Monday, 22 June 2015

Guest Designer Sophie!


 Good Monday Morning Ladies,
This is Sophie's card that she made for Paul for fathers day, what a genius idea!
She made an Easel Card out of Black card and then printed off the keyboard image and stuck it to
the bottom of the card, she then went into word and created the "Google" page, with the question being '|who is the best Dad ever'
She then typed in the answers, they are all the different things he gets called, the 'flinch Bitch' one is a game that the three of them play, they are always jumping out on each other, trying to make it each other 'flinch'!
'Peoples Champion'  is what the guys that work for Paul call him, as he is the type of person that would never ask someone to do something he wouldn't do himself, he prefers to work with the lads rather than barking orders at them!
Anyway he loved the card and so did I, I was so proud of the fact that she made it all by herself!
Quite a modern looking man card don't you think?
I am off to Pats with Sue today, I can't wait to have a good catch up with the girls, although it will seem like a long week with us not meeting up on Wednesday !
I do hope Pete hasn't hoovered, we do tend to make a mess!
Well ladies I hope you all have a lovely week,
Love and Hugs


  1. Good morning Sandra, and the Coffee Shop Gang. Well it's the start of another week, where are they all going!! Only good thing is it is getting Hazel & I closer to meeting up with Maureen then the Retreat!!!
    SOPHIE:- your card is AMAZING!! Wow! you clever girl. That is a design that would really sell ..... !!!
    Nothing much going on here today after the Monday Cleaning is done. I would like to think I will get some Crafting done. My Mojo is still being very lazy expecting time to relax!! I do have a few things I would like to have a go at.
    Right!! Everything set up, ready for the day. I have taken my cuppa over to the corner. Wonder who will pop in today, who will look in and just pass by.
    SANDRA, PAT & SUE :- have a fantastic day.
    Hugs in the basket by the door.
    Be back later xxxu

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sophie-what a fantastic card you have made! Brilliant idea-one I think a few people ny try to re-create.

    Awake early so already had my breakfast, best start getting ready for work!


  3. Good morning Sandra and all who call in.
    Sophie , your card is brilliant, it's so different and just so personal, well done.
    Most get going soon, have a doctors appointment at 9 to review my steroids, here's hoping he will bring them down a bit today? Then I must come home and make a start on the spare room, maybe I should go past pound stretchers and and pick up a couple of big storage boxes first. If we could guarantee really good weather, I could fill the storage boxes up and put them down in the shed, but with the weather that's forcasted for this week, and goodness knows what will be after that, it would be a bit risky, our shed is dry but a dampness always gets to things I think? Anyway I see Diane popped in late last night, I did wonder where she had got to, but it seems she is having internet problems. Maria is home, she will be busy today catching up with her washing.
    Saba, if you manage to look in, I hope it's good sailing weather? (((((( hugs)))))) for those who are in need today. I will pop back later. Hazel x

    1. Hi Hazel,
      Hope Doctor's appt. goes well. Don't overdo it on the cleaning front, mind you coming from me that's a joke! If you get this weather - well - words fail me! Hope you don't! Xxx

    2. Doctors was fine, he has reduced the amount for 4 weeks, and if still ok another reduction then. But why give you a 9 o'clock appointment when he strolls in at 9.15 with his mug of tea in his hand, then again that's doctors all over. Oh except Anna and Beths dad. Hazel x

    3. Glad your appointment went well! If late! They're no all bad, I'm sure! Xx

    4. Have the same problem at my surgery Hazel, my last appointment was over 30 mins late, by which time I was in the middle of the biggest panic attack I'd had in ages. It just crept up on me and POW, nothing I could do about it, didn't even know what the trigger was this time. xx

  4. Good morning Sandra & Ladies

    Well 'tis a very wet soggy kind of day here. Our forecast was for a wet weekend so I guess they didn't get that quite right, as it turned out really warm and sunny.

    Sophie, your card is very inspiring, what a fantastic composition. I can see many others taking a leaf out of your book and adapting it for their Dads.

    Sandra, Sue & Pat, enjoy your day together, I'm sure you will have to chat about and get a lot of crafting done.

    Me? I'm back to tackle the guest room again, I will have to get out of the habit of being a magpie/hoarder. That stems for being an Army daughter. Every time we moved, Mum & Dad had a big clear out and it seemed to me, it was all my favourite things that disappeared. My sister & I had bikes one Christmas and no, they didn't come with us when we moved into our new quarters. I was so angry with my parents for selling mine. Oh well, times changed when I moved out to my first lodgings and even with subsequent moves 'til I got to Cannington, my stash grew and grew 'til I can no longer cope with it now Pete is not here. Scope charity has been kind to take everything I have pre-loved and I am helping them at the same time.

    Onwards and upwards then, I have more candles to finish and others to start this afternoon. But first I have to tackle HMRC and Utility Warehouse.
    U W has been a thorn in my side since I switched all my utilities to them. Their website claim is, "It couldn't be easier to switch. we do everything for you". well I have found out different. The level of incompetence has been awesome!!! I have had to chase up all my old providers for them for the information they need. The broadband connection was so slow, a disabled snail would have been more efficient in sending my emails. And I have now been without my home phone and mobile connection all weekend. The PAC code I sent them to keep my old mobile number has not worked. Robin rang my mobile yesterday for 2 hours then finally came out as he thought I was ill or incapacitated. We worked it out I have been given a completely different number with the new SIM card. Let battle commence!

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Oh Cheryl! Don't these companies just make you furious! Why can't people do their jobs properly! I had it with C& C last week. It just takes up so much time. How worrying for Robin too, thinking you may be ill.
      Hope you get it and your room sorted out!
      Myra xxx

    2. Well room didn't get sorted yet again, HMRC were very helpful and although Lloyds Bank had told me to ring them, a very nice man, Neil, informed me that Lloyds Bank should have explained everything to me instead of passing the buck. Now have to write a letter to them instead, I am NOT going on hold for anyone.
      UW, well, mealy mouthed apology and my mobile is now 'live' and 'ported' over to them, so all should work fine. Watch this space. xxx

    3. Fingers crossed for you Cheryl that all works fine xxx

  5. Oh Cheryl. Not a good weekend for you then!!! These companies are all the same, once you sign up to go with them that's it. We were the same about 2 years ago, when we changed gas/electric provider, same with both daughters, in fact older daughter ended being charged for her own usage plus her neighbours.
    Oh I see you had an up bringing like Patricia and I we would go to bed owning things and by the time we got up in the morning they were gone!!! When I went to Germany to work as a nanny in June, so only took basic summer clothes, came home 6 weeks later to find I owned nothing, my father had given everything away. I never forgave him, I think thats why my three still have things like their dolls prams. Fort , action man things and cases of playmobil, etc. when Charlie was serving in the forces, we did have big clean outs, but the children were involved and we went through their toys and gave away out grown toys., clothes etc. I use to have big clear outs and sort outs, but of things that were no longer worked or liked. Still do that. Under my control which is totally different, I will think of you when I am sorting out the spare room this week and next I think. Good luck with those companies. Hazel x

  6. Good morning Sandra and all the coffee shop crew
    Well it is wet again, the only good thing is our fells are looking so green and lovely, see just what lengths we go to so that Myra can have a good holiday!!!
    Sophie what a fabulous card so well thought out and the fact you have given it lots of thought to personalise it makes it extra special, I do hope your dad was thrilled with it, if not, send him to Spec Savers, well done sweetheart.
    Cheryl so sorry you are having so much trouble can CAB not give you any help or a regulator or ombudsman you should not be having to chase all this up. We had a problem with our insurance company last year and ended up contacting the ombudsman boy did he make them bounce, he got it all sorted in no time at all and very much to our advantage, so don't be afraid to contact them.
    Sandra, Pat and Sue have a great day and please not too much mess for Pete to clear up, just remember he has just had a holiday!
    Well I must be off I have to take SIL to the doctors this morning hey ho, onwards and upwards.
    My hugs and cuddles are over in the corner please help yourselves and have a good day.
    Margaret xxx

    1. MARGARET:- hope all goes well at the Doctors.

  7. Good morning my coffee shop angels,
    WOW Sophie, what an incredible card you made just for the right person...your daddy, i bet he loved it as it shows all his natures up with his different names. This is something that my daddy would have appreciated as i have found out finding every single card that i ever made for either mum or dad, or cards from when we could first write, they were all there. Thank you wee lass for allowing us the pleasure of seeing your beautiful handiwork that is so very clever.
    Cheryl flower mum and dad was the same when they switched from British Gas to Scottish Power. For months mum sent a cheque for the money she owed to finish with BG and then they would say she had overpaid so send it back and some, then the next month it would start all over again until one month the same day as they sent back the cheque for overpayment she received another letter from them saying that they were taking her to court over non payment. Now my wee mammy was only tiny but when she got her dander up boy could she explode fantastically(well it was as long as it wasn't at us) and she got that phone once more and this time she was cool calm and collect at speaking to the minion on the other side and was put through to a supervisor who put her through to a higher level especially when she said that she was going to seek a lawyer and take them to court for all the mucking around and hassle that they had caused over the last number of months. She had written the first letter by hand but had kept a copy but following correspondence she had done on her computer keeping a copy in a file. She had also sent every one by registered post so that they did receive it, so upon listening to this extremely angry lady and what matters she was going to do over their incompetence she was assured to cash the cheque and she would also get out a letter of apology for all that she had been through. The letter and a bouquet came to her the very next day and she never heard another word from them. So the moral is Cheryl flower is you go to it and show that just because you are just a wee lady your bark is definitely not worse than your bite you can assure them.
    Going to take the wee man to school and then go down to mums and she what i can do to clear and get on with decorating so please can i have a take away latte this morning Sandra as it is going to be a busy one.
    I'll leave the basket of rascals up at my corner to rush and attack all that come in, have a good day everyone
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  8. Morning Sandra and ladies, wow what a wondeful card Sophie has done for her dad, very personal. well done Sophie!
    Not a nice day here today, very damp and dreich, crafting will be calling later after I catch up on some housework.
    Still having problems with the robot, I did try and just publish without proving Im not a robot, but up pops 'an error has occurred'. So still using hubbys Ipad.
    Hope to pop back later, take care, Jess x

    1. Oh Jess, Technology is great when it works but a right pain when it doesn't. Have you tried using Google as a tool to sort it out? I've found that a useful tool as loads of other people have these problems and there is often an easy answer. Last week the Remote on our TV wouldn't do anything. Husband muted it and then it stuck! Well I tried new batteries etc etc. in the end I went on Google - typed in - my Remote isn't working what's wrong? A series of things came up to try , most of which I'd tried. Then it said look carefully at your Remote and check all the buttons to see if any are stuck! Well . Low and behold number 6 was stuck. When I released it - Remote worked. I was so chuffed. It's worth a try Jess. Sorry for the long explanation . All the best! Xxx

    2. Hi Jess
      I have prove that I'm not a robot come up, but I just ignore it. Can't remember who told me that probably Sandra when it first come up. Try just hitting publish without the robot bit and see if it works.

  9. janet ecco of sheffield22 June 2015 at 10:27

    morning one and all
    Sorry if I upset anyone but we have a glorious day here - sun is shining; it's warm; the birds are singing their little hearts out and I'm sat looking at the roses and jasmine while typing this. It's a hard life you know but someone has to do it!

    Have to get some crafting done as I've not touched any since arriving because of other things needed but I have to today as I've a bday card to do which needs posting by the end of the week to the UK and I never know how long it takes to get there. I received a parcel from Glamorgan the other day with a set of magnetic mats in it and it had taken a total of 2days from ordering to ariving. Try doing that in the UK.

    SOPHIE your card is just one fantastic idea and I just know that it will be put into Dad's memory box. You're definitely taking after Mum in the crafting line. Would love to see some of your other creations whether it be paper crafting or your wonderful artwork.

    Hugs are on their way so I hope they don't meet up with Norah's before they land or heaven only knows what chaos will happen lol.

    1. Janet, spending the summer in France, Pastries, Brocante's, and sunshine!! It's hard but I won't throw anything - I still love you! - only just mind ha ha !!

    2. Janet flower I am so pleased that you have had a beautiful day, and hope that it is equally so tomorrow for you. There is nothing like a lovely day to inspire you for all kinds of things and you seem to get or have boundless energy(even if we suffer for it the next day).
      Sending happy haggles your way
      Norah x

    3. Janet I am so pleased someone is having sunshine and is warm, lucky you, thank you for letting us know the sun is still in existence!
      enjoy your garden. xxx

  10. Hello All, Sandra your Sophie has done an amazing card, and I'm not surprised that Paul was delighted with it. It's so personal and shows that she's really thought about him.
    Patricia, take it easy after the house cleaning.
    Jess, I don't know what to suggest about your robot!!!
    Michele, don't work too hard today.
    Hazel, you'[ll have been to the doctors, and I hope you got the result you wanted.
    Cheryl, good luck with your battles today.
    Margaret, hope your SIL gets some joy today with the Doctor.
    Norah, watch what your doing whilst at your mam's. Don't overdo it.
    Maria, you'll be back to earth with a bump today, so just take things easy.
    Well, it's been one of those nights again. George's feet and legs, but also his hip this time (he had it replaced two years ago, and for some reason during the night it was giving him gyp). He's had no bother with it at all since the op so that's a bit worrying. Anyway, he was up and down all night, I was watching the news on TV at 3.30, switched it off, lay trying to remember a Sister's name from when I was in the Sanitorium (why, I have no idea!!!), put the TV back on at 5, switched it off, lay thinking about my "meet up" with Hazel and Patricia, put the TV back on and then got up about 7.30. Honestly, it's a nightmare. I've done my housework, and going shopping now. Then something for lunch and into school to the lovely year 3. I think Zoe wants to make party invitations after school today, so we'll be doing that.
    Now that I've had my moan, I'll go food shopping (blood pressure alley, I call the supermarket) and hope you all have a good day. See you later this afternoon.
    Saba,, if you get the chance to look in, hope the wind is in the right direction!!
    Maureen xxx

    1. Muriel I promise that I am taking breaks in between but I need to get everything sorted that I can this week while old crabby is off as I have the new windows going in on the 13th of next month. Plus old Crabby narks at me about not doing this or that but he just forgets or ignores the fact that I can't do everything at triple speed, crikey I would be thankful just to be able to do everything at single speed, but I promise to be good flower.
      Huggles flying your way
      Norah xx

  11. P .S. Janet, as I sit here typing this with the rain pelting down, I am so happy that it's sunny and warm where you are - grrrr!!!!

    1. Maureen, I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, maybe you will need to go into the spare room, just so you get some sleep. I often take my self down to the sofa when I am having a bad night so that I don't annoy Charlie. Maybe when I fine the spare bed I should try and keep it free so I can't go into that.. I feel for George as well as nothing worse than having pain in hips, legs and feet. (((((( hugs))))) to you both. Hazel x

    2. Thanks Hazel, I may go into one of the spare beds, but then he moans because he says he can't sleep if I'm not there. I tell him that he doesn't sleep anyway!!!! xx

    3. Charlie was/is still a bit like that, but many a morning he comes down and asks when did I come down.?? Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Hazel x

  12. Hello Sandra and coffee shop friends,

    I bet Sophie was bursting for her Daddy to open this card, it is brilliant.
    Sophie you should be so proud of yourself, your idea is also very adaptable - I was going to say male cards, But with very small changes to the screen display it would work for almost everyone (except my Husband, who will not have anything to do with computers) You do realise young lady you have ignited my grey matter - and that does take some doing these days!!!!! I am already thinking about making a card for our granddaughter who will be going on work experience, I could use the company on the screen. Thank you, your idea is brilliant xx
    SANDRA I hope the three graces have a lovely day. Will be thinking of you. LOL
    THANK YOU everyone for your lovely wishes yesterday. I tried to reply when we arrived home (about 11.45) but the gremlins had invaded my iPad, Just wouldn't let me publish. I was signed in ok, but kept being asked to log on.......... When it's good it's very, very good!!!!!!!
    I am going to meet 16yr old granddaughter later, to help her choose an outfit for her proms ball, it could be a very interesting experience.
    Before I go I will just have a coffee and scone. I will sit over by the window.

    Love an hugs for everyone, Love Brenda xxx

    1. Pleased you had a lovely day Brenda! It's the Prom time isn't it! My 16 year old granddaughter has got her dress and she looks lovely in it. Shoes are being chosen today !! Have a lovey time. Xxx

    2. Hope the dress hunting went well.
      My hubby is totally hopeless on the computer as well. I have shown him how get on to eBay for things for his Railway......don't ask him to pay for them though. I am not good on the computer but I am a bit better than

    3. Brenda OB, I'm so pleased you had a lovely day and I hope the dress hunting went well today. What an honour being asked by your granddaughter to help.
      Myra, hope your granddaughter got her shoes, they'll be a bit different to my flat silver sandals worn at my school leavers' party!
      Patricia, George doesn't even know how to switch on the computer.
      Maureen xx

    4. I had silver shoes and ankle socks !! I got a little pair of heels, bobbin heels they were called when I was fifteen! Xxx

  13. Hi Sandra and Everyone,
    Wow, Sohpie what an ingenious idea for a card! That's what happens when you join crafting skill with computer ability!! It could be adapted for Birthdays too. I love it! Well done, Sophie!
    Sandra - I did laugh this morning as my eyes/ brain played tricks on me and instead of you going to Pat's , I had you going to Paris!! Have a lovely time ladies and don't make a mess! Some hope!
    Janet - I'm just glad someone is having lovely weather and particularly a friend! Enjoy the lovely sunshine. It's a most annoying day here - heavy showers, then dry and sunny - but the dry and sunny doesn't last as long as the shower!!
    Margaret - you are just too kind! I will really look at and appreciate all the effort that has been made to wash the hills and fells! Hope you finishe it before we arrive!!! Hope SIL gets some answers today.
    Maureen - what a night! I'm not going to make any cheeky remarks as I'm so sorry you had such a bad night. Poor George too. Sending you both a hug!
    Norah - I was knocked for six by a coupe of your hugs as I came in this morning! They were giggling in a Scottish accent too!! Hope all goes well at Mum's today!
    Saba - have a great time - is that you sitting in the crows nest!!
    Now I'll have to go back and read as I forgotten bits on the way down! Typical.
    Kids are making owls today! I have a nice big template and then they will make feathers out of ruffled paper and we have googly eyes! It's an easy day today. It's quite hard coming up with new things . I'm collecting cheese boxes! Will have to buy cheese first! Am also collecting medium sized salmon/ tuna tins . My poor husband just shakes his head!
    Ave a good day! My Top tip - take a brolly!
    Myra xxx

    1. 'Ave a good day??? Clearly I've been living in Lancashire for too long!! Xx

    2. Myra,
      I've heard of Ave Maria, but Ave a good day - well that's a new one!!!

    3. I knew you'd 'ave a laugh at that one! Xxx

  14. Hello to the lovely Sandra and all the lovely coffee shop ladies,
    First of of all what an amazing card you made for your Dad Sophie, such a great idea and i would love to borrow the idea if I may as my Uncle is always on his PC and this would be a great one for his birthday next year. Well done Sophie.
    Well I've turned up at last like the proverbial bad penny....I was having such a low time, just couldn't get in the mood to do anything except making flowers so Margaret and George (my aunt and uncle) told me to pack my bags and get over to them for a wee while which I did and spent a lovely six days with them, they're so easy going and Clive and I always had a great laugh when the 4 of us were together....thankfully this continues to be the case with just the 3 of us so my time with them did me the world of good. We always went to Ostend with them twice a year together so have decided to keep that going and we have booked for August 1st for 5's by coach and it's most the same people that gone on it so it will be good for us to catch up with some lovely friends.
    The sun keeps popping in and out here in North Wales and there is quite a breeze blowing....I haven't been outside to test the temperature yet.
    We had a yearly review meeting about Nikki a couple of weeks ago and all is going well but the main thing they have decided to do is bring Nikki to me on future Nikki Saturdays as I don't drive so I used to get a taxi when visiting Nikki as even though it's a short journey I would have to get 2 buses and I felt that would take me for them bring Nikki (and picking her up) is going to be so much easier.
    Hope those of you who have had holidays had a wonderful time and those of you who are away hope you are enjoying yourselves.
    I've had a peek back at some of your cards and craft projects and you are such a wonderfully talented group of ladies and Norah it's lovely to see you posting again...take it easy at your Mum's today. I still have a lot to sort out here but just doing it VERY slowly.
    Take care everyone I have left mega hugs in the basket so please help yourselves, thank you so much for your support I'd better stop rambling now, hope to pop in again soon.

    Lots of love and hugs
    Sheila xxxxxx

    1. PS. So sorry about the long post. xxx

    2. Helloooooo!
      It's so good to have you back Sheila! I'm pleased you had a lovely six days away and that they have done you the world of good! Thanks for the wee message on Pinterest it was good to know you were looking in sometimes. Don't apologise for long posts!
      Please too that Nikki will be brought to you instead of you having to take a taxi. This will be particularly helpful in the colder weather too! I think it gets colder than this!!
      So pleased you have booked a holiday too. I would think it's really helpful to have things to look forward to when you are maybe having a day that could be better.
      Myra xxx

    3. Hello Sheila, great to see you. Glad you feel better after your wee break, will have done you the world of good that will.
      That's good that they are going to bring Nikki to you rather than that journey for you. Good for you booking your holiday that's something to look forward to.
      Don't apologise for your Long Post it's just great to see you. xxx

    4. janet ecco of Sheffield22 June 2015 at 17:09

      Hello Sheila. It's so lovely to have you back. I just cannot begin to tell you who has been creating at late night parties but I bet you can guess can't you. Long or short posts it's just lovely to see you again. xx

    5. Janet! That's a long spoon you have in Marigny!! Lol xxx

    6. Myra, Janet's nose is growing longer by the minute too!!!
      Sheila, it's lovely to see you and know that you are not poorly. What a godsend that will be for you when Nikki is brought to you and then collected later. It will save a lot of hassle for you.
      Your aunt and uncle sound just what you need, and going away with them sends a great idea. It's good to have a change of scenery and when you have company - well it's all the better.
      Love and hugs xxxx

    7. So lovely to see you pop in today Sheila, good news that they are now going to bring Nikki to you. As you say 2 bus rides is an awfully long time.
      So pleased also you are taking your time to sort out what you need to. I let a couple of Pete's personal items go that I should have kept in hindsight, but they went to a good cause and I'm happier about it now.
      ((((hugs)))) for you and Nikki xxx

    8. Hi Sheila, it is so nice to see you back, I'm sorry that you have had such a low time but know exactly what you mean about hitting a low spot as I seem to be having a few of them. I am so pleased that you took up your aunt and uncles offer of a few days away as it just might give you that wee boost that will keep you going for a wee while. Good that the carers are going to bring Nikki across for you as you can enjoy your time without anxiety of getting there. I will say though that although I am going through this the support and love from my dear friends on here have helped me so much. Yes there are times that I go awol but because this bunch of the most beautiful people I never feel that I am anything but missed when I can't come in and that it doesn't matter that they are still going to be there for me. You come in when you can and you will always be given a big hug and made to feel wanted and loved.
      Hugs winging your way dear friend just to say hi.

    9. Sheila there is no need to apologise it is so lovely to see you, delighted to know you are ok and also that your darling Nikki is fine. Such good news that she will be coming to you that is going to be so much better for you.
      Your aunt and uncle sound lovely and just the thing that you need and planning your usual trip is wonderful it gives you something to look forward to. There is no great rush to get everything sorted remember the saying act in haste, repent at leisure, do take care Sheila. xxx

  15. Sheila, so pleased you have been in good company and having your spirits lifted by your wonderful aunt and uncle. Oh a wee holiday to look forward to, and doing something that you normally did with Clive even better, he will be with you in spirit and in your heart. Great news ref. Nikki, she will love it too. Don't you worry at how long your comment is I/we enjoy reading them no matter the length, you sound so much happier than the other week. Nice to have you back. Hazel x

  16. Hi Sandra ans all the lovely ladies, doing this quickly as internet connection still dropping out! Sophie your card is fab, what a brilliant idea for your dad. Xxx
    Hazel pleased to hear meds have been reduced xx
    Sheila lovely to see you xx
    Right I'm in luck so far so off before it vanishes again! Spending some lovely quality time with Emma. Brenda enjoy prom dress shopping xxxx
    Love to all xxx

    1. DIANE:- not good that your internet keeps dropping. We get used to these things then we take as when they go down.
      Enjoy your quality time with Emma. xxx

  17. Hi Sandra and all in today.
    Sophie your card for dad is great ! My son is on his computer all the time so this is a fab. card for his birthday and anyone else into computers. Well done !
    When we got back yesterday it was very windy here and no rain so I shoveled all the washing into the machine right away, hanged it out and it was all dry by tea time. It was all hanged by wooden pegs and no ironing needed.
    This morning I went to a aqua group and after we did the shopping as the cupboards were quite bare after son kept house for the week. He do no cooking, know it's bad but he will have to learn one day.
    So sorry Cheryl you have all these problems with companies and other. My OH do everything to do with the house ,car and banking but I will have to learn soon in case something would happen to him. I'm being silly but don't really won't to know and how I wish that not everything was on the blooming computer. What's wrong with having a person to talk too.... I don't like all this technology, probably should have been born in a different era .
    Oh Maureen and your poor George, must be horrid to feel like he do and plus disturbing you all night. Is there nothing that can calm it down ? Give him a hug from me that might help hihi
    Brenda- hope you are having a nice time with your grand daughter and that she find what she looking for, did you find something too ?
    Sheila- nice you had a good time away for a few day's and that you booked and going away again. Always nice to have something to look forward too. Just got back from Ghent and miss it already. How great that they can take Nikki home to you instead for you doing the traveling every time. Do you go out together to the shops or garden centres ? do pop in when you have a minute, hugs to you both.
    Glad your readings were better Hazel, are you ok and back to earth after your meetings with the family ?
    Have a nice time Diane with Emma, is she now on a break after all the exams ?
    Have fun making the owls Myra, I love owls (don't ask why, do not know) hihi
    I'm cold so having another cuppa and a cheese scone, having one of Norah's hugs, as they can't sit still for long it feels like massage on my shoulders
    Sandra ,Pat and Mrs B, have a super day together !
    Is anyone thinking of going to AP in September ?
    Love and warming hugs Maria xxx

  18. First of SOPHIE what a wonderful card you made for your dad. He must have been over the moon with that. Your mum had better watch out you will be taking over her craft room.
    Well started off wet so I though no gardening today but by 2pm it had brightened up so did a couple of hours by which time my wrist was telling me it had had enough and when that happens there is no way you can carry on. I was making good headway so wanted to carry on. Never mind. Glad you had a good holiday Maria. Yes I am thinking of going to Ally Pally in Sept. Myra. Hope you had fun making the owls. Hazel. Glad your meds have been reduced. Hope it happens again next time you go. Sheila. Good to see you back. Glad you had a nice break with your Aunt and Uncle and you have another holiday to look forward to. Also you won't have to get a taxi to go and see Nikki. It's a nuisance having to take two buses isn't it. If I wanted to see a friend and couldn't drive I would have to get a bus into town which is 5miles and then another one out again. I can drive to her in 10mins at the most and don't have to go into town either. There was a bus but they stopped it. Sorry you had such a bad night Maureen. Hope tonight is better. Sandra. I hope you Pat and Sue had a lovely day. I am sure you all enjoyed it. Will just have a cup of tea and put the money in the pot.

  19. Hi! Folks, hope you have all had a good day.
    Did my cleaning, have to confess I was a bit lax. Did not do the Spare Room ..... apart from me popping in and out to get some Crafty Bits it's not been used. I have a unit in there that I keep my card and paper in. Also did not do much in the Utility Room, it's actually needing a good "gutting" out. I have been saving jars for Isobel for her Jam. I was keeping Loo Roll & Kitchen Roll insides for wrapping my Lace. It's all done but there are still rolls in a basket ... they need to go. I keep some Crafty things in there. Really must re-organise some of that. Think that might be tomorrow's job.
    I have an E-Bosser and a Big Shot that are never used, stored on a shelf. What do I do with them???
    Ok! better go feed Hungry Horrace ... aka John.
    See you all later xxx

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Arrr Jim Lad, glad to know you're hale and hearty. Swimming in the altogether may be all right for some, but we know how to conduct ourselves, don't we? There's no way I'd swim in the sea, I like to feel the ground beneath my feet (now there's a song in there somewhere.
      Your trip sounds idyllic and it has to be warmer than here. I'm back into my fleeces and winter weight clothes.
      Enjoy yourselves and have a great time.
      Maureen xx

  21. It's freezing cold up here - just thought I'd let you know - although it has stopped raining, just as well because George has a Bowls Match. If he keeps me awake again tonight, it might just be the last one he ever plays!!!!
    Hazel, I'm so pleased that your meds have been reduced. I know your doctor was late but it was worth the wait. The doctor I always try to see is always at least 45 minutes late, but I don't mind because he is so good and thorough. It's because he's so good that everybody wants to see him, so it's a catch 22 situation.
    Right, I'm away to see if I can make another couple of cards from the PhD box, I got a new die today and might just cut it to see what it's like, but no cards till I finish the half done ones.
    See you later
    Maureen xx

    1. MAUREEN:- I am going to tell George what you wrote!!!
      Spill the beans ... which Die did you buy xxx

    2. The triple thingy new one - do you know which one I mean? It's upstairs and I'll go up and look if you don't.

    3. MAUREEN:- you've lost me!!! Tipple thingy .... is that a "drink" ???
      Oh! It's "Triple" still none the wiser though xxx

    4. Is it the triple frame from Spellbinders Maureen?

    5. By the way I am still going to tell George!!! xxx

    6. I don't buy Spellbinders anymore. I find them so difficult to get the card out of the Die. xxx

    7. You wouldn't find this difficult Pstricia as it only cuts straight lines. No fiddly bits. I really like it. Saba mentioned it first then I saw it on Christina's blog. I sent Sandra some pics of the one I did last week and am just finishing one for a Golden Wedding Anniversary. The other one was for a Diamond Anniversary.

    8. BRENDA :- (littlelamb) do you know the actual name of the Die so I can go have a look xxx

    9. Yes it is the Spellbinders Card Creator Triple Flip Card. I got it from Icon. It is 6x6". Saba said that instead of embossing what looks like holes in the edge of the die she did the needle pricking like Sue does. I haven't tried that yet as she said about if after I had cut it out. There are also stamps to go with it but I haven't looked for those - yet.

    10. Patricia, I bought this at the same time as Brenda! All Saba's fault but it is really good. It's a Spellbinders Triple Flip Card Creator. It cuts beautifully but you can also pierce with it around five different mat sizes . It's very clever. Xxx

    11. Yes I agree Maureen it is freezing over here too, what I want to know is where has summer gone!
      Patricia I don't have any problem with Spellbinders dies what I do is dust them liberally with talc powder using an old make up brush and if the card has a texture to it like some of the card that you get from PMD I dust the card too. This also helps to stop the brown marks that you can sometimes get on your die cuts. Hope this helps. xxx

    12. Yes Myra it is very good and am very pleased with it. When I looked first I disnt think the die looked very exciting but when I saw the card Christina had made I changed my mind. It's a lot like that with Sue's dies isn't it. You see them but it isn't until Sue makes a card you can really see what they are like. I Googled the stamps and see that Julia W has used some of John L. Stamps on hers. I will have to look through all my stamps and see if I have any that would fit.

    13. Thanks Folks, found it.
      Mmmm!!! not sure, will have to think long and hard. I have few things on my Wish List that I think I would buy first. xxx

    14. I saw that too, Brenda. I thought the card Christina made brought it all to life. I have used them as mats too because you can cut the fourth side with your trimmer.
      Thank you for asking about the owls! I had to change plans at the last minute! We had more children today than usual and I only had one owl template! I had cut some out beforehand for the younger children . So I had taken my templates which are altogether in a file. I always take a button tin and extra bits and pieces! So what we did was used various templates from elephants, owl, lorry, butterfly , house and large flower to name some. They then stuck buttons around the perimeter and made quite effective pictures. We will mount them next week and put a ribbon hanger on . The Owls I was going to do will "come out" on another occasion! Xxx

    15. That all sounds good Myra. Good job you took all your templates with you. Yes I also thought of using the flip card as mats. Would be good and have embossed edges or you could pierce them and wouldn't need a ruler. I will probably make quite a few more of these cards. Need to make a box now for the card. Off to look at Christina's blog on how to do a 6x6 box.

  22. Land Ahoy
    Hello land lubbers, I am writing this in anticipation of having wifi in the restaurant where we are going shortly, so forgive me for not commenting on what has been happening as I will only be able to look once we are at the restaurant and I don't want to appear rude by spending time reading all the comments and then writing on an I pad. I have written it whilst we are still on board and will then copy and paste it. Hope that makes sense!!
    We had a good journey down through Austria, then Slovenia and finally Croatia. About 14 hours in total. Today we have sailed to a lovely little island called Iz and are currently moored onto a buoy just off the island.
    The sea is crystal clear and I have been swimming in it but it is freezing cold. You see all these (dare I say german) women who just go in, no fuss, no hesitation and in they go. (They also don't bother with swimwear!) Me, I have to go very very slowly down the bathing ladder till the water is up to my knees. Then I make a little pause. Then I go up to my bottom, and another pause, then up to my middle and then finally in I go. I try to make it look as if I am doing little exercises so they won't think I am a wimp. I also wear a swimming costume!!!
    At present we are sitting on deck just having a gin and tonic as the sun goes down and then we shall row across to the island for dinner.
    I do hope they have wifi otherwise I am wasting my time writing this!!
    Tomorrow a lazy day, no sailing, no housework (boat work) just swimming Brrrr, reading and relaxing.
    Hope you are all alright, missing you
    Saba xxxx

    1. Saba, what you doing, I answered your first post, which you've now deleted and it looks like I'm going mad posting that mid posts - so to speak!! xxx

    2. SABA:- we are missing you!!! Glad your having a good time and the sun is shining.
      Thanks for the laugh ... you created a really pretty picture of trying to get into the water!!! Me!! ... if I knew it was cold I would not even try to get in. xxx

    3. Hi Saba, your 'getting in the sea' routine sounds very British, I think it's your thighs that feel the cold first then your well bum & bits, once they are used to temperature it's belly button, boobs, shoulders then you just have to go for it, usually accompanied by a massive exhale!
      I have tried with all my might to jump in, but my feet are cemented to the beach!
      Your holiday sounds idyllic, I hope you have an amazing holiday!
      Enjoy your dinner tonight,
      Love and hugs

    4. Hi SABA
      Well, as I'm reading this I can only assume that the restaurant had WiFi. Sounds like you're having a lovely time. Mind you I assume that your swimming in the sea. As I can't really swim, rather you than me. I can drown very nicely though, as my one time swimming instructor will verify.

    5. PAT, SANDRA & SUE :- how did your Crafty Day go??? xxx

    6. Saba. Glad you are having a good time. You sound just like me getting in the water. I can't swim and am scared to take my feet of the bottom. Bit late to learn to swim now and in any case I don't like it anyway. Hope the meal is nice. Glad you have internet in the resturant.

    7. No Saba you go into the water as a dignified lady so don't you worry, pleased to know you are dressed properly too! Sounds absolutely wonderful do enjoy yourself. xxx

  23. Hi Sandra
    Just love Sophie's card that she made for Paul. What a novel idea Sophie. It can be adapted for all sorts of things. I'm sorry that Sue wasn't feeling to good to bring you over to me this week, but I came over to you for a couple of hours to have a chat. Thanks for the help with Amy's bag I made.

  24. Oooopppss!! PAT and I were trying at the same time.
    Sorry to hear Sue was not too good today sending her some (((( hugs))) xxx

  25. Me too, sorry that Sue wasn't feeling too grand today, I'll put some of my hugs in with Patricia's.
    I'm having trouble getting into the Cafe, the bouncer on the door gives me such grief - his name is Inter Net - so if I go AWOL, you know why.
    Maureen xx

    1. I had problems earlier. I had to type in Cotswold Crafter into my Browser before I could get in xxx

    2. Did that to me earlier, I just thought it was my phone playing up. Hazel x

    3. Sorry to send that Sue isn't too good and wasn't up to meeting Sandra and Pat today. Some hugs to go with everyone else's.

  26. Sorry to read that Sue wasn't to good today and missed out of the fun. Oh sorry crafting. Maureen you have got my sisters knickers in a twist with that new die you have bought.
    Saba, I hope you had a lovely meal, oh I could feel that cold water, not that you would get me in it, like Pat I don't do water of the swimming kind! German women, just don't care, the French are the same, Anna and Beth were shock psd the first year they went skiing and had gone to the pool one day, they came back telling me " Hazel they just stood there stark naked in the shower and washed their bits" Enjoy your nice warm weather, it's not warm here that's for sure. Hazel x

  27. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe today. Sorry I haven't been in since Friday but we are having issues with our internet connection. We do get used to using it at will and when it pays up it leaves us so frustrated, doesn't it!
    Sorry I couldn't make it to see you today Sandra and Pat, have had a very busy weekend and the joints are letting me know it today! I hope you managed to rest too Sandra. Hopefully I will be ok to see you tomorrow.
    I have managed to catch up with all of the beautiful cards etc. You are all a very clever bunch of ladies. So many great ideas that I will be having a go at. Thank you all for sharing : )
    Sophie, I know your Dad will have loved your brilliant card. What a great way of showing how much you love him : )
    Sheila, it is good to see you back in the cafe and to hear all of your news, don't ever apologise for a long post, sometimes it takes a while to tell all of your news. I am glad that Nikki will be coming to you, that will save you a lot of travelling : )
    I hope you all have a restful night, see you back here in the morning, hopefully!
    I am going to cross my fingers that this comment is published now. Take care xx

    1. Wish you better Mrs B, do you feel some better when it's warmer ?
      I find it is a real struggle with this cold and windy weather we have at the moment. xxx

  28. Sandra, please tell Sophie she made a brilliant card for her dad,
    I am going to read all the comments once I am back on board( have worked out how to do it without being online ) and will reply to them tomorrow wifi allowing.
    Love and hugs for you all. Off back on the boat now, dinner was lovely as was the schnapps. Hopefully we will find our way back to the boat.
    Maureen, sorry, it had published twice so I deleted it and tried again!!!

    1. Wow! I've missed all the excitement, typical!
      Good to hear from you, Saba, my Dear! So pleased you are having a lovely relaxing time! Enjoy dinner! Prost!! Xxx

    2. Do take care as you go aboard after having your lovely schnapps! xxx

    3. Oh!! yes be carful you don't want to do a John Snows wife's trick!! xxx

    4. Be carful and boatful! , tin hat on head!! Xxx

    5. Myra,
      what's carful, and where else would you wear a hat xxxx

    6. 14 hours, that's a long time. Did you have a stop over anywhere ?
      Beautiful Croatia, take care and have a wonderful holiday in the sun !
      The German women are more relaxed about their bodies Lol
      You have left me a sight oooooh not pretty ! Hugs Maria Xxx

  29. Good evening everyone
    Sophie your card is brilliant well done such a well thought out & personal card for your dad. Sandra hope you had a lovely day with Pat & Sue,is Pete still hovering up Pat haha.xx Hazel pleased doctors went well.xx
    Saba glad your enjoying yourself on the good ship lolly pop. Have good lazy day tomorrow enjoy your swim.xx
    Myra hope the owl making went well & the children enjoyed making them.xx
    Maria glad you had a lovely holiday. I waved to you when you went past Kent on the way home.haha xx
    Sheila so lovely to see you glad you spent a few days with Margaret & George & so pleased you don't have to get a taxi to see Nikki & they are collecting her,much better for you.take care my friend Love & Hug's Lynda xx
    Margaret hope SIL got on ok at the doctors & they have sorted his levels out.
    Brenda hope your Grandaughter found a nice dress for her prom.
    Norah don't over do it at mums tomorrow please take care.xx
    Well will say good night before I loose this comment like last two.
    Night all Hug's Lynda xx

    1. So it was you standing in the field waving your arms around hihi
      sorry, thought that was a -----crow but one of the prettiest we had ever seen......... Good night Llynda and hugs to you and the rest ! Maria xxx

  30. Right folks, that's me off to bed to watch the news.
    Don't know how much I will actually see, I do tend to fall asleep. Good job John does not come to bed till later. He deals with the switching off of the telly and the lights.
    Good night, God Bless
    See you all in the morning xxx

  31. Replies
    1. Good night Patricia and all aboard the crafty cafe. I've had a job to get back in, don't know what's the matter, but I see a few of you have also had a job so it's obviously something to do with the thingy and not us!!!!
      Sleep tight everyone, I've heated my Margaret bag and got the rubber mallet for his nibs if he starts his tricks tonight. Well, he will be up, but I don't mind once or twice, but All Night Long (ooh, Myra did you spot that) is too much for a body to bear. I've just re-read that and I mean getting up out of bed!!!!
      Sue, I hope you are feeling much better, and Sandra and Pat I hope you had a good day.
      Love Maureen xxx

    2. Night Night and be kind to that poor man! Having said that I do hope you both sleep well! We'll just draw a veil over the song title! Ha ha xxx

  32. Saba, Prost, rap, knock and ahoy there xxx

  33. Hello Everyone, hope you have had a good day.
    SUE, sorry you were not able to meet up with Sandra and Pat. I hope you will be feeling better soon.
    SHEILA, so pleased you are alright, I'm sure spending time with your Aunt and
    Uncle gave you a much needed boost. Great news about Nikki coming to visit you, the journey by public transport would be very tiring.
    SABA, lovely you are able to post, your trip so far sounds fantastic.
    MAUREEN hope George has a better night. And you are both have a restful (and stress free) sleep.
    HAZEL So pleased your doctor has managed to reduce your meds. Our doctor is just the same, You have an appointment time and are very lucky if you are seen within the following half hour. BUT he is a lovely caring doctor, popular with
    Granddaughter got her prom outfit, it a beautiful shade of blue, (lighter than French navy) She had a very good idea of what she wanted, so it wasn't such a task. I felt very privileged to be asked to go with her. In one store we saw two of her school friends, they started to chat. I moved to one side, to let them continue and she gestured to me to join them - saying this is my grandma, they were lovely saying hello, and later "goodbye it was lovely to meet you"
    I returned home happy and exhausted. And no, I didn't get anything for myself - not my style shops. Oh to be 16 again !!!!!!
    Good night everyone sleep well. xxx

    1. Good night Brenda, glad you had a nice day ( still hope for the younger generations ) Xxxx

  34. Sandra do hope you had a good day although Sue was not able to make up the trio but maybe tomorrow, sue do hope you will feel better tomorrow.
    Maureen I do hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, poor George he must be tired too bless him, sending you both hugs.
    Saba so pleased all is going swimmingly for you and you have sunshine if you were here there is no way you would be stripping off it is far too cold enjoy the sun you lucky thing.
    Norah do take care and don't over do things and make yourself ill.
    Sil went to see GP this morning they are doing blood tests to check for infection but they have decided that as the practice nurse is off for personal reasons he would be better seeing and talking to the diabetic unit at the hospital. He had a bad day yesterday but seemed a bit better today he had lunch with us then I took him home he was going to try and do some work, but when I took our grandson home after drama club he looked dreadful and hardly knew where he was, and was wobbling saying he felt dizzy, I told him to sit down before he fell down, being 6ft 2in there would have been no way I could have picked him up. Tomorrow is another day so we shall have to wait and see how he is.
    Well folks my eyes are closing so I will wish you all a good night and sweet dreams
    Good night and God Bless
    Margaret xxx

  35. SOPHIE what a brilliant card So apt and personal to your dad Love it
    Good to see Sheila back
    I've had a very busy long day with hospital appointments etc and teaching Salsa tonight Needxa quick snack and then bed

    1. You do are very busy, hope you have a good sleep. Nighty night !
      Maria xxx

  36. Looks like I am last again. Will just put the dishwasher on and lock up. See you all tomorrow and good night. Hope you have a better night Maureen.

  37. Comment disappeared. Will just put the dishwasher on and lock up. Hoped Maureen and George have a better night. Good night see you tomorrow.