Monday, 5 June 2017

Monday Sketch Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

I am not going to give any more 'air time' to the pathetic idiots that caused more pain and suffering on Saturday night, I want to send heartfelt condolences to the families of those that lost my their lives, I cannot imagine the pain that they are suffering. Healing thoughts and prayers for those left injured too.  
What is the world coming to? 

Anyway on to today's post, I have returned to our regular 'Sketch' Challenge this week, I hope that you like the one I have chosen, if any of you would like some inspiration type "Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge 161 into Pinterest or Google and there are a good few cards made for this challenge that will help you with some ideas.  
It's a fairly straightforward design though, just use the basic layout, you can turn it whichever way you choose and the embellishments needn't be flowers, they could be hearts, balloons, your sentiment, whatever your imagination allows.
I look forward to seeing your cards.

For my Card I used the new Daisy Delight, stamp set From Stampin'Up!. 

I used the main Daisy a couple of times in the background, which I created using the 'resist technique', basically I randomly stamped the large and small sunflower all over the background using Versamark and White Embossing powder, after heat setting I inked over the top with Pear Pizazz and So Saffron ink.
The narrow border was stamped using some of the smaller elements in the stamp set, inked around the edge with Pear Pizazz, the main image is a piece of white card, I used the wavy stems to create a grass look at the bottom (I used only the top part of the stamp) and then added a few longer stems, I then added some of the blossoms, I stamped one of the large stems and then added the small daisy (it's a two step Stamp) the first stamp I inked up and then stamped an image on scrap paper, adding the second (lighter) generation ink, the top layer of the stamp I did straight from the pad as it adds the detail to the Daisy.  I then added a couple of the smaller stems with tiny flowers. You can barely see but there is a light layer of Soft Sky Ink across the top of this image and a Pear Pizazz across the bottom.  I coloured a piece of seam binding with Pear Pizazz ink and tied it around the topper.  I die cut a smaller flower as an embellishment and added a couple of leaves.
I stamped the 'Thank you' from Teeny Tiny and punched it out with the matching punch.
I hope you like my card.

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lovely card Sandra, really pretty & summery.

    Quick visit as I'm having to set off early for my meeting. Typical it's very wet & windy and I have three walks so I'll probably look like a drowned rat by the time I arrive! I'm a bit apprehensive about how this will all work out-the meeting is to discuss how 3 totally different hospitals can "merge " our particular service. Oh well-I'm sure some bigwigs have already decided things.


    1. Good luck But as you say the big wigs have more than likely decided The big refurb you've just had may help in your favour....

    2. Hi Michele. I hope you didn't get too wet and windy swept on your way to the meeting. So much time and money would be saved if any bright ideas of change were discussed with the people like you who actually work day in day out in the area up for change? No doubt they won't have done that though as that kit far too sensible! X

    3. Hi Michele. Hope you've dried off by now. Fingers crossed the meeting goes well and it works out well for you. Xxx

    4. Hi Michele
      Hope you don't get to wet on your walks. As you say the bigwigs have decided what there going to do. But I'm not to sure how you can merge 3 departments at 3 hospitals into one.

    5. Hi Michele,
      Hope all goes well today. How can they merge three hospitals into one, I bet they are quite a distance from each other as well. We have a similar situation in Croydon. They are rebuilding and extending the A&E department, yet talking about moving it to St George's at Tooting.
      Think some of the bigwigs need their reasoning sorted out. xx

  2. I love your card and already thinking about what to do Just waiting for OH (my pet) to finish preening then it's off to work! Going in early to decorate a work colleague's desk as they are 60 today

    1. Hi Karen. No doubt your colleague who turns 60 today will love their decorated desk 😊 Have a good day x

    2. Ah Karen, bet your colleague was delighted having her desk decorated. Enjoy your day at

    3. Hope your colleague likes her desk decorated.

    4. Hope your 'Pet' got you to work in good time to do the decorating. xx

  3. Hello All, rainy and cold here, worse to come later!!!

    Sandra love your card, nice easy sketch this week , mind you when I think that I usually get stuck.

    Michele hope your meetings go the way that is good for you.

    My "pet" is in London for a meeting this evening, so busy baking pasty for him to take for his lunch, smelling lovely.

    Work again today have really enjoyed a few days off, thinking seriously about retirement on my birthday, (big one) as my hands are getting more arthritic each day, just not sure what I'd do with my time.

    Well I hope you all have a lovely day, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian. The weather is awful today isn't it? The sooner the summer sun comes back the better.
      Your pet will enjoy his freshly baked pasty. Is it a traditional Cornish pasty?
      I'm sorry that you are suffering with your hands. Sending you gentle hugs as I think it is the worst place to have arthritis. I find it is the most frustrating and restricting part of my body. If you are anything like Mum and Pop and lots of other people I know who have retired you will be just as busy if not more so than when you worked 😊 x

    2. Mmm Lilian bet the pasty is delicious. My mouth is watering. Such a big decision ahead re retiring and if you're in pain making hoods must be a real trial for you. Everyone, including me, says that they don't know how they had the time to work. Just think of all the crafting you'll be able to do. Hugsxxx

    3. Hi Lilian
      Oh dear rain again. My BIL is on holiday in Cornwall. They were in Charlestown yesterday which looked lovely and sunny. Your pastry smells lovely.
      Well, if you do decide to retire after awhile you'll wonder how you found time to work.

    4. Hi Pat, Charlestown is only a 5 minute journey from me, yes the weather yesterday was lovely, hope it will improve later.

    5. Hi Lillian, OH always says don't retire you work twice as hard! Mind you his job was not stressful at all. He rang me one day at work (a very busy School Office) told me he was sitting in the sun just watching the horses and trainers exercise near Epsom race course. That was work! My reply WAS polite, but basically saying go away.
      Personally I think retirement is great. Definitely recommend it xx

  4. Morning Everyone
    This week's Challenge looks a good one. I only hope I can fit it in.

    To say that I've a 'busy week' is an understatement. It's back to decorating this morning and hoping to finish the papering which then just leaves the gloss work. It's then putting everything back to rights (I hate this part all the washing of things etc) and rehanging curtains. I have K&N tomorrow afternoon and then make a start on going away next Monday -12th I haven't even thought about what craft things need to go with me as I always start Seasonal cards; Ferry and Hotel needs booking and Jim is suggesting that we take an extra day to travel down to Marigny so it will be Motorway from Calais to a point when we leave it and do the rest of the journey on ordinary roads with another stop over so decisions to make like where we get off the motorway; the route to travel and hotel overnight to book. A limp rag will be me by next

    Everything is ready in the CAFE so pop in and have a chat and a cuppa.

    I know I invite visitors but I expect to see Crafters not other bloggers touting for business very late last night (hope this mention is OK SANDRA).

    HUGS to you all xxxx

    1. WOW Janet what a busy week ahead. Makes me feel tired just thinking of it. Like you, I'm fine with the decorating part but getting everything back into place is a real pain. Good luck with that and all the arrangements to be made for your trip to Marigny. Xxx

    2. Hi Janet. Good luck with getting the papering finished. And with all of the other things you have to do this week. You will deserve the rest by the time you get to Marginy 😊 x
      P.s. I agree with you about the non crafting tout. Not welcome here at all.

    3. Hi Janet
      My word your week sounds busier than mine. But you'll be working and I'm not. Just sitting around in a hospital all day.
      Hope you manage to sort out ferries and an extra hotel to stay at. Mind you at the end of it you'll have a lovely rest at Marigny. Well, that's unless you have more jobs for Jim to do in France. Didn't notice the non crafting tout last night as I wasn't looking.

    4. Hi Janet, just read the comment you referred to, not appropriate for our little cafe I feel, how do they find all the blogs I wonder.

      Hope you week goes well with not too much stress.

    5. Hi Janet, please don't go overdoing things this week. It lovely to get the house shipshape again. But you have so much to do this week getting ready for you journey to Marigny. Probably a good idea to have that extra stop. You will both feel better for it. xx

    6. Janet thank you for your comment regarding non-craft comments, they are purely wasting their time as none of us would follow anyway.
      As you so rightly say all genuine crafters are most welcome, thank you for your lovely welcome every day Janet xxx

  5. Morning Sandra and all,

    Great sketch Sandra and love the card you've made. So fresh looking. I really like the resist technique you've used on the background.

    Pip my window cleaner has just left after a cup of tea and putting the world to rights. I think everyone is so upset and frustrated by the latest horrendous act of terrorism.

    Not a lot on today so may get my cc done early. Should really be ironing but just can't be bothered.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val. How nice to start the week with lovely clean windows. Ours are on the list of jobs to be done this week, hopefully.
      Have fun with your CC. Much better than doing the ironing 😊 x

    2. Hi Val
      I know the feeling re your ironing. Lynda seems to be the ironing queen on the blog.

  6. Hi Sandra
    Great challenge card today and I love your card.
    Well a funny morning today. No school for me as there on an inset day. Didn't know that until last night.
    This morning at 8.45 Pete had a call from Dermatology as they had a cancellation re his eye. What time I said they said now. So we're getting ready when Dermatology rang back. I'm afraid Pete needs reconstructive surgery after his operation and we don't have what they need in surgery today. Good job they rang before we left the house as Pete wouldn't have been a happy bunny.

    1. Hi Pat, thank goodness they rang before you left. Hope it won't be too long before they get themselves organised and make another appointment for Pete.
      I'm sure everyone else knows but what do you go to school for?
      Enjoy your free day. Xxx

  7. Hi Pat. You should sit and craft today now that you don't have school or take Pete to the hospital (it was lucky that you hadn't already left when they phoned you back, wasn't it) sending you big hugs x

    1. Hi Sue
      Yes it was, we were just going out when they rang.

  8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra great challenge this week & love your card. Thank you for inspiration each
    Janet you will need your time in Marigny to recover from this week, & I agree with you about comment last
    Lilian I can vouch when you retire you will find plenty to do & you may even find you can do more
    Michele hope the meeting goes well, it is raining here as
    Karen hope colleague enjoys his/ her birthday & decorated
    Val enjoy your day
    Taking friend for Blood test at 11.00 then Alan has one at 12.50, shame I couldn't do both at same time, then hope to have a go at CC.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Mum. I hope Pops and Pams bloods go ok, by the time you get back from taking Pam you will be turning round and taking Pop won't you! I hope you can relax and start your CC later on. Love to you both xxxx

    2. Hi Margaret
      Sounds like your having a busy day today.

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Todays card is gorgeous my lovely. So pretty and interesting to look at, each time I look I see something else, it is beautiful and inspiring for this weeks challenge 😊 x
    I hope you all have a good day when you do. I'm still sorting my stash. I'm on my ribbons at the moment which have been stored on a clothes hanger up until now. They have got tangled up so it is taking a while to untangle them and put them onto some card (2 bits of card stuck together)"bobbbins" I made using the scalloped outer die from one of Sue Wilson's earlier Striplets, sorry can't remember which one at the moment. The "bobbins" will be stored in some "popped together" storage boxes that originally were used for dvds.
    Isn't the weather awful, so cold and windy. Roll on the sunshine and blue skies. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lilian, Tracy and all in need. Take care xx

    1. I saw a fab idea yesterday sue where ribbons were wound onto lolly sticks and stored in a jar!

  10. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    What a lovely card you have made to kick start this weeks challenge, I LOVE it.xx have my thinking cap on already.

    Not a lot on today, which is great because the energy level is low. Didn't sleep well last night, I have been getting a stabbing pain at the top of my left outerside leg, it happened frequently yesterday and through the night. Could be a trapped nerve. Just another thing to put up with, It's great this getting older.... not!
    Sorry didn't mean to moan. I always tell myself there are a lot of people who are worse off the I am.

    Sending hugs to everyone, Love Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      Sorry to hear that this pain is keeping you awake.
      You can grumble as much as you like here. And yes this getting old is no one. Gentle hugs are on the way.

    2. Wish you a better night Brenda, gentle hug for you xx

  11. Hi all, I hope this is working as I been without wi-fi since Saturday afternoon. Son decided to do something with the computer his and then afterwards nothing worked so it was some sour faces and words here in the house.
    Sundays cards are all great and sorry I didn't get one done but my head was not in it last week but hope to do better this week because I love having the chance to show my sad cards to you all, even Ciara making better cards then me (yes I know, you don't have to say it) You are amazing keeping your blog going every day and your cards are all lovely and I have met some wonderful friends since joining your blog !
    Hopefully we will all be able to meet up one day somewhere :-)
    Pat- hope it all goes alright for you and Pete, hugs
    Janet- take care. Sound like you are up to a lot this week but how lovely to be going back to Marigny so soon again.
    Karen- have fun at dancing. Liked to see you doing it one day.
    Lilian- It's a big decision to stop work but for your health if you can, do retire. You will be surprised how the days goes. You will have so much more hours in the day to do what you like to do.
    I hope you all had a good day with meetings, meeting friends, crafting etc .
    Hope to be in again tomorrow with any luck. Love and many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  12. Hi Maria
    How dare you say your cards are awful, they are fantastic. Hope your internet keeps working and your son stops mucking it about.

  13. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Love the challenge Sandra & your card is beautiful love it.
    Had πŸ’‰Today then after that we popped to Westwood cross for Premark looking for a couple of tops came out of there depressed everything i tried on looked horrible too fatttt !!! I did get one in bonmacha at Ramsgate I'm going on a drastic diet like just drinking water & super glue my mouth together just a small opening for a straw HaHaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry moaning over.
    Brenda sorry your leg is giving you jip sounds a bit like sciatica ( trapped nerve)
    SUE hope you have your ribbons πŸŽ€ sorted now I have done the winding round the lolly sticks like Sandra said. JANET i hope you get the painting finished & everything put back in it's right place. I hope your not too warn out before you get set for your drive to Marginy. Lillian hope your feeling better & Tracy hope your back is a little less painful take care.
    Hope you have all had a good day sorry it's taken me ages kept getting interrupted phone calls & pet no 3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.anyway will say good night God bless.
    Maria hope your ok my friend πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
    Love Lynda xx