Friday, 15 May 2015

Oldie For Friday!!

Good |Friday Morning Lovely Friends,
I thought I would partake in the 'Oldie For Friday' posts, I think its good to have another look at some of our older cards made with the favourite dies of the time!
With this card I definitely was in my 'California Collection' phase, I do still love these dies mind!
I used the Italian Collection Borders (Creative Expressions) two cut in black and two in Soft Gold,
The base of the card is white, embossed with the Heart Lattice Embossing Folder, also by (CE)
which is still also a favourite!
I layered the Italian Borders together at either side of the card and the Central focal element is made up of the Californian Collection, I used both Basic Frames A and Decorative Frames B to layer up the black and soft gold card and then stamped the sentiment and embossed with Bright Gold Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder.
I then added a soft gold colour bow, topped with a black dazzler and a black and gold coloured stick pin and in the top corner I used cream card and soft gold card to die cut Delicate Daisies (CE) all of the above dies are designed by Sue Wilson, such a talented die and card designer!
I am going to sit and play with the die cuts that Myra sent me yesterday,
I do love that Butterfly die, it isn't as big as I thought, so I think I may treat myself, I haven't decided on any of the new collection yet, I like almost all of them, I think that some of the Portuguese dies look a little similar in shape to some of the other collections, but that could be a bonus for using them all together!
I cannot believe the drop in temperature over the last couple of days, it rained here almost constantly yesterday, which in fairness was forecast, but goodness me the chill factor certainly set in, I was shivering until the heating came on!  I will be fetching my thick jumpers back out of the wardrobe!
Well whatever you are up to today I hope that you have a good one, I hope that all those of you with aches and pains find a little more comfort today!
Love and Hugs to all,


  1. Hi Sandra My Dear Friend And All My Other Friends
    Sandra My Lovely Lady Your Card,
    Has The Fabulous "WOW FACTOR" I Love The Fabulous Colourway You've Chosen It's Just Awesome.
    I'm Truly And Extremely Impressed With Your Work.
    Can I Ask Where You Purchased Your Fiskar's Stamping Aid As I'm Rubbish At Backgrounds, I've So Many Background Stamps I've Tried It The Way Our Sue Does By Turning The Stamp Ove Etc: But Still I Don't Achieve Clear Image.
    Well Today My Friends Is A Pamper Day - Nails, Eyebrows Plucked, And Underarms Waxed So Busy Day And I've Got To Finish Two Cards So I Can Post Before I Go Away.
    Take Care All My Dear Friends
    Love And Hugs
    From Sam xxx

    1. Good morning my lovely,
      I would say enjoy your pamper day, but parts of it aren't that enjoyable (the waxing, plucking etc)! But you always feel so 'summer ready' afterwards, I totally understand that you want to look your very best at 'The Residence' hotel as it looks so very classy, I loved your photos on pinterest, I can't actually believe that you got to sit and pet a white tiger !
      I hope you have a truly amazing time this time too!
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxxxx
      I got my Fiskars Stamp Press from Oyster Stamps x

    2. Have a lovely pamper day Sam......but the waxing.....ouch!! Lol! As Sandra said your photos are wonderful and lucky you to pet a white tiger I've only ever seen them on TV. Enjoy your lady lovely lady.

      Love Sheila xx

    3. Enjoy your pampering day Sam. You will come home feeling wonderful. Hazel x

    4. Hi Sam,
      Enjoy your pamper day! You will feel much better afterwards and in the holiday mood! I hope you have a really lovely holiday. I'm assuming you are going to Mauritious? I've never been there but my son and his wife have. We went to the Seychelles for a special anniversary and it was gorgeous. Have a great time! Lots of love, Myra xxx

    5. Sorry - Mauritius - predictive text ! Ugh! Xx

    6. Hi Myra,
      Myself And Lyndon Went To "Seychelles" Many Years Ago And We Loved It We Also Did Quite A Few Different Island On "Maldives" Which Are Just Divine And I Think We'll Be Returning Next Year, We've Visited Many Awesome Places.
      Hugs From Sam x

    7. Hi Sam,
      Hope your day of pampering has been a good one even if some of it sounded quite painful ,ouch!
      hugs Maria xx

  2. Morning Sandra and all. A bit late coming in. I was catching up on what went on after I had gone to bed. Yes isnt that little machine just right for the younger crafters to have. I won't show it to Beth, but will to granny. At least if she buys her that Dad and mum won't moan about it. Beth is so into playmobil, all the boys stuff, like Knights, and police . Has 3 different castle and 2 police stations the boats etc. which her parents hate, why I don't know as it so good to see what she sets up and plays away for any time she can find to do so. Better than sitting with an I pad or that..
    Sandra I love your "oldie" it's stunning. I forgot to look something out for today, will do that when I get back. Also have a leaving card to make. My hairdresser, has decided to go south to join her boyfriend, She is a young girl who is a natural when it comes to hairdressing and she has been there for 7 years, she will be missed, I am having my hair cut next week, her last week so I will get busy and get her card made. Looking after grandsos all weekend so that's out as I am over there's tonight till late tomorrow afternoon, we will stay here tomorrow night then back to their Sunday.
    Anyway I must move and go get Anna to school, will be back later. ((((( hugs))))) for those ho need. Money in the pot and I think I have done all that's needed. Hazel,x

    1. Good morning Hazel,
      Shop around for the small die cutting machines as I have a Sizzix Sidekick and a Boutique die cutter that looks like a handbag, they will still be out there and probably a lot cheaper, plus I am not sure how long C& C have the exclusivity on for!
      Isn't it frustrating having to find a new hairdresser? That's a job I hate, putting your trust in someone new, best not do it on the eve of a special occasion just in case!
      See you later,
      Sandra xxxx

    2. On talking to Adrian at the craft shop this morning he was saying to go for a bit bigger machine for Beth, like the artisan, as he feels she would get more use out of it. So I wil get Tammy to bargain hunt and see what she comes up with. As for the hairdresser Shellie who owns the salon is also good, and she is coming back full time to cover Taylor's hours as much as possible, I think she is wanting to leave it open incase Taylor decided she doesn't like being down in Stoke. Having 5 mins then off to pick up Anna from piano. Oh had a call from Beth first races she got a first and a second can you imagine the excitement!!! Hazel x

    3. Well done Beth! Yes can just about imagine the excitement/ hysteria that followed a First! Xxx

    4. I bet Windsor wondered what the noise was, and seeing how she is the second youngest they were all so proud of her, all 6 were trying to all talk at once to tell Anna and I. Beth phoned, but I told her I would phone her back and save her credit on her phone! She would have used it all up by the time they had finished chatting, thanK goodness I am not pay as you go!!! But it was lovely to hear them all being so pleased. Hazel x

    5. Hazel, I'll say it again! You're a Star! It's so lovely to see how that child is so very fond of you! We sort of expect our grandchildren to be like this but it's just so lovely to see how much Beth loves you! Xxx

    6. Oh well done Beth, you must be so proud of her xxx

  3. Good morning Sandra and the Coffee Shop Gang. Hope you're all well and looking forward to the day and weekend head.
    Later for me today, Elaine came and did not leave till almost Midnight. By that time you had all gone to bed.
    SANDRA:- your card is stunning, love, love, love everything about it. A brilliant design, using different colours could make it look very different. A great base design.
    I have ordered the new "dinky little" Die cutting machine just for Robert. It's maybe a bit Girly but I am sure he will quite happy the fact that it will be "his". He uses my CuttleBug which I don't mind, he finds it a bit of a struggle at times. Hopefully the smaller one should be more manageable. He only cuts out small things most of the time.
    Right!! of to start on the house, not a lot to do, washing machine is on for the first load, daily task of the Toilets, kitchen floor to do, a quick scoot round with Mr Dyson. THEN!!!! Me time Yeh!! I have no orders or things to do for others so far today. Wonder what I will do??
    Be back later for a cuppa and a catch up on all the gossip. xxx

    1. Good morning Patricia,
      I have visions of you whirling around the house in your sequins and heels with my dyson, you sound like you thoroughly enjoy your housework, mind you I expect when it's just the two of you it's not as bad, I only really have the two girls and Matt here most of the time but boy do they leave a trail of destruction, I hate going into the kitchen after they have all gone off in the morning ( paul brings my cup of tea in bed) but I steer clear of the stress and chaos, but goodness me, when I venture in the war zone there are bows left half full of milk with still half a portion of coco pops floating around in, the girls gave taken to making themselves a 'mocha coffee' thing from a sachet in the mornings, (not sure I'm keen on the idea but I think the actual amount of coffe is minimal, the ones we buy are mainly chocolate),but they make them with hot milk not water, so there will be a jug which they have used to heat milk in the microwave, still with the residue of milk welded to the bottom, then the trail of Jess from packed lunch making, Matt's weetabix bowl (although he does put water in to pre soak), drips of chocco milk and milk drips from coffee making too, it's a real shoulder drop moment! I think I need to re-educate them, there is a dishwasher sat there, crying out to be filled! Imagine what coming back after two days away would be like? But if Paul is here he would gave it cleaned up in an instant! I will go in, armed with my trusty spray bleach and anti bac cleaner, like a cowboy entering a gunfight! I look forward to there being two bowls,two cups, two spoons and that's it!
      Enjoy your "me time", did you buy that new justrite Lilac multi layer stamp set yet? I was holding on as I only paid £10 for the roses one, but I really fancy some more of theses multi layer stamps, I couldn't find your 'stampin up' ones anywhere!
      Sandra xxxxx

    2. SANDRA:- really wrong vision !!! Still in PJs almost finished though. I do everything then I have my shower, that way I clean the shower as I go. I am lucky, quite a big house but we are both very tidy people. I even have the boys trained they tidy up their own bowls and cups. Just on to the side of the sink, Grandpa is the dishwasher loader! Robert is the problem, he seems to drop crumbs as he goes along. You always know where he has been. The other thing is he "hangs" his clothes on the floor!! Robert we don't hang clothes on the floor in their house ... then I get THAT look!!
      Off to have my shower then to Dye Isobel's hair, just had the request. xxx

    3. That of course should be "this" house

  4. Morning all.
    Sorry I didnt find time to visit yesterday but the sympathy card was lovely.
    I spent most of the day trying to put together a vintage A4 wedding card for a customer. Ive never done vintage, Id love to be able to do vintage 'properly' I think done well it can look fabulous. Anyway after hour's and hour's of cutting different dies and sitting with head in hands, I got to the stage where I could send a pre-stuck photo of the card for approval (or disaproval) to the customer, I must have done something right as today I can add some ice snow to bits n bobs and stick it all down, then work on the personalised verse to put inside (that's another story) lol.
    I love today's card, black and gold, yum yum. It seems like donkey's year's since those dies came on the market but unlike me they never age and you've made them look stunning Sandra.
    Well its bright and sunny at the moment, hope it stays that way.
    Whatever your plans for today, hope you have a lovely day.
    Love to all.
    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Morning Steph,
      Sounds like you had a 'trying' day yesterday, it can sometimes be frustrating when you get orders for 'vintage' themed cards as you have to try and see in their mind what they have envisaged! But it sounds like you have nailed it! I hope you took a photo,I would love a peek!
      I know exactly what you mean by Sue's first due launch, seems like years ago, that was the only launch I won anything in and then it was the tiniest bow ever! It still amazes me that the same names turn up time and time again, just for the launch , I think I would be making a statement to say that only regular contributors to the blog can enter the give away, as I believe personally that it us unfair to the regular bloggers, I did explain this to Sue, saying that we all love to welcome new bloggers in, finding out what makes them tick etc, but we gave all tried that with the newcomers to launch but they aren't interested in becoming part of a regular group, they want a prize and that's it! As a regular contributor it's frustrating when the list goes up of winners and there are one or two regulars out of thirty or more, the rest are the prize grabbers, who will not come back and leave thanks or feedback on what they have won, so I don't understand the point of including them all in the draw, it isn't out of a sick jealousy either, I can honestly say I get more pleasure out if seeing one of our dear friends win! Sorry not sure what took me off on that rant!
      It's bright and sunny here too so far Steph, I will get some washing in, ready for Paul to peg out at lunch, I bought new pegs the other day, some of the wooden ones were looking a little old and shabby, so bright cheerful colour coordinated pegs are sat waiting for duty.
      Have a lovely day Steph!
      Sandra xxxxx

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe today. Sorry I haven't commented for the last two days even though I tried to yesterday (Wed just vanished, didn't touch my laptop at all) I'm not sure if I am having problems with my laptop or what exactly but I tried to leave comments but they didn't appear on here yet the one one Sue's was fine so I am a bit puzzled. If this one vanishes I will have to get Chris to have a look.
    Sandra, a beautiful card as always. The gold and black work beautifully together and your flowers are perfect, you get just the right amount every time. I love the California Collection dies and think they will always be well used as they work so well together and with so many other dies. I love your Oldie for Friday, it is good to see older dies again and what everyone has done with them and gives us new ideas to try. I hope you get to have a lovely time playing with your wonderful surprise package of goodies that Myra so kindly sent you. I think you deserve to have a day without anything bad happening my lovely : ) Thank you for the email, I'm glad of the outcome. I will answer after I have done this.
    I must say that both Margarets and Brenda's cards were gorgeous.
    Margaret, I am not surprised that your friends reaction on seeing it. Any one would have done the same, it really is so beautiful. It will stand out from the others that are given won't it and will be treasured : )
    Brenda your sympathy card is another beautiful card. I find they are so hard to make, it seems I am not the only one that sometimes buys these! I am glad that your first session went well, we all knew it would as we are lucky enough to get to see your beautiful creations : )
    Maria, I am sorry to hear that your back is playing you up, I hope your session has helped. Please take extra care of yourself : )
    Lynda, it's good to see you back. sorry to hear about Sam's accident. She must be so fed up having to rely on you all with looking after Harry. Like you say you love looking after him but it's a shame you had the long journey each day. Now you need to rest up and don't worry about the housework etc. Fingers crossed that upping your meds and the Ibruprofen gel help. I was given it to try on my knees several years ago and my ortho man said to wrap cling film around them after applying it to help it heat up so that it worked better. That was all well and good but we were having a heat wave at the time and there was no way I was going out wearing shorts and cling film!!! I did try it at night, it didn't do any good for me but it seems to help some people, I hope it does for you though.I certainly couldn't wrap it around my neck as I hate anything even remotely tight there. If you can stand it it may be worth a shot to see if it helps you, like me I suspect you would only do it while you are at home. I do hope you start to get some relief very soon though : )
    I have made the big mistake of not making notes whilst reading the comments from the last couple of days so now I can't remember what anyone else has been up to! I am so sorry, all I can say is that I send you all hugs and hope that you all have a good a day as possible.
    I have enjoyed my tea and toasted teacake so had better get my day started. It is sunny here today, it's meant to be a lovely day like it was on Wednesday. It can't be more different to yesterday which was so wet and cold that we put the heating on for an hour late morning! Fingers crossed it stays like it is now. Take care xx

    1. Morning Sue,
      Great to see you today, I think there are a few of us having internet issues, poor Cheryl hasn't managed to get in to leave a comment yet, she thinks it may be something to do with a windows 8.1 update she had put on her lap top!
      Are you off to mum's today? If so give her a hug from me!
      Are the antibiotics working Sue? I do hope so, I thought it sounded like a chest infection and the fact that it was still persistant after two weeks! Be good to have you back firing on all cylinders (well most) anyway!
      Have a fab day my love,
      Sandra xxxxx

  6. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your card is beautiful. Love the black & gold-very striking.

    I managed to make a few cards yesterday-good job as I bought some new dies. I called into the garden centre that has a craft shop in it as i'd got a 20% off voucher. I got the Sue Wilson "thanks" die & dandelion clocks. Got chatting to the staff and another customer who asked me if I knew they had Julia Watts there on Saturday 30th May doing a demo using Creative Expression products. She's not my favourite crafter but I thought I might get some ideas to use the many, many dies I own. I emailed my M in L to see if she wanted to go but she's planning on going to the Great British craft festival & asked if I wanted to go with her....?! Decisions, decisions.

    Am having to pop back into Southport to exchange some shoes I bought yesterday-they are too tight. After that I need to carry on crafting then get ready to go out. I'm participating in a sponsored walk for the hospice that cared for my Mum & my friend Dave-its a 7 mile walk starting at 9pm. A crowd from Pharmacy are eating at Nando's then registering for the walk. The forecast shows rain tonight but fingers crossed it's wrong!


    1. Good luck with the walk Michele I hope the rain stays off, mind you if you are with a crowd of you you will have a laugh what ever the weather because it will keep you all going. What a lovely way to raise money and remember you mum and Dave. Is his wife joining you? Take care xxx

    2. Hi Michele,
      Julia has gotten a little more inspirational since she started demonstrating Spellbinders again, I found personally that prior to that her cards were pretty much made up of a 'messy background' pearl glue dots around the edges, a flower made by coiling some lace ribbon and a stamped focal piece! But now she had the new dies she has started to really change things up a bit, which makes such a difference! It's a tough decision, I am not sure that I would bother personally, unless the shop has done good deals on at the same time, if you fancy trying something new, the sparkle texture paste is amazing and gives you fab back ground too!
      Good luck for your walk tonight, I think you will have a good laugh what ever the weather, maybe just take a lightweight raincoat, just to stop yourself getting too cold, you don't want to end up being poorly from doing a charity walk!
      Have fun whatever you decide to do my lovely!

    3. Best of luck with the walk Michele I will be thinking of you lets hope the weather stays good for you all I will try and keep the rain up here for a few hours for you! xxx

    4. Michele, hope your walk goes well, will keep fingers crossed weather stays dry. Hazel x

    5. Hi Michele. I hope that the walk goes well for you and that you manage to get round in the dry. Enjoy your meal, you will have to have lots to eat to give you the energy to walk the 7 miles....or is that just a good excuse to fill your boots? : ) Enjoy it all. Take care x

    6. Good luck with your walk, hope it stays dry for you. xxx

    7. Enjoy your walk, Michele. hope you manage to stay dry !

    8. Good luck with your walk Michele and well done for taking part.
      Saba xxx

    9. It's dry here Michele so hope you don't get too wet in Southport! Xxx

  7. I must add a big Happy Holiday to Sam. You so deserve this break away. Enjoy your pampering today too, well maybe not the underarm waxing! What do we do to ourselves eh ladies! We will miss your comments, and beautiful cards but have a great time and tell us all about it when you get back : ) Take care xx

  8. Hi Sandra what a beautiful card today, love the black and gold combination it looks so good together. I too love my California dies, they were the first set I bought in a bundle from C&C in fact they were my Easter egg! I've got the basic set B but not set A so I think itis probably worth buying that sometime to get the matting effect. I've drawn around my die and cut it out by hand before now to get a mat! I may even have put some of my bendy pin flare peel offs around the edge to disguise my cutting! I've got a box full of peel offs but rarely use them now, isn't it funny how we change. I use them mainly for adding happy anniversary etc as I haven't got a stamp for that (as far as I'm aware! Lol). I've made a plan that I'm going to go through all my stamps and stamp them onto copy paper so I know what I've got, I've made a start but now the sunny weather is here the garden is calling so it's a wet day/ winter job.
    Isn't it funny, when I saw the little sapphire cutter yesterday I thought it was ideal for children and there you are buying it for grandchildren. My daughter would have loved it when she was little, mind you I didn't have the time or money to buy dies then! I'm hoping she will find her arty crafty mojo when exams are over and she can sit and draw again.
    Well I'm not sure what today will bring, the sun is out again so washing can go on, I must tidy around and introduce Mr Dyson to the floor! My cake lace butterflies have dried so I can put them in my box for later. I was given a beautiful dahlia yesterday so need to find it a home, hopefully away from slugs. I've got a friend popping over during her lunch time for a natter and I must get an anniversary present for Julian sots a bitty day really. At least I've reminded him to take my car keys out of his pocket, he drove my car yesterday so I could pick my friends up in his as it's easier to get in and out of.
    I hope everyone has a lovely day, Steph your vintage card sounds lovely, good luck with the verse, not my favourite bit as I don't like slushy words! Sam enjoy your pamper, what a lovely treat. Patricia and Hazel you are just little whirlwinds of action!
    See you all later.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Sounds like a busy day for you today, I am not sure if the rain is forecast to return today or not, I am hoping not! We had enough yesterday to last a month! I was hoping my spinach would have gotten a good watering, but with the amount we had it has probably beaten the seeds out of the ground!
      I would totally recommend for you to get the other set of Californian dies as it really expands their use! You may get a good deal somewhere too as they have been out a while!
      I think peel offs still have their uses, I use the bendy ones around the edges of boxes, just to finish off! Also a quick tip, if I use a peel off as a greeting ( i must confess I have a large box of them from years ago), I place it on a die cut and then cover with a piece of double sided sticky sheet, cut the same shape as die cut and then use bit to cover peel off, then add some fine clear glitter or angel dust and it just covers the 'harshness' of the peel off and also stops it from peeling off!
      I hope you enjoy your lunch with your friend, what will you buy for Julian?
      Be sure to come back later and update us on your day!
      Sandra xxxxx

    2. Hi Sandra what a great idea I must try that. Than you for the tip! Xxx

  9. Janet Ecco of Sheffield15 May 2015 at 08:36

    Morning one and all
    Sandra your 'oldie' is just beautiful. I too still like the first dies of Sues particularly the one you used for the base of the focal. Isn't it odd how styles and colours change so quickly in the craft world.
    I've a good few dies I bought when I first starting with die cutting and have tried many ways of reminding me that they are there when I'm trying to do something different but no matter what I do I always go to the latest ones.

    I'm sorry I didn't get back yesterday as the day just flew and before I knew it it was tea time and then out to our local amdram production. I cannot believe that it's 51years since I first joined this society. I'm now a patron and support them in any way I can. It was a comedy and the play was funny but I just didn't like the way it had been cast. That's just my opinion of course. Jim loved the play and just thought that a couple of the players were weak. The theatre was full so that's good for the society.
    Where oh where has this week gone! Friday morning usual housework and I'm going to have to push myself to do it today so Patricia if you wish to add a little more housework to your list you are most welcome to visit here. My Mr House Dobbie seems to have gone AWAL again. Funny that isn't it lol.
    My mission today is to definitely come back for my usual and see what everyone is up to.
    So here's to later. Hugs to all who enter today in every possible strength needed.

    1. Hi Janet,
      Wow 51 years as part of Amdram society, that's amazing, you must have witnessed some changes over the years, do you get involved with costume making etc, do you occasionally still play a part?
      It must be very rewarding seeing that it's still going strong! So good to hear that there was a full house at the theatre!
      I hope that you manage yo whizz through your house work and get to do something much more relaxing and hopefully get back in here for a catch up later!
      Shame there are no deliscious pastries for you to describe to us all!
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxxx

    2. janet ecco of Sheffield15 May 2015 at 19:49

      Evening my lovely Friend. These days I only go and watch. I have just about done most jobs with the society both on stage and behind the scenes also admin duties. Things have certainly changed. Today the members have a lovely theatre of their own with everything on hand. It. Was certainly hard work using the local school and then the opportunity arose for us to buy the local chapel Sunday school and turn it into a theatre seating 200 with a coffee room up stairs. We did everything you can think of to raise the money needed. It took a few years but managed it and now other people in the locality use it bringing in some income to help keep it in good condition. The actual name of the society is Ecclesfield Priory Players in the Community. EPPIC Theatre.
      I managed to get a little crafting done but am struggling with an idea for my next card for my turn in Knit and Natter. Fortunately I have a couple of weeks yet but I do like to be on top of these things.
      It's feet up time now so have a good evening and l'll see you tomorrow. Hugs xxxx

    3. Hi Janet!
      I just wanted you to know that friends who came on Wednesday and whom we have known for more years than we care to remember, saw Daphne's Diary by the side of my chair in the Conservatory! Jenny fell in love with it - looks as if they have another subscriber! Her quote was, " Myra it's not any other magazine I know" . Thanks Janet, you have started a trend! Xx

  10. Morning Sandra and all the lovely cafe crew
    What gorgeous golden oldie and I love the colour combination too.
    I must push myself to go out today as I need a few things but feel as if I've lost the will at the moment....I do try so hard to be upbeat. I suppose it's because since my fence fell down with the wind and Clive's so called friends said they would do it and clear all the brambles a price of just made me realise how alone and vulnerable I feel at the moment. I miss Clive so much he was a good husband and friend and also a great daddy to Nikki. His so called friends are dieing to get into Clive's double garage where I know, as it is full to the rafters with various tools and all sorts of things but I'm determined to hold my ground as they have had so much of hubby's stuff at a good price (Clive would be turning in his grave if he knew) but I just wanted to get rid at the time.
    I'm saying it again but I am so sorry for laying my problems onto you all....but hopefully I will bounce back a bit stronger again.
    Love to you all and hugs to all that need them may your days get better very soon.

    Love Sheila xxx

    1. Hi Sheila I'm sorry to hear that your feeling low. Please don't feel that uou have to apologise to any of us. We all feel low at times, and as my friends Grand daughter says IT GOOD TO SHARE. So we are here for you at all times. As Hazel says have a garage sale and put a fair price on your hubbies tools. Don't let them go for nothing. I not to sure I would call these grabbers friends at all. If they were friends they would have helped you clear up for nothing. Pete always helps people around us. He always did jobs for Molly & Wilf across the road. More so when Wilf died, nothing is to much trouble for him. He's always willing to help. It's a shame that we don't live near you so we could help.

    2. Sheila sweetheart, please stop thinking that you are burdening us with anything, we all share our problems and worries with each other, that's what this blog is all about Sheila, sharing our worries, asking for help and advice so please my lovely just let it all out!
      Firstly I would not be letting anymore of Clive's. so called mates anywhere near anymore of his things, they sound like no more than crooks that are taking advantage of you at your most vulnerable time, you would be better off letting a local charity have a look through, is it tools or more of the car boot sale things? if it's tools there may be a local college or something that could make use of the tools!
      Failing that go for a reputable house clearance type company, do none of your friends have any ideas of anyone local?
      I have to admit that my dad's garage is still stood there untouched, apart from nipping in for a screwdriver or hammer, my mum had the same problems as you are having, people crawling out of the woodwork to take whatever they can under the guise of helping out!
      One of the men dad knew offered to cut mums grass for her, it's about a 10ft square, he said he would help her out and only charge her £40, it would take no more that 5 minutes with their mower !
      It's so bloody frustrating that you have to be on your guard against these people when you feel at your very lowest, I wish I lived closer to you Sheila, I would be there in a heartbeat to help you, please allow me to do what little I can be listening to you, we are ALL your dearest friends here Sheila and all want to help you!
      Now come on, get your glad rags on, paint on your happy smile and get out the door, smile and chat to as many people as you can, it will brighten their day and yours!
      Pop back in later and tell us what you got up to!
      Lots a love and the hugest hug,
      Sandra xxx

    3. Hi Shelia. I am going to say exactly the same as all of the others. We are here for you whenever you need to talk. At the moment you are feeling low, as is to be expected. We will be here just the same when you are telling us of happier times too. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Please don't think of these money grabbers as friends, sadly these sort always creep out from under the stones they live under whenever they think they can gain something for nothing. No real friend would even think of charging you to do anything. If you don't have a close trusted friend or relation and you need jobs doing, like yor fence, grass cutting etc. you might get in touch with your local council, health centre or Citizens Advice as there is usually some FREE or low cost honest help out there. All areas seem to have different schemes so if you can have a look around. Your local library may also have lists of organisations that can help you. In return you could always make cards to sell for them so everyone wins.
      Please be gentle with yourself and don't rush into anything. Remember, we are here for you, the same as you are always here for us. Take care x

    4. Sheila please, please don't think you are being a trouble as others have said we are all here for you on the good days as well as the down days. Please don't let these grabbers get their hands on anything, they have had far too much already if you ask me. Look at all the advice everyone is offering these things take time. Have you any family near by that could help you or any true friends not so called one though. Please do remember act in haste, repent at leisure, it is very early days to get everything sorted, just leave the garage until you are feeling stronger and as for the fence and the garden ask any nearby organisations or even your local council or the CAB are very good too especially at giving good advice and there is no charge they should be able to tell you who can do a good job either for free or cheaply. Don't be frightened to ask them it is what they are there for give them a ring and make an appointment. Take yourself out for even a little walk or bus ride a few times a week weather permitting no point getting soaked don't just stay at home letting your mind work overtime or have a real friend over for coffee, it may not be too easy at first but it will get easier. Oh I do wish you lived closer to give you a big cuddle or take you for a ride in the car. Just after my accident I didn't want to go out but the longer I put it off the worse it was getting so I told myself, you can and you will and eventually it worked and I joined a patchwork and quilting group it was only once a fortnight but boy did it help, and I enlarged my friendship group too. Are there any organisations you could join when you feel stronger? Sandra has my email and you are more than welcome to contact me if it would help.
      With love and hugs
      Margaret xxx

    5. Oh Sheila, I'm sorry you have reached such a low point today, BUT you have already helped yourself enormously, you have opened up your heart and talked to us. And that is one step, One BIG step forward. Days like today will not be easy. Clive would be so proud of you, you have come such a long way in a very short time. Stay strong and don't let anyone take advantage of you. Better to put off sorting out the garage until you feel stronger. It will still be there when YOU feel up to it. sending gentle hugs, love B xxx

    6. Sheila,
      Listen to what our friends are saying and i agree with it all. We are here for you, whenever you need us. The so called friends hopefully will leave you alone and the real ones will rally around and give you a hand. It's no rush to do everything in one go, take your time ! Like the others I wish I lived closer just to meet you for a coffee and help in any way I could until then however we meet here everyday come rain or sun, ok Big hug Maria xx

  11. Sheila. Just stop there! You are not to say sorry??? We have told you we are here for you to be able to say how you are feeling!!! Yes you are having a down day, they will come for a while yet!!! Type how you are feeling here as I can tell you, it will help. Now as for the garage, can I suggest that with a little bit of time sort it out and if you have a true friend or neighbour who would know what things would fetch? Price them and hold a garage sale, then if the grabbers want the said tools they can come along and buy them and pay a proper price. Now it might be to much for you, but even if you tell them that's what you will be doing, they will get the message that you are not going to get ripped off again. Oh I wish I could come and help!!! But remember we are here for you, so no bottling things up come and tells us. Hazel x

    1. SHEILA. There is no need to apologise. We are all here to listen and try to help. I know a little of what you are going through first hand. Take your time and sort things out when you are ready. Don't be badgered by so called friends who are just out for what they can get. You help friends not expect payment especially when you have just lost your husband. I wouldn't call them friends. Take care.

  12. Hi Sandra
    Love you oldie card today. I love your Californian dies. The colours you've used hear are gorgeous. Yesterday was a bummer if a day and so cold as uou say. Mind you I thought it was supposed to be warmer today. I noticed when I was posting on Sue's blog that someone from Wheatley was looking at it. I wonder if she left a comment, and might even comment on this blog as well, if she's an avid blogger. Janet, I also could do with Sperwoman Patricia to come down and give me a hand. Mind you, you'd make my head spin I think Patricia with your whirlwind of activity. Hugs to all in need of one today.

  13. I think the suggestion of a "garage sale" is perfect. Oon find out who really wants the tools etc. My Dad cleared everything of Mums out of the house very quickly and is now regretting getting rid of some items. It's only 2 years and he's starting to re-decorate the entire house. I think it's mainly boredom despite getting a dog he still has too much time on his hands.


  14. Good morning Sandra and all the coffee shop crew
    Wow this is truly stunning love love love it the colours are so rich and the whole effect is so elegant and a touch of luxury.
    Patricia I know just what you are talking about with grandsons and being tidy, our little one is just the same but I must admit that when he stays the night he gets undressed and then bundles up all his clothes and puts them into the wash basket so we are getting there I hope slowly but surely!
    Sandra your Fiskars stamp thingy what size is it as I have looked on Amazon and it appears there are two sizes?
    HELP LADIES PLEASE I have always kept away from stamping but I really do like the twice stamped ones, but which ink pads are the best do any of you have any recommendations? I have been told the distressing ink pads are not really the best for rubber stamping and they are the ones I have tried, I did get some from Stampin Up when I bought the Stippled Blossom set of stamps but some colours are non to good, the lilac one to me looks like dirty dish water and the black one I have used twice is really dry, so I would welcome some advice please.
    Well I have put my hugs and cuddles in the corner for anyone who feels the need of some just help yourselves, I will be back later hopefully!
    Enjoy your day whatever you are all doing.
    With love
    Margaret xxx

    1. Hi MARGARET:-
      That's me just in and had a quick read through the comments.
      I use Adirondack and StampinUp inks for my Two Step Staming.
      I would say the Adironack are better but that's just my opinion.
      The Distress inks are ok BUT!! Have you tried doing the Rose in Yellow with one of the brown inks from the Diress ones that's quite effective.
      Happy Stamping xxx

    2. Thank you so much I have ordered some Adironack ink pads to have a play with xxx

  15. Sheila, please don't apologise as there is no need!
    My heart goes out to you as I don't think any of us can really appreciate what you are going through apart from those who have been through the same thing! Just as you were feeling a wee bit stronger so many things have happened to knock you back. Your whole life has been turned upside down and then you get horrid people who take advantage of your vulnerability. I do hope you can find a way from all the suggestions above to deal with the garage and its contents! When you do it will be as if a big burden has been lifted from your back! Just please keep letting off some steam here - you need to do that!
    Happy to listen and help as much as we possibly can!
    Sending love and hugs, my Friend,
    Myra xxx

    1. Oh! Sheila, I wish you were nearer to give you this (((((hug)))))
      Some of the above suggestions will be fantastic to explore when you feel ready.
      No need for apologies here, we are all willing to help xxx

  16. Hi Sandra,
    What a lovely card today! It brought back memories as I made a similar one using those dies and colours. I don't even remember where it went . I do love the Californian Dies and still use them a lot. So as the song goes. Thanks For The Memory". I've been good lately re songs!
    I know C&C are not always the cheapest but I bought this little machine for my granddaughters and a fair number of dies come with it which makes it quite a bargain. My very first machine many years ago was the one that looked like a little handbag but it wasn't that good and I had to upgrade to the cuttlebug which I loved.
    Hope everyone has a good weekend - can't quite believe we've reached another weekend already!
    I'm with Margaret - where is time going!
    Love Myra xxx

  17. Hi Sandra, LOVE todays card, it really is a stand out in the crowd card, it's 'centre stage' just so beautiful, I love the colours and the dies you have used, I wish I had half of your talent.
    I have had a very busy day washing, cleaning and ironing so have just enjoyed a lovely cup of tea, didn't fancy anything to eat, but have just opened a packet of Jelly Babies taken a few out, please finish them off ladies.
    Will pop back later, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Well Brenda they didn't last long, not a jelly baby to be seen. Hazel x

    2. All gone! As my son used to say when he had finished eating! He was in a high chair at the time! Xxx

    3. aaaah, my son used to say the same thing. how cute they were

    4. That's right Maria! It's those memories again! How are you today? Are you feeling better, with less pain? Hope so. Xxx

    5. My daughter used to say that too - those were the days! Xxx

  18. Hello Everyone,
    Yes, I know it's late, but better late than never.
    Sandra, I love the oldie for Friday, it's beautiful.
    Sheila, I'm so pleased that you feel able to tell us how you really feel. You know we wish we could help you in more ways so never feel that you are being a burden, I cannot imagine how you feel and you have my admiration. Now lock the garage door, forget all about it for as long as it takes to be strong enough to handle it. And if any "friends" come around to offer to take some things off your hands, just say that you've promised family first pick and you're waiting for them. Do not be rushed or bullied into anything. There's no time scale on clearing it and you need to get your head in the right place. Do any of us live near enough to you to give you physical and moral support?
    Sam, I hope you enjoyed your pamper day, but waxing and plucking are not my idea of pampering!!!
    Michele, enjoy your meal and your walk. I bet you have a good laugh, even if it does rain, but I'll do my little dance for you and you will be guaranteed fine weather.
    Patricia, I'm like you in that I like the house to be clean and tidy, but George looks around and says "what's the matter with it?" Grrr. He could be knee deep in rubbish and never notice!! However, he can - and does - do most of the cooking since he retired. Just don't look in the kitchen until he tidies it up, well tidies it in his fashion!!!!
    Margaret, your bags are wonderful. Used them again last night and I slept right through, first time for I don't know how long. Thank you.
    Was in school this morning, learning all about Christopher Columbus. Lord, when I think how boring it was when I was at school, and how exciting the teacher made it seem this morning, I realise how things have changed.
    I'm going to hunt out some pirate coins, which I know I've got somewhere, for the Pirate's Treasure Chest at school, so I'll pop back in later, because there were other things I wanted to say, and I've forgotten. As Myra would say "Memories are made of this".
    Muriel xxxx

  19. Hello Sandra and all our lovely ladies,
    Sorry I am so late but as Muriel says, better late than never. We are spending today and the weekend looking after Peter's mother to give his sister a break. She doesn't need much actual care, just helping in and out of bed really and making sure she has her meals prepared but someone needs to be there 24/7 just to ensure she is safe.
    Sandra what a lovely oldie today although it doesn't seem so long ago we were all enjoying the launch of these dies. They are still some of my favourites and your lovely ard had made me think about them again, so thank you for showing it.
    Sheila I can only really re-iterate what everyone else here has said. Firstly we are a group of friends and friends listen to each other. We are all here to support you through this terrible time and you are not to apologise for opening your heart to us. It is a privilege for us that you feel able to share something so personal with us.
    As to these so called friends of Clive's , well again I can't say anymore than has been said, don't let them have his things for nothing, give yourself time to clear the garage. There are genuine people out there who would help you its just a case of finding them, maybe your GP could point you to some organisations or support groups, or your local vicar. You don't have to be a church goer to ask him for help.
    But most of all, give yourself time and don't ever feel you can't talk to us, either on here or by e mail if you want to say things privately.
    Sending you the biggest hug I can. Just wish I could do more.

    Ladies, I will try to comment more over the weekend but not sure just how it will be here so don't worry if I am late again tomorrow.
    Love Saba xxx

  20. Hi Sandra and all,
    Love your card Sandra ! The colours are great together and the bow and stickpin, perfect.
    Started to comment on the way down but then it was dinner time and by the time I was back I had to start again hihi it's worse then book reading, at least I don't have to go back as many times. I love coming in to the Cotswold cafe and have a listen and chat.
    I saw that Beth done a fabulous job and got some medals,congrats to her !
    Sam- now plucked and ready for the holiday ,hope you are having a fantastic time and that the sea stays calm for you during the most part !
    Hope Micele have a nice walk and a laugh in dry conditions.has she got
    her Tena ?
    I was in the pool 8am today I just did some exercises I been told to do, not the easiest thing to do but I did them. The night was not to bad funny enough but I think it was mostly because of painkillers and heatpads. was a bit creaky to get out of bed. After gym we did our weekly shopping and back home it was time for lunch and then I sat down to go throw some mail and my eyes started to shut and I was out for a couple of hours ,not good. Had a card to finish and reading how things changed in the crafting world I can see I'm not the only one with a album / box with peel-offs and toppers pre dies .I have a task to use them all up, to nice to throw away and a box with made decoupage so all it's needed is the card itself and some bling,buttons and bows. Probably a 5 year plan, might have my craftroom by then, fingers crossed hihi maybe should take some with me to the retreat hmmm?
    Movie and popcorn is up next here so might pop in later,
    Love and hugs to you all, Maria xx

  21. Oh No, please if anybody finds it will you just kick it's butt and tell it I'm not happy. A great long post, in which I mentioned everybody,, going back and forth through all the posts, has disappeared. Ahhhhhhhh.
    Here goes, if I miss anyone I am so sorry.
    Sam, hope you had a lovely pamper, and you are waxed, plucked and smoothed to the nth degree.
    Mrs B, I'm pleased I'm not the only one who forgets who said what because I either didn't write it down, or can't read my writing!! I know we said that we aren't dressing up much for the Retreat, but I do hope you arrive in a little more than cling film!!! There's dressing down, and then there's dressing down ha ha.
    Maria, I hope your back is easier today.
    Sandra, what a brilliant idea for using up the good old peel offs. I have given so many away to the school, but I'm sure they are breeding in the little plastic boxes, so I'll do what you say and use the sticky sheet on die cuts and use glimmer dust or something similar.
    Janet, 51 years Amdram. Now that's an achievement. Some of the best plays and musicals we've seen have been Amdram productions. We saw Sweeney Todd last November, and I was crying at the end, it was so moving and the cast were fantastic.
    Pat, I hope thing are going smothly for you and Pete and I'm thinking about you.
    Brenda there's no Jelly Babies I see, it's at times like these that you find out who your friends are, isn't it. Just as well George bought me a quarter of Merrymaids when he took the girls to the sweetshop after school!!!
    Saba, I see you have posted in between my ramblings which are flying in outer space and this one, so I hope things are not too hectic for your with your MIL and that your weekend passes quietly and peacefully. And, in the meantime Saba, PROST.
    Well, I never did get to look for those Pirate coins, so I'm off to my craft room for the big hunt, I have a good idea where they are, ha ha famous last words. If you do not hear from me tomorrow, send the search party!!!
    Muriell xxxx

  22. Oh and then Maria posted before me as well, so I've read her post and she mentioned Beth, so then I waded through the thousands of posts and Hazel I see that she got a first and second (am I right) so congratulations to her, and tell her that I think she's extremely clever.
    Maureen xx

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. New York, New York so big they named itbTWICE! Xxx

  25. Last night I remembered I could contact Cheryl via Pinterest! I left a message and Cheryl responded - saying she was getting more grey and tearing her hair out! I left a message here last night butbitbwas very late. Poor Cheryl - we miss you!
    Norah? You are missing in action again! We miss you too! Xxx

  26. Well I don't know about the kids being excited about all that went on today, but mum is to. Had a text from her saying how well they are all getting along and doing so well. Plus she was making sure Anna was ok. Then I have had Tammy on the phone to make sure her boys are ok!!! Now what's my line of work??? You would think I have never dealt with children! My boys are ok took Calum to his sport thing then when we picked him up I asked if they want a treat of a McFlurry, just say we all enjoyed them, as Calum said " ok on high days and holidays or when granny is in charge?" Hazel x

  27. Sheila I hope you are feeling a little better take care sweetheart xx
    Well it is raining really heavily and it has turned really cold here in Cumbria so I do hope it is fine for Michele.
    Hazel you little treasure did really well do pass on my congratulations.
    Maureen so pleased you had a good nights sleep, you are more than welcome.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone, see you all tomorrow.
    Sweet dreams
    Margaret xx

  28. Hi Ladies, sorry but I haven't been in much, or even managed to catch up with everyone. Been having trouble with emails at work, like, missing bookings, eeekkk. Spent most of a day phoning and emailing my web designer. Lucky he's my cousin's other half or I would be struck off his list. He's so patient with me. Techno thickie. I think it's fixed now, fingers crossed.
    Just finished work, when Derek came in with a bag of fresh, hand dived scallops. So I had to clean them for dinner. They were lovely. Stuffed now (me, not the scallops)
    What a beautiful card, Sandra. Fantastic layout and colours.
    Sorry I don't have time to comment on everyone. Thinking of all who are having a hard time at the moment and sending you hugs,

    1. Take care Janice, hope you find the bookings........
      scallops sounded nice.

  29. I see it's quiet again, the early bedders have gone to bed and the night owls haven't come out yet.Boys are in bed. Andrew told me he wasn't tired, I went down stairs to get my pjs out of my bag came back up and yes fast asleep! Calum was reading. He is terrible and just doesn't go to sleep that easy, but I have learnt to just leave him, the more you moan at him the more he gets touchy. My problem is one grey pussy and one black one, they are playing me up and won't come in. Can't leave them out as they are Tammy's babies??? Hazel,x

    1. Hi Hazel,
      what a pain that the children are being little angels and the cats are playing you up! Have you tried shaking their treat bag outside, that usually works! that's why are cats are house cats! xxx

    2. That works with Gillian's cats but these two are wee monkeys! Tammy was going to keep them as house cats, but the back door is often left open by the boys when they go in and out, so it was useless in the end. Hazel x

  30. Sorry I sam late but it has been a really busy day and no crafting done. Oh yes I did I went to craft club this afternoon.
    SANDRA. I love your card. I usually put silver with black but I like yours with gold very much. Must try this myself.
    Hope everyone has a good weekend. To those who are not feeling so good I hope you feel better soon. Been dry here today but quite chilly. Like others have said I have read all the messages but now I have got to the end I have forgotten what everyone said. It's old age and as, I think, I am the oldest here I am allowed to be like that but I admit I don't like it. Take care everyone.

  31. Glad to see there is someone still here. As you said Hazel it doesn't look as if the night owls have come in yet. I expect they will be very noisy when they do:-)

  32. Where is everyone tonight?

  33. Sandra. I think they are all in bed, or out clubbing!! Just got the cats in, I am sure they were waiting for Tammy and Derek to come back. They must have decided they weren't and food was more important! Now I can relax. I wonder how long I will get in bed before one wee man comes through??? Tammy did say he has stayed in his own bed for three nights, he's a mummy's boy and he is missing her, so I think he will be through at some point? Hope you have had a good day, I can't believe it's another week nearly gone. Well I might be back in that's if I don't fall asleep, I am not so keen on Tammy's bed, it's a tad on the extra firm side for me so I might not sleep to well. Hazel x

  34. No Myra or Maureen around so it wan't be too noisy around hihi
    I hope you got hold of the pussy's Hazel ,don't want them growing wild lol
    Littlelamb, do you ever sleep ?

  35. Help all Your oldie is beautiful SANDRA I love the soft gold Not bought any if that and I don't remember seeing any samples at AP in it either so not seen it close up It dies look a lot more than mirri It has it's occasions but I rarely use it these days The soft gold looks far superior
    Internet will be very hit and miss over the next couple of days and have scheduled my post (fingers crossed) We are staying in a beautiful farm cottage and the back garden rivals Patricia's!
    Well done to Beth I've not had a chance to read many of the comments So I wish you all goodnight Hope to visit tomorrow xx

    1. Karenlotty, you have a wonderful weekend. hope the weather is on it's best behaviour !
      See you soon......
      good night xx

  36. Hi Sandra and all the night owls !
    Well it's taken me ages to read the comments but I decided to post at the end otherwise I get lost finding where I was! Sheila mt love so sorry you are feeling low today, I hope you managed to get out and enjoy a change of scenery. I agree with the others don't let these so called friends rip you off again and the garage can wait until you are stronger. I'm trying to think of the name of the charity we gave a lot of tools to when my dad died, we had dad's tools and two grandads worth plus a couple of uncles! We shared some out with family and there were a few sentimental pieces but the rest went to a charity where they clean them up or fix them and send them to Africa so people cab make a living. I'm sure your local church or COB will help you. Sending you a big hug my love xxx
    Sandra your peel off tip was great, must try that thank you. Xx
    Well my friend popped over with her lunch today and she told me of the stresses of SATS week at school. We caught up on a bit of news too. It's lovely, I have quite a few friends from school that pop in with their lunch and have a cup per and natter. It's a bit like this blog, they can have a moan in private! Well I didn't get Julian a present in the end. We had a quick chat before he went to work and he reminded me we had decided to save our money and but ourselves something lovely when we are on holiday. After 23 years we run out if things to buy! I'm sure some flowers will arrive tomorrow too and we are going out for a meal in our favourite restaurant where we had our first date and he proposed a year later.
    It sounds like everyone has been busy again today. I've been trying to catch up with sewing - not got very far! Well I must say night night, just nodded off and iPad hit my nose so rather sore!
    Take care everyone. Night night sleep tight xxx love Diane vxxxxx

    1. Oh Diane your poor little nose, hope it's not a big one in the morning.oops it's already is but you know what I mean.
      Lovely to meet up with friends and have a natter,glad you had a nice time
      If it's your Anniversary , I wish you both congrats. and have a wonderful day !
      Nigh,night xx