Tuesday 31 August 2021

Another card in my favourite colour


Good Morning Ladies, 

We didn't go to the supermarket until late in the day yesterday,  the weather was lovely in the morning so we went to the beach, the sea was so rough that going in wasn't an option, in fact the Beach Bar/Bistro had put huge builders bags of sand as a defence along the beach in front of their set up, there was a roped off walkway to get past the bar to the rest of the beach which was about five feet wide,  as we walked onto the beach, we walked towards the bar (as we usually go the other side as the beach is quieter) but the sea had totally washed away the entire walkway, the builders bags are nowhere near the bar, one of them has been totally washed away, if the storm that they havd forecast tonight does the same damage I imagine the metal containers that the bar is constructed in will be afloat!!  We did think that they would have been shoring up the defences today but they seemed oblivious!  Stay tuned for the next update...

Janet, we will be thinking of Jim today, I'm sure it will be as successful as the other eye.  Paul's eyes are perfect for seeing distance,  they put corrective lens in for his prescription, they did offer him the option of having a varifocal lens so that he wouldn't need a prescription for close up, but as soon as he was told that it was an extra £1000 per eye, he quickly declined.  He begrudged paying £2000 each eye to begin with, but with the benefit of hindsight had we not have gone private he may still be waiting as the ended up even taking over the private hospital for Covid patients.  There is no price too high when it comes to your eyesight.  Give Jim our love and let him know he is in our thoughts. I can't believe we have another Octagenerian in our Blog Family, that has to be 3 if not 4. !! Are you having a party? XXX

Today's card is one I actually made for the Embossing folder challenge,  I embossed a piece of Just Jade card with the 'Macrame ' embossing folder from Stampin Up,  instead of just adding it flat I sliced it up into different widths and pieced it back together on the card base, adding foam pads to raise the background up for extra interest.  I fussy cut the plant pots out of the 'Bloom Where You Grow' Dsp and added some colour to the edges to disguise the cut lines, the sentiment is from the matching stamp set.  A quick and simple card that looks really effective. 

I will finish here as we need to get ready to go shopping,  the big supermarkets here are amazing to walk around,  their fish counters are incredible,  everything is so fresh, it doesn't smell at all, I can hardly believe there are that many varieties of fish, I will try and take a photo.  The bakery is somewhere very dangerous too!!! 😳 

I hope you all enjoy this last day of August, our weather is expected to be unsettled today, so we may stay in bed past 7am for the first time this holiday!! 

Love and hugs to you all,




  1. Great card SANDRA It works well for both challenges
    I hope everything goes well for JIM today Take care
    Did the storm pass OK? Did you have to shut everything in the caravan?
    I am always fascinated by supermarkets overseas too They are vast and like you say everything is so fresh When I stayed with a friend they even had members of staff to help us numpties that couldn’t speak Spanish
    I hope to make a couple of cc’s this afternoon I am eagerly awaiting some crafty post too!
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Fantastic card today, love it 😊
    Janet, thinking of you and Jim today, hope all goes ok xx
    Hope you weren’t hit too hard by the storm last night Sandra and everything is ok there this morning.
    Hoping to start a card today, but am struggling to decide what colour to use - don’t think I have a firm favourite!
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi ladies.
    Lovely card Sandra. Sweet with the plant pots and a nice green again.
    Good luck Jim , hoping that it's all goes well.
    Sonia, I have the same problem because I like many different colours too 🤭
    Hoping to make something this afternoon.
    Are in town MK at the moment. It's raining outside so we walking around the centre and had to stop for a little brunch, as you do.
    Love shopping in Spain, the indoor markets are amazing. Have a great day at the beach and hopefully you will not have too much of the storms. Dreadful what happened in Louisiana, poor people have lost everything.
    Have a nice day and many hugs to you all 🤗 xx

  4. Hello, dull here today, so no sitting in the sun.
    Had another blood test done this afternoon, not sure what for, neither was the nurse, got it sorted in the end.

    Sandra another great card, love the plants and their pots.

    Janet hope Jim’s eye opp. Went well, and you are both home safe and sound.

    Not much else happening here, might have a go at a card tomorrow. Hugs Lilian