it.
    Wow Pat that was a long day for you both today. Bet you were both shattered by the time you got home. Love Lynda xx