Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Look who's sailed in!!! & Janets Friday Treats!

Saba's Welcomes you aboard!!

 Good Morning Ladies,
I was so excited to receive this fabulous photo from Saba, aboard her boat, doesn't she look fabulous?!
This is the first photo I have seen of Saba and I have to say that I am blown away by how amazing she looks, the most glamorous granny! Saba I swear you look like you are in your late forties at the very most! 
You look like you are having an amazing time, despite the lack of fuel etc, it must be quite peaceful at times, (clearly not while in the Marina's)!
Thank you so very much for sending this photo for me to share with all of our friends in the café!
Janet's Pastries!
Yum Yum!

Now just look at these amazing pastries, I am hoping that Janet's internet allows her to get in
and do her M&S style description of the delicious Friday delights, my mouth is just watering looking
at them, they look like super fancy eclairs to me, but I am sure they are so much more than that!
Thank you so much Janet for sending the photos to tease us with xxxx
I am looking forward to this Fridays trip to the market all ready!

Now I want to share with you some information about Bra Styles and Sizes, it made me laugh......


 A man walked into the ladies department... and shyly walked up to the woman behind the counter and said, 'I'd like to buy a bra for my wife. '
 ' What type of bra?' asked the clerk. 'Type?' inquires the man,
 'There's more than one type?' ' Look around,' said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in every shape, size, colour and material imaginable.
'Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four types of bras to choose from.' Relieved, the man asked about the types
. The saleslady replied:
 'There are the Catholic,
 Salvation Army,
and the Baptist types.
 Which one would you prefer?'
 Now totally befuddled, the man asked about the differences between them.
 The Saleslady responded, 'It is all really quite simple.'
 The Catholic type supports the masses;
 The Salvation Army type lifts the fallen;
 The Presbyterian type keeps them staunch and upright;
The Baptist type makes mountains out of molehills.
Oh and Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD , E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes?
 If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, it is about time you became informed!
 {A} Almost Boobs.
 {B} Barely there.
{C} Can't Complain.
 {D} Dang!
{DD} Double dang!
{E} Enormous!
{F} Fake.
 {G} Get a Reduction.
 {H} Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up!
  Not forgetting the German bra....... Holtzemfromfloppen!!

I hope this gives you a little chuckle, by the way, I'm a  'Help me I have fallen over and can't get up!!!
which one are you????

Have a great day,
love and hugs,


  1. OMG!!! SANDRA:- I can't type for laughing ..... Off to the loo! and to get some tissues to wipe my face!!
    Before I go I am not laughing at you SABA or JANET'S cakes .....!!xxx

    1. I know, It made me 'titter', I couldn't wait to share it with you all!

    2. Oh pull the 'udder' one Sandra, xxx

  2. Good morning ALL, hope the day starts well for you. Raining here at the moment, where oh! where is that sunshine They keep saying it is coming ..... must be using "Shanks Pony"
    SABA:- what a stunning picture .. "Permission to board?". You look beautiful, background is amazing. Oh! how I was there with you enjoying some sunshine.
    JANET:- you do know that those cakes are "fattening" ?? Oh! what the heck.......life is too short not to enjoy yourself.!!
    What a great start to the day reading Sanrda's opening gambit.
    Nothing much happening here today,. Just have to wait to see what emerges!!
    I have made myself some Tea & Toast. I am over in the corner to see who comes in this morning. How many will walk by to that Spellbinder Cafe only to be disappointed!!! They only open on a "Friday"
    Everything here looking good and ready for the day. See you all later from a Double Dang xxx

  3. Oh what lovely surprise post from you today Sandra? I opened up my I pad and it was the end of yesterday's post so I just pressed " new post" and there a photo of Saba standing on the deck of their boat, looking very chilled considering they still aren't able to have a hot drink? And that's relaxed chilled, not chilled, chilled.
    Janet, your pastries look oh so yummy.
    Sandra, like big sis I have had to dry my eyes after that great laugh you have given us. I am (f) but they are no way fake that's for sure.
    Well can the person who has trapped the good weather in their back garden please let us up here have just a little bit of it please!!! Don't ask me what kind of day we are going to have? As its very dull here at the moment. Heat wave my foot, I have long trousers and a wool cardigan on. Well I'd better go get ready to go to work, no vaulting tonight - some problem with both senior instructors being some where else tonight. One Beth was not happy, but to be honest it's a good thing as she needs a night off. I am not complaining either.
    Being healthy this morning and have had a bowl of chopped fresh fruit and natural yoghurt and a cup of tea. I have left a bowl of the fruit and tub of yoghurt in the fridge help yourself. Hazel x

    1. Hi sisters, will try my hardest to send you some sunshine as it will get to hot and humid down here so you are more then welcome to some.
      Fruit and yogurt , very nice thanks xxx

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. sorry and I got so excited :-p

    4. No worries Maria, that's the things about this lovely blog we look out for each other, and if we see some has won we say. True friendship.

  4. Hey Sandra , just love the one about the bras, just the thing to wake one up first thing and nothing better than a giggle ' to boot " .
    Saba, this is such a gorgeous photo, the scenery behind you is beautiful too.
    Janet those cakes look scrummy mmm .
    Hope most people got a decent nights sleep, it was so warm, a bit uncomfortable for me but shouldn't complain, it is summertime after all.
    Don't think I'll bother with the spellbinder cafe, this one has just the right amount of friendliness and is nice and cosy,
    Will pop back later, need to go shopping this morning,
    Have topped the basket up,
    Hugs Jean (can't complain ) .haha

    1. Hi Jean, when I stepped outside this morning it reminded me of being abroad! It is very warm indeed and lovely sunshine. Hope it lasts - been trying to blow it up to Patricia , Hazel, Jess , Janice and Norah!! Xxx

    2. Blooming raining here. cxx

    3. It better not rain on Saturday xxxx

    4. Better not, we will just have to "pray" harder!! Do you think he listens to the kind of request?? xxx

  5. Morning Ladies

    Saba-great to see you aboard your boat. Now we can all picture you & the boat as you post more comments.

    Janet-you rotter! Fancy putting pictures of those yummy pastries to torture us with!! He he-i wouldn't be able to resist. I think I'd have to try a different one each day or at least each visit.

    Sandra-I'm just clearing up my shreddies as they went everywhere when I read your bra description! I'm unfortunately a F but they're not fake-it's not fun in this hot weather is it!! Yesterday turned out glorious & apart from heavy rain tomorrow, we're meant to be having a heatwave . The only benefit of being in work is the temperature remains fairly constant-it's a shock when you go outside though! Lets see what today brings-yesterday I had one technician missing (the one whose Dad passed away) an assistant rang in with a bad back & a replacement technician who did want to ruin his hair-we have to wear sterile clothing, cap & mask all the time we're in tne unit. I also had a run in with a Pharmacist who did something unprofessional & I made that comment! She's a spoilt brat so that didn't go down too well & one of her trashy mates said she should complain about the way I spoke to her! Oh the arrogance on a twenty something year old eh??!!!!

    Ah well-onwards & upwards....!!!


    1. Oh! Michele sending some (((((hugs)))))
      These young ones always seem to make "mountains out of molehills" when they are in the wrong! Of course they always seem to have so called "friends" who would run a mile if it involved them!!! xxx

    2. Michele, I feel for you. Some of the young ones have such slap dash attitude. Not all - but some - and she'll have known you were right, that's why she made a fuss. xxx

    3. Oh Michele why is it that these inexperienced folk think they know better than anyone else, good for you pointing this out to her she wouldn't like her lack of knowledge being shown up, you are right and she is wrong good for you, sending you special hugs xxx

    4. Quite right Michele, it is hard sometimes to bite your tongue, but some young people seem to think they know it all.
      Hugs, Jess x

    5. I agree Michele some people just cannot think they may just be wrong as they seem to 'know it all' when they haven't any experience or very little. To quote Mum 'them that lasts longest sees most' I think she may have mixed a few things up there but she would always say it.
      You just carry on theyour way. They'll learn hopefully.

    6. Good for you Michele, how are they ever going to learn the work place etiquette, if occasional they are not put in there place!
      Hope today is a better day. xxx

  6. Good morning all,

    Well Hazel, this wonderful sunshine is here in Somerset. It was stonking yesterday and today looks as though it is going to be the same. I am sending some up for you.
    Ahoy! Saba, a very elegant sailor you make. I agree with Sandra you do not look your age. Happy sailings to you both, I hope you have sorted out your gas and electric problems.
    Oh Janet, you have just gained me 2lbs drooling over your gorgeous pastries.
    We had a lovely day yesterday in Bristol, our hotel is ab fab. Almost next door to @Bristol centre, the Aquarium and ZaZa's, so I don't think the young contingent from our family will be getting too bored at our Reunion. There is also a Shaun the Sheep Trail around Bristol which some of the adults have already booked.
    Milly-May was delightful all day. Only cross when she was hungry and didn't get her bottle fast enough. Mum & Dad adored her first visit with them.
    My car came back home laden with 2 boxes and one storage box filled with cups and pretty containers for my next batch of candles. The wax has arrived and I am raring to get the first melt done.
    I'll pop in later.
    love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      You sound as though you've had a brilliant time, I'm so pleased. I hope you took photos. Happy melting, I'm really enjoying doing mine. xxx

    2. Hi Cheryl, your reunion sound perfect and in such nice surroundings, click away !and later on you got enough to keep you busy for a while xxx

    3. Cheryl, what memories to hold on to from yesterday. Your reunion will be a lovely affair. Pete will be there in spirit too. Hazel xxx

    4. Cheryl I am delighted to hear you had a great time yesterday I feel quite sure your Pete will have been looking over your shoulder and having a little giggle. xxx

    5. Glad you had a lovely day, Cheryl. Happy Candle making! Xx

    6. So pleased you had a lovely day. Sounds as though you will have a production line going. LOL xxx

  7. Morning dear Sandra and all the lovely cafe crew,
    It's just gone 8.50 am and the sun has just peeped through but there is quite a bit of cloud about hopefully it won't obscure the sun too much.
    WOW! What a fabulous photo of Saba and yes she certainly looks the part of a happy Captain on the high seas as well as a glamorous granny! Oh I wish I love the water (I've always been terrified of boats...don't mind being in the sea as long as my feet can touch bottom!! ) Thank you Saba for allowing Sandra to show us your gorgeous photo.
    Oh Janet you're making my mouth water with your yummy cakes now you have forced me to call into M&S later to look (buy) at the cake s! Lol!
    Sandra I love the bra story I'm in the B range but when I put my bra I bend forward so I can get as much of my love handles in too to make them look bigger!!!! Hahahaha!
    Must go and shower now as I'm nipping into town and want to get back before the temperature rises (I live in hope)
    Have left hugs a plenty in the basket will pop in later
    Love Sheila xxxx

    1. Ha ha Sheila, good tip about the love handles!!! xxx

    2. Hihi Sheila, I have plenty of love handles but they sitting a bit further down and no bra will rescue them. Have a nice time in town xxx

  8. Hello Sandra,
    First of all I want to send my love to Margaret Corgi and say that I hope she had a good night's rest after her accident.
    Now, I saw the picture of Saba and felt sick. How anyone could stand there and not be sea sick is amazing, that far off land and in the middle of the water, oh I need a tablet!!! And then she looks so fit and healthy and can wear shorts!!! How sickening is that? And, she's altered her hairstyle so that her Helga plaits are more alluring. Grrrrrrrr.
    By the way Saba WIMBLEDON IS STILL ON AND IT'S FABULOUS lol. xxx
    Janet, as soon as I have recovered from my mal de mer I will appreciate the beauty of your pastries. If only this weren't a virtual cafe and we could eat them mmmmm.
    Sandra, your bra recital is a gem. I'll have to copy it to circulate!!!
    Hazel, I hope your Grandson has a brilliant time in our City and at the Footballl Ground. I'll be in town this morning and over lunch time, so if I hear anyone with a Scottish accent I'll ask if they are related to you!!! We usually hear the Scandinavian accents if the Ferry is in from Norway. The Scandinavians certainly won't need their thick jumpers and jackets on today!!
    Lynda, I hope your tummy feels a lot more settled today, got to get you right for your birthday on the 2nd.
    Love to everybody, have a good day, and Margaret & Lynda - let others look after you.
    Love and hugs, from a slightly sea-sick Double Dang Fickle Muriel xxxxx

    1. Muriel
      Right young lady, firstly I must say it was a bit of a shock to see myself here this morning, then I went to the comments and Patrica started off with she had just wet herself laughing, felt rather insulted initially till I read on, then you go and say you felt sick when you saw me!!
      Then to add insult to injury you tell me Wimbledon is fabulous. In capital letters no less. Well all I can say is I hope it rains on centre court, I hope the strawberrys go rotten and the bubbly looses its bubbles.
      Would love it if you came aboard Livslang, I would keel haul you!!!
      Saba Xxxxx

    2. Just thought I would share this with you. John and I went to Centre Court Wimbledon this morning ............. WELL The Shopping Mall next to the Station. xxx

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. And you thought you had friends here SABA!!!
      I deleted the one above i pressed the wrong button half way through.

    5. Was Wimbledon busy Brenda? With the tennis being on I'm sure it was! Xxx

    6. Saba, you wouldn't have to keel haul me, I'd be moaning and groaning within 10 minutes of going on board and near death's door not long after! I had to take tablets every day when we went on a cruise - but still had a great time.
      You look fabulous, and I'm never going to sit next to you ever, ever, so there!!!!

  9. Morning Sandra and ladies, great start for today, the bra stories are wonderful, really brightened up a rather dull day here, who has sunshine can you please send us some.
    Saba you look wonderful such a glamorous granny, hope you got everything sorted out re your gas and electric, enjoy your holiday.
    Janet, these pastries are certainly not calorie free, they look amazing.
    Take care everyone, will pop back later, hugs from a Presbyterian Double Dang xx

  10. I can't keep up!
    SABA You look fabulous dahling!
    JANET I'm so glad the pastry is only a photo - the diabetes would go haywire!
    SANDRA I have to say I loved the ditty I'm a Presbyterian Salvation Army person
    Just to say when I said shopping yesterday I meant good old internet shopping No carrying needed. Thanks as always for your support
    QUICK NOTE Maria and I are planning to meet on 25th July in The Harlequin Centre Watford If anyone else is in the area you'd be most welcome to join us

    1. Wish I were nearer but I hope you have another lovely get together! Xxx

    2. If I knew where it was, and if I knew how to get there, and if I could afford it, I'd be there!!! (what a lot of "ifs") !!!!
      Don't they say "darn sarf" that anywhere north of Watford is the "North"

  11. Good morning Sandra and all the coffee shop crew
    What a wonderful treat to see Saba standing there ready to welcome us all aboard you look fantastic! The water looks divine oh for a swim with you, never mind the cold, us up North are used with cold! Hazel and Patricia will tell you just how cold it is.
    Janet, OH, the torture of seeing those cakes I do hope you ate them without delay I would hate to think of the cream going off in that lovely heat you are having, think of the rest of us up North, it is dull and chilly to say the least I have my warm jumper on, honestly I have.
    Well sales of tissues with be going up Sandra I needed one to wipe my dribbles after looking at Janet's delicious cakes, followed by several more after reading your little story, so very funny it has cheered me up no end thank you for sharing it with us all.
    Can anyone tell me where else you can go to receive such a wide and wonderful range of things to cheer our day? There are beautiful cards, boxes and a wonderful range of fabulous crafts where people are willing to share and help you achieve the same. A problem shared is a problem halved and that definitely happens here too and as for cheering folks up, well just look at Sandra's little offering today, giggles throughout the land, in fact throughout Europe and who knows even beyond! Also not forgetting news flashes giving vital information or news of bargains so vital to us poor crafters, even faster than the BBC or SKY! Thank you Sandra from the bottom of my heart what would we do without you?
    Please can I have another tissue Derek is trying to put something together thought it was complete then realised there were two screws left and another piece left over, he has one section the wrong way around so it all has to come to pieces and he will have to start again, all I can do is laugh!!
    Oh no third attempt coming up you see Derek is not the best at DIY if a job involves cutting wood he always get twice as much as, try as he will he always cuts it wrong even though he swears he has measured it correctly!
    Well my coffee was lovely as always thank you and my money is in the pot my hugs and cuddles are over in the corner waiting for Norah's to arrive1
    Take care everyone and have a lovely day.
    Margaret xxx

    1. Oh Margaret, I thought you'd be having a warm sunny day as it's lovely here. Just shows how localised this weather can be at times. Hope the sun shines very soon!
      Poor Derek! I hope he gets his DIY task finished safely and soon!
      Hope you had a good sleep and not suffering too much pain!
      Myra xxx

    2. Sorry to read about your weather Margaret, we are having a heatwave over in the East, the sun is shining and it's glorious. it was 24 degrees at 10 a.m., which as you know is sub-tropical up here!!!

    3. MARGARET:- hope your not in too much pain and your managing with help from Derek.
      Well folks we never got any sun here in Perthshire till approx 6pm. It shone for all of 20mins and that was that.
      Never mind tomorrow is another day!! xxx

    4. Margaret you did make me smile about Derek's DIY Terry always has at least 4or 5 screws left over when he mends something he just says oh don't worry about them ,& every two minutes he calls me as he cant find the screw driver or whatever he is using yes right there on the floor by his foot grrrr.

  12. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    "I am sailing,I am sailing "oh no not me, Lol. Wonderful picture of you Saba, you are looking amazing standing there with a lovely background ! Hope all is fixed by now so you can get a hot coffee etc.
    Omg, Janet - they are massive and look really yummy. No wonder you are staying in Marigny if you got these on you doorstep, Mmmmm!
    I have huffing and puffing for the last hour so I hope you up North will have some sun today. We have all windows opened trying to get some air into the house, not keen on fans . Having a plumber in this morning to change a basin-waste so as soon he's gone my D-DB are coming out, promise to keep the vest on haha !
    Yes as Karenlotty has said we are meeting up in Watford on the 25th so if you can you are all welcome to join us ( please someone, I can't sit talking for hours on my own with her again, she's bonkers) hihi Karen , I love you really ! hope your wrist are ok ? Margaret- how was your night, bless you ?
    Sandra, you have a nice day ! and the same to everyone.
    Washing nr:2 out for hanging and payment for a Julia's workshop to do so I see you all later. Love and hugs Maria xxx

    1. MARIA:- your not blowing hard enough ... it's raining here. xxx

  13. Bon jour one and all.
    What can I say!!!
    Sandra your opening poem for today just cannot be beaten but if anyone knows better well let them try. It certainly had me chuckling.
    Now 'I can't complain'.
    Saba - how I would love to join you on that fantastic boat. You look fabulous.

    Cakes sorry for being the reason of pounds appearing where they shouldn't but who can resist. As Sandra says this week they are quite simple being a sumptuous version of eclairs. They are theatre basic eclair but filled with Chantilly cream, strawberries on top and an additional layer of cream on top of them. The lid is coated with sifted icing sugar. A beautiful way to end a meal of poached salmon with salad and a nice crisp rose Anjou to drink.

    We are inside again today with temps of nearly reaching 40c. Just a couple of degree to go. Ice cream to be served mid afternoon as usual.
    I've ordered a new laptop and a mains charger for my reader so I'm waiting to ambush the postie as having to do everything via my tablet is awkward to say the least.
    Have a good afternoon everyone.
    Margaret hope you had a good night being in a plaster cast is not the best thing when it's warm.

  14. Hear hear ladies MARGARET I missed seeing you'd had an accident and in plaster Take care hun To all the rest of you take care in this heat and I'm sorry if I don't remember to comment in your news - memory of a goldfish

  15. Hello Ladies,
    Well that was a shock when I looked in and saw myself plastered on the wall!!
    I do wish I had polished my railings and scrubbed my deck before I allowed Peter to take a photo. I was slightly anxious that he would forget to steer whilst attempting the complexities of taking a photo with the I pad ( he's a bit thick at times) and if he did and the wind brought the sail to the other side I would have had to very quickly duck!
    Thank you ladies for your very kind comments, Fickle I shal deal with you later!
    Janet, I need one of your cakes and I need it now. They look delicious. Please take care in all that heat.
    Sandra, I loved your opening tale. I laughed out load and then read it to Peter. I wish I could adequately describe his face to you. He already is very sceptical about me blogging at all and thinks we in the cafe are all very "odd" so he was looking at me with his " I dissaprove" look, until I got to the last line and he burst out laughing and kept chuckling for quite a few moments after. Not an easy task to get him to laugh out loud, so hats off to you for achieving it. I was a Baptist A, but then converted to Sally Army B.
    We still have no usable gas bottles, it wasn't that they were empty after all, rather there is a fault with the adapter and I must be replaced. We will get one when we get home, so it's cold coffee this holiday.
    Electrics, well, I am a tad cross, engineer came yesterday, changed one part, no success., said it was another part and he would be back at ten today. At 1pm, Peter went to look for him only to be told by his father that he wouldn't be coming today but will come tomorrow morning. We shall see.
    However being in a Marina means we have mains power so no problem with lighting or more importantly the fridge. Cold coffee is one thing, warm wine is just a step too far.
    Margaret, hope your foot didn't cause you too much pain in the night and indeed I hope you are not in any now. Take care and let the others run round after you. Hope Derek managesto get his screws in the right place!
    I must go now,be back later,
    Oh nearly forgot, Sandra, Pat and Sue have a lovely day together. Wish I was a fly on the wall. Xxxx
    Saba xxxx

    1. SABA:- John is like Peter he's not keen on this Blogging milarky.
      When I start telling him things about the Blog he just raises his eyebrows!! xxx

    2. Saba and Patricia - And George, he was telling his brothers and wives on Sunday that I was going to Edinburgh on Saturday to meet two "strange" women!!!
      They couldn't believe it when I said I had "met" you on here as they know how careful I am. xxx

    3. Maureen, Patricia and Hazel are not at all strange!

    4. Oh yes! I've been there and done that! Only my daughter in law thought I hadn't taken leave of my senses! This was when I arranged to meet Saba! They need to trust our judgement - we didn't become mad overnight! Maybe I should re- phrase that!!
      Saba and I would have become friends if we'd met face to first first. Likewise I feel Maureen is a friend as we have the same sense of humour. All the way through the cafe though we have the same interests and values. Sandra is the one who brought us all together and deserves every credit! We are not just virtual friends any more! So looking forward to October to meeting so many more.
      I'm well aware I haven't mentioned everyone but I consider each one a true friend! I'm so glad I went to meet Saba and I 'm sure Patricia, Hazel and Maureen will have a lovely time. Wish I was going too!

    5. Thanks Jess ..... just a little bit strange!! xxx

  16. Hi Sandra and all in cafe.
    Saba you look fabulous I love boating but for me it has to have an engine and no sails I enjoy being on the river so peaceful.
    Janet your pastries look gorgeous enjoy them while you can.
    Sandra the bra story is great gave me a good laugh. Hope you have a good crafting day with Sue and Pat.
    Margaret hope you are not to uncomfortable.
    Beautiful sun here going to enjoy it and have a lazy afternoon.
    Love to all
    Margaret xx

  17. Well, Sandra, what a lovely surprise I got this afternoon!
    Vice -Admiral Saba! You look great - a bit different with your hair up! So glad Peter was able to multi- task while taking the photo. I do hope the Electrician turns up tomorrow and that he fixes your problem!
    Janet - those pastries are big! They look really yummy.
    As for the poem Sandra - that did make me laugh . I'm afraid I'm in the smaller brigade too!!
    I'm trying to multi task myself here today! Tasks include washing, ironing, packing , tidying up generally, finishing a card and watching Wimbledon!
    Should be a good afternoon, Saba!!
    Well, will go and read what everyone's been up to.
    Hope you had a good night Margaret!
    Lots of love Myra xxx

    1. Myra, thank you for your kind comment, however I still hope it rains on centre court!!

    2. I just thought you'd like to know we have just had a Pimms with some strawberries in it - watching Andy Murray, you see! He's on Centre Court - no sign of rain so far. Prost!! Xxx

  18. Hello Sandra and everyone
    Sorry I forgot to say I had a very good night, slept like a log but getting to bed boy that was fun it took 3/4 of an hour as I have not to put any weight on the broken foot I have to hop in the injured other foot! Derek had to help me get undressed and into bed so he has now decided he will not apply to work in a care home! After I got into bed and settled he walked around the bed and lent on my foot boy did I jump, he said it was just like a scene out of Last of the Summer Wine. There was more fun this morning getting dressed too. I have been told that at the fracture clinic tomorrow they will put a stronger plaster on and I will be able to walk on it, so then no more hopping or bobbin along. All I can say is roll on tomorrow.
    Still no sun but the clouds are getting darker so I suspect Patricia has sent us some of her rain, what a kind lady!
    Sorry to hear your repairs are going slowly Saba but the main thing is your wine is chilled! By the way WIMBLEDON WAS GREAT YESTERDAY and they have lovely sun today and some great matches lined up!
    We have just received an invitation to a social care careers and volunteering event of the year, is someone trying to tell us something do you think?
    I do hope the three graces are having a good time today I wonder just how much crafting is getting done?
    Thank you so much for all your very kind thoughts and concern your are all treasures.
    Margaret xxx

    1. Margaret, it sounds like fun where you are!! I think! Pleased you slept well and I agree it will be good to be able to weight bear! Hope the sun comes very soon.
      Wimbledon is good so far, Saba! Xxx

    2. pleased to hear you slept well Margaret, you might get around a bit better after tomorrow
      Hugs Jean x

    3. I had to go back and read all the comments of yesterday Margaret, so sorry to hear of your broken foot. Plenty of TLC coming your way. (((((hugs)))))

    4. Margaret my lovely, I wish I could pack my bags and come and look after you, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help!
      Bless you how will you manage crutches with your poorly shoulder?!
      What are you like?
      Your bedtime routine sounded like a carry on film!
      Please take it easy my lovely,
      Healing hugs
      Sandra xx

  19. Brenda - Littlelamb , just been on Sue's Blog.
    So sorry to hear about your Auntie. Sending love and sincere sympathy! Myra xxx

    1. Brenda sending you Heartfelt Sympathy and some (((((hugs)))) so sorry to hear about your Auntie.xxx

    2. Littlelamb Brenda, you have my love, hugs and prayers.
      Maureen xxxx

    3. My heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your Aunty, Brenda. xxx

    4. Oh Brenda my thoughts & Prayers are with you so sorry for the loss of your Auntie ((((Hug's)))) Lynda xx

    5. Brenda I'm so sorry I'm late sending you my sincere condolences at the loss of your Auntie. Sending you comforting hugs and thinking of you.
      Love Sheila xxx

  20. Brenda so sorry to hear the news of your Auntie, sending you my love and a hug along with my sincere sympathy
    Margaret xxx

  21. Suns starting to shine eventually, watching the tennis
    Rafa is on a winner!!,
    Andy Murray is on later.

  22. Brenda, sorry to hear about your aunt. She is now pain free. I know that doesn't help with pain you will be feeling at the moment, ((((() hugs))))) Hazel x

    1. Brenda, I was very sorry to hear your aunt passed away this morning,
      I am so pleased you managed to go and see her a couple of weeks ago, hope it is a comfort to you at this very sad time.
      Thinking of you with love, you are in my prayers.
      Saba xxx

    2. Thank you all for your messages.

  23. Good afternoon, must be coffee time.
    Sandra, you made me laugh today with this story. I have printed it out for a couple of friends. I am just of the Can't Complain size ( well he better not!!)
    Firstly, thanks to Myra and Maria, they have managed to blow some warm weather up here. Still some clouds around though, so keep blowing please.

    Saba, how lovely to see your picture today. That really looks like a proper holiday to me. I don't do crowded areas, like beaches. Just hope the wine stays chilled for you.
    Janet, that is so cruel, showing these scrummy cakes. Derek and I are on low carbs just now, and while I don't find it a problem, since I really prefer cheese to cake, these do look so tempting. Enjoy them.
    Michelle, stand your ground, but why should you need to be dealing with stroppy kids instead of doing your job. Good luck honey.
    Well, I hope all our cafe residents with broken and bashed bits are feeling better today.

  24. Hello Sandra and coffee shop friends,
    It has taken me forever to arrive here, have read the Bra story to John, he really found it funny, I was finding it difficult to read with giggling - because I knew what was coming next. Thank you Sandra, for giving us a laugh.
    I hope the three Graces managed to meet up today, have a good natter and maybe some crafting. xx

    SABA, Your photo is lovely, tell Peter he did a great job. You look far to young to be a Grannie!

    JANET, Your cakes made my mouth water. There is a cake shop not that far away (well - a bus and a train ride away, so I can't be tempted to often) Patisserie Valerie, I could stand looking in there window all day, the cakes are so yummy. In fact I think my nose would get stuck to the window. My mouth is watering as I'm thinking about.

    We went over to Wimbledon earlier to day, the Shopping Mall next to the Train/Tram Station is called Centre Court (I wanted to go to Lakeland - again!) in the lower Mall there was an area with AstroTurf on, and quite a few leather settees and a big flat screen TV almost all of the settles were occupied. What were they watching? You got it Wimbledon!
    Well they could say they were watching Tennis at centre court.

    I Will go and think about dinner and watering the garden, not sure in what order.
    Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

    Sorry ladies, I want to thank you all for your comments yesterday, they really are appreciated xxx

    Lynda, hope you are feeling better today xx

    Margaret, hope your foot isn't to painful xx

  25. Hello all
    Well, I've had my STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM, whilst watching WIMBLEDON, which I've thoroughly enjoyed. Murray is through to next round.
    I am all at sea, and bewitched, bothered and bewildered. I thought the 3 Graces met up on a Wednesday, is it a Tuesday???, and if it is, I hope you had a lovely day!
    See you later
    Fickle Muriel xxx

  26. Hi Sandra
    What a lovely photo of SABA. Hope your still enjoying your trip and that you now have fuel and the electrics have been repaired. Love your pastries, they do make my mouth water.
    Maureen, it is definitely Tuesday today. I'm meeting friends for coffee and lunch tomorrow so couldn't make that day, so we stopped. It's usually me that puts a spanner in the works. We're off to Newbury on Sat so we should have a great day. One of my friends has had Anorexia for years, so will only join us for coffee. Not to sure how she's survived for all these years, sheer willpower I would think.
    Can I just say I'm overwhelmed by the fantastic support the ladies of the Cafe give each other. You truly are a fabulous group of ladies.

    1. Pat, you're not at all bad yourself. Looking forward to meeting you in October and having a good old natter.
      Love Saba xxx

    2. Pat, enjoy coffee tomorrow with your friends, and Newbury on Saturday. xxx

    3. Pat enjoy your trips out and have a lovely time xxx

  27. Hi everyone,,why does Andy Murray makes things so hard for himself sometimes, good he got through. Strawberries were lovely!
    Weather very dull here, who has got all the sunshine??

    Take,care, Jess xxx((()))

    1. I have, here in Somerset, for once my county lives up to it's name. xxx

  28. Good evening all you lovely ladies.
    Well I can tell you the sunshine struggled to get over the "border" I blame that "Hadrian" guy and his wall. It did arrive approx 6pm shone for all of 20 mins and disappeared. Now it is dull and looks like rain again.
    Andy Murray has won his match, why does he make it so difficult for himself???
    Hope the Three Graces had a good day. Did you get any crafting done?? Pat did you give that young lady a talking too?? she needs it.
    My iPad is running out of power better go give it some juice.
    ATTENTION:- don't know if it's of interest but Poundland have "Chargers" for various things .... iPads, iPods, iPhones etc:- for £1.00 I got one for my iPad and it works just great. Has a longer lead than the one I got in the box with the iPad. I can now plug in and it stretches over to the table, I can still keep in touch and see what's going on xxx

    1. Patricia, that is amazing, they only cost £1.00. In Poundland.
      Sorry couldn't resist.

    2. Well you never know!! xxx

    3. I know you won't believe me (ha ha, you will) but I went into a shop called Everything's a Pound, and asked the price of something. True, honest. The chap just looked and said that he wished he'd had a penny for when someone asked him that, because he'd be rich!! I suppose you could say a lot of Geordies are thick, but stand well back if you do ha ha. xxxx

    4. They could have been 2 or 3 for a pound, then they would have been cheaper so evetything for a pound isn't really true in that case? Xxx

    5. Thanks Sis, that's what I call "sisterly love" I knew there was options!!
      Anyway the Chargers are great value at £1.00 John Jnr paid £10.99 for one for Thomas from Maplin xxx

  29. I am so pleased, nay thrilled Andy has got through to the next round. I am less thrilled with you lot!! Strawberries and cream! Pimms! Leather seats and a big flat screen! I am never going on holiday at this time of year ever ever again!
    I had a light bulb moment and remembered I had the Film On app, haven't used it for months, ever since lovely son in law let me use his internet for a VPN so I could watch BBC I player, ( which won't work from here sadly) . Any way Film On I thought, yipeeeee, Wimbledon here I come. NOPE, blessed thing won't run. I managed to get it started, saw Andy on court but frozen picture. Boo hoo and double sob sob!!!
    Anyway, Peter went for a walk at 5 pm and he is not back yet! We decided to eat on board and I have bought lots of lovely cold meats,olives, antipasti and a melon and if he is not back soon he can forget it! I shall go to the little restaurant in the marina and order a steak. Might make myself a gin and T whilst I wait,
    Love and hugs
    Saba xxx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. SABA:- I do hope Peter is OK!
      Actually when I read your post my first thought was ... OMG!!! that man can walk on water!!! xxx

    3. Oh Patricia, that gave me a Tenna moment, thank you so much.
      Don't worry about Peter. He has a habit of doing this. Years ago I very nearly called the police because he had been gone so long. The only thing that stopped me was the thought of swimming ashore as he had taken the dinghy. I didn't have a mobile phone then and didn't think I could put out a Mayday for someone who was actually on land!!

    4. You would certainly have needed to wear something to cover you for getting out of the water then!! xxx

    5. Saba, if I could understand your message about Film On and VPP, I'd sympathise with you!! xx
      (I think he can walk on water Patricia, he's got to be a Saint)
      Fickle Daffy xxxxx

    6. Oh! Oh! Maureen you need that "tin hat" xxx

  30. Well after a very sticky warm day, but no sun. At 7.30pm the sun is shining, not going to last for long as there is loads of clouds around. But when my sister in law in Vancouver has messaged saying they haven't been able to go out as its to hot 41c, I will not complain as that's just a little hot for my liking??? Maureen I heard from Tammy that it's lovely with you, still nice and warm and like being abroad. I hope you are making the most of it.
    Margaret, I hope you are getting weather likes ours, well maybe not hot a sticky, as having a cast on won't be comfy? Hopefully when you get the new cast on tomorrow you will at least be able to get yourself to bed, bless Derek is doing his best.
    Myra, have you got everything done for going away??? Or have you been watching the tennis?
    Saba, I hope the fridge is working, if you have this warm weather you will need it to be to keep those cold meats and cheeses fresh.
    Diane, are you ok??? You seem to be hiding!!!
    Lynda, how are you feeling today, just take it easy,
    Michele, these young know it all's need taking down a peg or two! They think because they have got that degree they know more than the ones who have been there, don't it and got the t-shirt. , Hazel x

    1. Yes Hazel, it's still lovely here, but when I was in town it was not so sunny. xxx

  31. I would just like to reassure you all that he is back! Turned up at 9 pm with a feather sticking out of his breast pocket. Quite a big feather, I suspect seagull. I didn't ask, neither did I ask what he was going to do with the thing. He can be very odd at times. He just laughed and stuck it behind his ear. I took a photo.
    Anyway he saw turtles on the beach and I am so jealous, I wish I had seen them even more than I wish I had been able to watch Andy Murray.
    Keep your tin hat on Muriel, I dont have my bazooka but we have an emergency flare gun!!!

    1. Hi Saba, good he turned up again but did you have your steak or did it be the cold meats ?
      We swam with Loggerhead Turtles once in Zakynthos, it was amazing .
      Take care xxx

    2. So glad Peter back Saba, have you forgiven him yet??

      Right folks I am off to have a shower and go to bed. It's getting up so early makes me go to bed at this time of night.
      See you all in the morning.
      Goodnight and God Bless xxxx

    3. Maria, I relented and we had a plate of mixed meats,pickled veg, olives and fresh bread followed by melon, all washed down with a chilled white wine. I once tried to swim with wild dolphins. We saw a herd ( or is it a pod?) of them near to the boat so we stopped and in I went. At that point they disappeared. So I swam about for a bit but they remained under water, then as soon as I got back on board up they came again. Guess they didn't like the look of me!
      Think it's time for bed now, hopefully we have an electrician coming tomorrow, night God bless all
      Saba xxx

    4. Saba Andy Murray won in straight sets!!! xx

  32. Good evening Sandra & ladies,
    Sorry I'm so late thank you all for your kind words last night,I was feeling a bit better today but not much energy,did a couple of washing & ironing then fell asleep.Managed a small dinner. So hope tomorrow I will be ok.
    I had to make a bereavement card for one of Terry's cousins so just finished it as got to get it in the post tomorrow his aunt only told him yesterday evening.that she was being berried on Friday.
    I hope you had a good day Sandra with Sue & Pat with plenty of crafting had.
    MARGARET glad you had a good night,hope the new plaster tomorrow is more comfortable.
    WOW SABA your definitely a yummy grandma you look beautiful on the Good ship lolly pop. & What a picture that view behind you is gorgeous.I'm with MAUREEN I don't do boats as I would spend it in the toilet ( I know I was in the toilet all weekend )haha.
    Well I'm off to bed so goodnight all sleep tight & God bless. Love Lynda xx

    1. Pleased you feeling better Lynda! I keep trying to close down and then I see something else! You take care! Xxx

    2. Myra, are you a robot. You try to close down and then see something else - do you reboot?!!!! xxx (I'll have to duck again)
      Lynda, glad you are feeling a bit better. Just be careful what you eat in this hot weather.
      Fickle xxxx

    3. Much too hot for boots! Barefoot here! Xxx

  33. Hi Sandra and all special ladies!
    I'm sorry I've been AWOL ! I've been trying to get everything done and it has been extremely hot! Still is! Conservatory doors still open, fan on and I'm finishing the ironing! It was too hot to iron earlier. Now going to pack last few things and check my lists! I'm sad - I know !
    Saba - so glad Peter returned from his walk ! Was the white feather for peace or mercy?
    I must go but I will try to keep in touch when I can although I know the reception is not fantastic where we are going! Been before!
    Be good - or at least try!
    There is a gorgeous moon tonight a huge one!
    Lots of love, everyone.
    Special hugs to Brenda, Littlelamb . Xx
    Myra xxxx

    1. Myra, I am sat on board looking at the same moon!! How amazing is that. Have you seen Venus and Jupiter this week, now that really is worth seeing, they are getting closer and closer together every evening.
      Have a lovey holiday.
      Love Saba xxx

    2. Thank you my Dear!
      I guess it's easier to see Venus and Jupiter from a more open aspect but we have been told on the News to have a look!
      Hope your Electrician turns up tomorrow and solves your problem.
      Will be in touch very soon.
      Lots of love Myra xxx

    3. I wonder if Lynda has seen Uranus recently !!!! (Ooh is that too much, do you think?) xxx

    4. Muriel!!!! You are such a lovable rascal! Xxx

  34. Good evening ladies,
    I hope you have all had a fabulous day,
    My day with Pat & Sue was a delight as always,
    Two lovely friends, we chatted a lot, put the world to rights, I managed
    To almost finish a card, it didn't take me long to finish when I got home .
    I gave been over and caught up with all of the posts on Sues die launch cards and today's card, gosh there were so fab dies, which ones are you all buying?
    Love and hugs
    Sandra xxxxx

    1. Well done love. Proud of you!,,,,,
      Love and massive great hugs Saba xxxx

    2. Hi Sandra, didn't see this until I'd left a message below!
      I've loved Sue's launch - a few dies have arrived here! I cut the Peace on Earth and it is beautiful and a lovely size. Also cut the tree of words - it too cuts beautifully . If I win any of those they can be a prize for the blog or The Retreat. I love the Wise Men, and Poinsettia Striplets and also the background dies. I could go on but I need to get on !!
      Sending lots of love, Myra xxx

    3. Well done Sandra so pleased and really proud of you.
      Sending you lots of love and hugs
      Margaret xxxx

    4. Oh, I am glad you went and did it, I am very proud of you. Well done, give yourself a pat on the back. Xxx

    5. Oh Sandra I'm so pleased you had such a lovely day and every thing went has gone perfectly. Lots of love and hugs coming your way Sheila xxxx

    6. Sandra, so pleased for a few reasons. xxxx

  35. Hi all, well my lungs are hurting after blowing so hard and long so if you still didn't get the lovely sun today I guess you are right Patricia, it must be the wall.
    My sides also still hurting after reading about the bra sizes. it's not always easy to get it right and comfy.
    Margaret , good you managed to have a good night sleep and hope the same will be for tonight.
    Diane, you are missed. Hope you are ok ?
    Littlelamb, you are in my thoughts. Sorry to her your Aunt passed this morning. Condolences and hugs to you and the family.
    It was hard follow Sue's offerings I found at time but I was not the only one (Myra)
    Good luck to all . Wouldn't it be fab. if we got one each, well I can only dream.
    Haven't bought any as I'm trying to save for AP in September (might be Sunday this time) and of course for 'the retreat. Finished a card today ,happy dance hihi
    and think a little mojo has arrived so watch this space or maybe not when I think about it. My pill is working, starting to feel tired for sleep so I'm saying God natt!
    Hope you all have a good one Hugs Maria xxx

  36. Sandra! You have just made my day! Thank you my Dear Friend . You are a
    Star ! Xxx

    1. Thank you maria,
      Where are you going too? I have a head like a sieve???

    2. I'm going to the South Lakes! I'm taking the sunshine up to Margaret - at least I hope I am. I'm not going to be next door or anything , for which she'll be jolly thankful, but not too far away! That's if I ever get off this blog tonight! Xxxx

  37. Thank you all for your kind messages. It's appreciated.

  38. Oh Sandra I forgot to say I had a good laugh at your bra poem I'm DD or the German one haha. I also loved your Bra post on FB xxxxx

    1. Lynda, I did a very cheeky post up above, and I don't mean to offend you so if I did, I'm sorry, but I still think it's funny!!! xxx

    2. Maureen, Lynda loves a joke and I am sure if she hasn't seen Uranus, she has more than likely felt its burn!!
      love you Lynda

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Oh Sandra, your so funny, I love it. I love you too Lynda

  39. Good evening Sandra and everyone
    So pleased the three graces had a great day and even got some crafting done well done girls.
    Well Saba your Peter has arrived back that is good news, now lets hope your electrician arrives tomorrow, I have my fingers crossed.
    I am pleased to report I made it to the theatre to see my grandson in the play he got the first laugh of the play and afterwards the teacher and teaching assistant who had run the drama group were full of praise for him and the head teacher was delighted with him, I know I am biased but he was good.
    Well I may be late tomorrow my appointment is in the morning at the fracture clinic I do hope we get parked as parking at the hospital is dreadful.
    Well bed is calling hope you all sleep well, goodnight and God Bless
    Margaret xxx

  40. Hi Margaret,
    I'm so pleased that you managed to see Ben in his play, and that he was so good. Of course you aren't biased. You just know a good thing when you see it.
    I've done a great long post that I've lost, so to reprise:-
    Saba, fair winds and an electrician tomorrow - I hope.
    Cafe, all sorted, dishwasher on, and I'm away to bed.
    We can do this all again tomorrow ladies yippee!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs and love
    Fickle xxx

  41. Hi Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    Sorry I've been missing but we've been travelling about. Ladies believe me I'm blowing as hard as I can, late 90s withe high humidity so feels like 110 + not good!
    All the cards yesterday were beautiful, thank you ladies for sharing xxx
    Saba you look so young! Hope you are having a wonderful time and your electrical problems get sorted soon xxxx
    Margaret oh poor you being in the wars again. Take care xxxx
    Brenda sorry to hear about your aunt xxx
    Janet your cakes look yummy, must have a go at making them xxx
    Sandra your bra story made us all chuckle, I'm a C so juuussst right! Xxxx
    Well hopefully I will catch you all tomorrow, I'm just off to bed ( do t look at the time it's not quite right!) . Oh dear , hubby trying to make himself a coffee and we've bought the wrong stuff! He needs his coffee so it's not going to be good until he gets it sorted!
    See you tomorrow hopefully
    Love Diane xxxx