Friday 30 April 2021

Your Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Well thank goodness it's the weekend, I am fed up of laying on the bed all on my own, Paul is working from home today so I will have some company, although I am hoping that I can get up and at least sit at my desk today.  I really wanted to yesterday but I was here on my own and had been instructed to stay put, which was the right thing to do, I know this because Paul made spaghetti Bolognese for dinner and I wasn't going to attempt eating that on white bed linen, so Paul helped me get to the table in the kitchen to eat, I managed ok perched on the edge of one of the tall chairs we have but after a few minutes my knee was throbbing and swelling so it was straight back to laying with it elevated!!  I spent most of the day watching the Craft Store, even that got a bit tiresome after a while.  Not sure what is on the cards for us this weekend, not a lot for me, probably a lot of pointing and managing!  I'm not even sure what the weather is going to be like this weekend.  Have any of you got plans??

Your Next Challenge

Right ladies I want you to get your 'pinny' (apron) on get your hair tied back and your sleeves rolled up !!! .....That's right I want you to get messy, have fun, get all of those ink sprays and spritzers out, your Pixie powders, Brusho's, Acrylic or Watercolour paints, what ever you fancy, just get it out and have some fun making cards or backgrounds or pretty much anything you like!  I really fancy starting an 'Art Journal'  I have no idea where to start or what to do, I just really like the look of them.   If you don't have anything in the way of 'messy' mediums you can use dies or stamps I guess, I would love you to have a go though even if its just a few flicks of a posca pen!  
I may revisit some of the techniques that I have tried in the past like 'caught in crystal' or the Baby wipe technique. 
The cards above are made using a variety of techniques 1)  stamping a messy background  2) Acrylic paint 3)  Acrylic paint, watered down pva, texture paste 4) Brusho's .
I loved making all of them.  I have seen lots of cards from you all that has some kind of messy background, maybe just use Distress Oxides!  I really hope that you enjoy taking part in this challenge, I am so excited to see what you will all make.  

I get so worried when I set these challenges, wondering if you will enjoy taking part, this challenge for instance has me worried that some of you don''t really do anything messy/inky.  But then I think that it is actually called a 'challenge' so I hope that even if it isn't your most favourite form of crafting you will have a go, get some inks and stamps out and have fun.

Right I am going to close now as it's 2.30 am (I thought that I had written this blog post but I hadn't finished it) and I don't want the light from my laptop keeping the walrus next to me awake!! 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra xxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-great challenge and some lovely cards as inspiration.
    I hope your knee is soon better and you can enjoy the Bank holiday weekend.

    The weather is much cooler here but the forecast is ok for the weekend, raining from Bank Holiday Monday though. I don’t mind as it’s 3 days off work!!


  2. Morning Everyone
    Oh I'm definitely going to be out of my comfort zone this week. I never can bring myself to 'messy' craft so definitely a large challenge for me.

    I'm off early this morning for my second injection so fingers crossed all goes as well as my first.I am more nervous this time for some reason.

    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

    1. Hope your second jab goes as well as the first Janet.

  3. Great challenge SANDRA I have a few “experiments” that I could add to eg stencil stamping texture paste
    I hope you get your knee sorted today and have called 111 at least
    I am glad it’s Friday and there’s the long weekend ahead We have glorious weather at the moment I hope it stays that way
    Take care all xx

    1. Have a nice long weekend Karen. Are you seeing the little ones ? Hope we can meet up soon again,hugs xx

  4. Hi everyone
    Great challenge for next week, and I love your inspiring cards.
    Fingers crossed your knee starts to improve soon xx
    Hope everyone has a good day and enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi everyone.
    Hoping to join in next week. Not that I have a big space to be messy in but might give my pixie powders an airing. You have made some wonderful cards to inspire us all.
    Cold but sunny out today. Off to the hand clinic and then hoping for a walk or a trip to Frost, even if I can't do any planting at the moment I do love seeing the flowers and if the cafe' is open to have a cuppa and people watching once again.
    Sandra- take it easy. You do nothing this weekend, just rest that knee and if worse do see the doc !
    Janet- good luck with vaccine nr:2. Hope you are alright.
    Lynda- lovely to hear from you. Hope you can post on the blog soon again.Missing you.
    Lilian- hope your back getting better.
    Cheryl-looking forward to see what you making on your sewing machine. Hope you feeling alright.
    Michele- enjoy your day's off and Sonia, can't remember if you working or are off but have a good weekend.
    Best get a wiggle on, OH is waiting to go but I wish you all a nice day and sending hugs to you all who are visiting the cafe' today xxx

    1. Hope the hand clinic goes well Maria. Enjoy your trip to frosts.

  6. Morning Ladies,

    Gorgeous cards Sandra, love the techniques and I'm certainly up for trying some of them.

    Another sunny day here in Somerset, yesterday was quite bright too after the rain though we did have some more late evening. Anyhoos the garden looks nice and fresh again after their big watering. I knew it would rain after I had watered all the pot plants.

    Gong to see how much of the lounge I can get spring cleaned today. It's a good job I have all the furniture in those cup things that slide across the bare floor, they make it so easy to push the bigger items out of the way. I have found some wood floor cleaning wipes that I hope will work as well as the Johnson's Soapy Wood cleaner did. I cannot that product anywhere even on the web draws a blank. Tomorrow I am planning to deep clean my glass cabinet. It is 6ft tall, 4ft wide and all glass with a white bottom and top, so a lot of cleaning there. I don't understand how dust can line the shelves when the door is permamently shut? One of life's mysteries to ponder methinks.

    Hope you are all well and recovering from various aches and pains, may your day become kinder to you.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  7. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Great examples on show today.
    Quite dull here today bd not very much wind. Hope the long weekend will be ok weather wise as I haven’t looked at the weather forecast yet.
    It doesn’t sound like your knees improving Sandr does it.
    I hope everyone has a good weekend.
    Take care and stay safe.

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A great challenge this week. As you say it is a challenge so it will be good to see what everyone comes up with. Love all of your examples. I hope you managed to get some sleep my lovely xx
    Maria I hope you get on ok at the hand clinic then you can sit back and people watch at the garden centre xx
    Lyndahavr you got a date for knee surgery yet? I hope they get it sorted very soon xx
    Paperwork has to be done first today....☹️ then who knows but at least we have a lovely sunny day here. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Sandra, Lynda, Mum, Maria, Lilian and all in need. Take care xx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely examples for next weeks challenge. I need to clear the decks - again - if I’m going to get messy. Have made a card for this weeks challenge, but it’s gone in the bin. Why is it when you have a clear vision in your head and it looks great, it just looks a mess in reality. Will try again in the morning.
    Hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend, we have no plans but to be honest I haven’t got the energy to be doing very much anyway. I blame the weather , it just feels like winter still. I just look forward to some nice bright warm weather. Oh well Pigs might fly.!!
    Take care everyone and stay safe and warm.
    Love Brenda xxx