Monday 7 June 2021

Lilian's 'Things with Wings' Challenge card


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

Well I thought we were going to end up having a lazy day recharging our batteries yesterday after the weather forecast warned us of heavy rain showers,  we had a bit of a drizzly start to the day but by noon it had stopped raining and we were out gardening straight away, we are planting out a lot off the flowers that we have grown, although I have never really been a huge fan of bedding plants, I prefer planting things that will last more than a few months, but we have a lot of Begonias,  Diamthus, marigold, lobelia etc so we were busy getting all of those in ( well when i say 'we' I mean me) Paul's not a fan of planting out, so he was busy tackling the weeds that have appeared with all the rain!  

Today's card is Lilian's Challenge card, I didn’t receive it on Saturday so didn't add it to the blog for Sunday,  so as I always promise,  If you go to the trouble of making a card then I will be sharing it, so today that beautiful challenge card gets a day to itself!! 

Lilian has used an old StampinUp stamp set called 'Butterfly Basics' it features those lovely ferns and butterflies and a pretty wildflower too.  Before stamping the main focus of the card Lilian has used a mask and ink to create that soft but effective background,  the ferns were stamped on the left side of the card, Lilian then cut and coloured the rest of the elements and arranged them around the ferns. 

Your card is beautiful Lilian,  you have used one of my favourite stamp sets too.  Thank you so much for taking part my lovely XXX 

Ladies I hope that you a have a lovely day, 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Third attempt at commenting.
    Lilian-what a lovely card, perfect for any occasion.

    We had a busy day yesterday-Hubby washed both cars then cut the grass. The housework took me all morning so I sat outside after lunch reading & hubby watched the Grand Prix.


  2. Beautiful card LILIAN
    Thank you ladies for taking part in the challenge
    We didn’t do much yesterday apart from go to JL to return something and go to opticians to loosen my exceptionally tight specs and hoped OH’s were ready
    Pottered about a bit later Watched a few videos on snap fasteners- did you know you can make them with a metal measuring tape! I bought some at a craft show years ago Had a go at making a purse but made it too wide for the fastener and in denim too which made it to thick to handle Out came the Velcro instead I now have a pouch for my earphones! I didn’t want to mess about with a zip I might try again
    Today is the anniversary of my my mum’s passing So will visit her grave later and lay flowers I think about her every day and miss her like crazy
    Take care all xxx

  3. Hi ladies
    A lovely card Lilian.
    It was dull yesterday morning but then we had lovely sunshine. Light rain was forecast from 3.00 but none materialised. I sat watching the triathlons that took place in Leeds yesterday afternoon. I then pottered about in the garden. Once the hedge is cut on Wed I’ll try and get the pots that my tulips in up to the top of the garden with the truck thing I had from Doreen’s. I think my begonias are dead. Your supposed to lift them every year. But over the last couple of years they’ve got to big for me to get them out of the pots. If not it’ll be a job for someone when I see them.
    Take care and stay safe.

  4. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card Lilian, love the butterflies 😊
    Sounds like you had another busy day in the garden, I can imagine it looks lovely after all of your hard work. Still waiting to be able to go to a garden centre with Mark to pick out some plants - if I’m not working on a weekend, he’s got a gig, so not had a chance yet.
    Hopefully do some crafting today after I’ve sorted out the laundry.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi ladies.
    Beautiful card Lilian, love the fern and all the butterflies.
    Have not done much today,funny tummy so slept a lot today.
    Started on cc,🙈 that's a first,usually starting on Thursday if lucky :D
    Hoping to get to Ikea tomorrow so hopefully will have a better night.
    Hope you all had a nice day. Sorry being so late. Many hugs xx