Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Margarets Birthday Card for Brenda

Good Morning Ladies,

How can it be Wednesday already?? My craft room style looks like I have been burgled, where I have been rummaging through numerous boxes of bits, there is also the chaos left over from my last few days of 'panic crafting' as I got ready for the Onstage event.  I got loads of different boxes out looking for things to go inside my 'Pocket Letter'.
Have any of you ever made a Pocket Letter?  they are fun and I think that originally they were a 'Penpal' kind of thing, you had to include a note upon which you described your self and what crafts you were into.
You fill them with little craft embellishments, I put some Charms in, some Ephemera, mostly Tim Holtz tickets, you can include bits of stationary too, pretty paperclips, adhesive Gems and Pearls, samples of Washi tape, tags, I also put some narrow lace trim in.  I think that Danielle is going to do a YouTube video on mine and I will on hers.
So I have to pack all of those boxes away again and straighten everything up, otherwise there will be no room for Sue to craft if she comes over this week.

Today's beautiful card is the card that Margaret made for Brenda for her birthday last week.
Margaret has used the Floral Frames stamp set from Stampin'Up! to create that beautiful floral frame image, which Margaret has coloured beautifully with her Watercolour Pencils and Blender Pen (I think).  The sentiment is from the fabulous Painted Glass stamp set, the font is amazing, it goes with those Vellum panels that I used on a few different cards in August, I think the font works as well for masculine cards as it does for pretty girly cards.
Margaret has punched her sentiment with the Pretty Label Punch and popped some foam pads on the back, raising it up slightly so that it stands out.
Margaret then matted and layered her card with Marina Mist card, which is the same colour as she used on her stamped Image.
An absolutely stunning card, I think this is one of your best Margaret, I love it and I know Brenda did too.  I think that we should share this on our Team page on Facebook too.

Floral Frames

Painted Glass

These are the stamp sets that Margaret used to create her lovely card.

Well I am going to be mostly making ATC's and tidying my craft room today, what are you all up to??  

Whatever it is I hope that you have a good day,

Sending love and hugs to all,



  1. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. What a lovely card, I love the delicate colours you have used on that pretty stamp, your colouring is great too Mum. Love you xx
    Sandra, I will be thinking of you tidying your craft today my lovely wishing I was there to help you. I hope you managed to get some sleep
    last night xx
    I'm not feeling so good so a quiet day for me again. Thinking of you all. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you for lovely comments, sorry to hear you still feel poorly, take care love

    2. Sorry to hear you not well, sending you hugs and hope you soon feel better. Take care xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    What a beautiful card from Margaret -no wonder you want to share it Brenda.

    Very busy day yesterday and quite a few problems. I was contacted by work last night (8:40pm) so I’ve hardly slept as I kept thinking about work! I’m hoping today will be a quieter day -I’m meant to be on a Management day so fingers crossed. Tonight I’m off out for a meal -there’s 8 of us meeting up so it should be fun evening.


    1. Michele hope today is easier for you. Thank you for your comment on my

  3. Morning ladies,

    Stunning card Margaret, the flowers look so delicately coloured.

    My friend Doreen came round yesterday to borrow some Christmas and Expressions stamps to start her cards off. Our craft session had been cancelled due to the demonstrator being ill so we had chance to rummage through a couple of drawers full of stamps collected since I had my craft room. Most of them are freebies from magazines, not best pleased with some so once Cannington Christmas & Christmas is out of the way and the New Year starts I shall be trying some out and decluttering if they are not up to par. Milly-May will have a box of her own stamps, I haven't taught her yet how to stamp so she can practice with them before I let her loose on my SU and other higher quality stamps.

    Finished my ATC's last night so they will be winging their way to Sue in this morning's post and I shall try to finish this week's Challenge card.

    Finally got the referral letter for my heart problem and rang the number to make my appointment. Seven hospitals to choose from, the furthest away was Shepton Mallet Centre. I have heard from many of it's excellence but it is over an hour and half car journey away whereas Musgrove Taunton is only 10 miles and Pete had such excellent service from their Cardiac Centre that it is a no brainer for me to choose there. Only drawback is the wait...4 months! So my appointment is in mid March. 'Good grief' I said to the receptionist 'I could have heart attack waiting', her response was 'that was the normal wait for all the other hospitals on the list' Cest la vie, at least I have one so anyone with flu/cold/stomach bugs are going to be told text, message or call me don't visit. Harsh I know, but I can't take any chances now.

    Enjoy your days whatever it is you are doing

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      My word that is a long time to wait. Let’s hope you stay well in the meantime. I had a 2 week referral to the Churchill for my hand. So all the horrible bits need cutting out again. They weren’t able to do it there and then as they had a few people waiting already. Please do this soon it said on my referral for it to be done. 3 weeks later I haven’t had an appointment. I’m hoping to pop over to Sandra’s for a couple of hours so I’ll ring them when I get home. Sophie ( one of my granddaughters) will pop in to make sure Pete is ok. She’s not working this week.

    2. Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you for your lovely comments on my card.
      Sorry you have such a long wait for appointment, the same thing happened with me, 2 weeks ago I had a call from physio dept about a home visit, which was supposed to happen when I first came home in June, when I said that it had just been arranged for me to go to Hip Classes she said "Can I manage the stairs" & decided to cross me off her list.
      Hope you manage to steer clear of all

    3. That's a long time to wait for an appointment, hope you stay well until then. Have a nice day xx

    4. What a long wait, hope you manage to stay well in the meantime.xx

  4. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful birthday card you made MARGARET. I'm not at all surprised that BRENDA wanted to share it. Truly beautiful.

    CHERYL- as you say at least you have an appointment but it is such a long time to wait. Take care and stay calm Deear Friend.

    Well we're off out this evening (something we very rarely do these days) to the theatre in Sheffield. It is a birthday present Jim had so we're off to see 'Gypsy' at the Lyceum. We having a taxi as it would be a real problem for me using public transport. It would mean a mixture of car/tram into Sheffield and also long and difficult walks. It is also virtually impossible to park close to the theatre too so taxi there and back it is.

    We have a very dam and wet start to the day here. The CAFE is OPEN and ready for all callers. There's a bin for brollies by the door today. HUGS are winging their way to you all. Take care xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      No brollies reqd here as it’s nice and sunny here today. We have the workmen here replacing our lawn with an artificial one.

    2. Hi Janet,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. Enjoy the theatre tonight & why not be dropped at the door you deserve

    3. Enjoy the theater tonight. Let me know if it's any good. Love going to the theater xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra thank you for showing my card, I can see me using this stamp a lot. yes you are right I used my watercolour pencils & blending pen, they are lovely to use. Of course you can share it with facebook page. Sorry to hear Sue will not be with you today hope you manage your tidy
    Pat hope your appointment comes through soon, hugs to you
    Sending hugs to Lilian & Sue & anybody else who needs them love

    1. Beautiful card you made for Brenda Margaret. Glad we got to see it. Hugs for you and Pop xx

    2. Lovely card for Brenda Margaret.

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Hope you manage to get some order with your crafting papers and other stuff, it doesn't take long to make it into a bomb site does it :>)
    It's a nice day here but feeling so so tired. Nothing been done here today then a bit of housework and tv watching.
    Hope you all have a good day whatever you are doing. Hugs to all and extras for you who need some xxxx

    1. Hi Maria
      I’ve also been feeling tired this week. Mind you Pete’s not got up until 7.00 for the last few days. So I’ve been getting a bit more sleep. Mind you he insists tomorrow is Friday.

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    It’s lovely to see my beautiful birthday card from Margaret on the blog today, as I look up across the room I can also see it for real (OK I’m milking this birthday - but why not) it is so pretty, the Floral Frames stamp is gorgeous. Margaret Thank you.xx
    We we were planning a quiet day today, I started the day doing two machine loads of washing, then we went shopping, when we returned home we had lunch, after we had finished OH got the washing In, it was perfect for ironing, so that was what I did, now that’s all sorted.
    JANET Hope you enjoyed the theatre, great you were able to have door to door
    service. xx
    PAT Sending you lots of caring hugs xx

    Love to all, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      A lovely card from Margaret. Thanks for the hugs. I hope we all get to meet up soon.

    2. Brenda thank you for your kind comments, I am glad you liked it. Sounds as if you have had a busy day, take

  8. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Same as yesterday I haven't been able to publish again. I have tried three times it's so frustrating. So hoping this publishes.
    MARGARET a stunning card you have made for Brenda's birthday love the stamp sets you have used. Your colouring is is beautiful,
    SANDRA how's the tidying of your craft room going hope you've broken the back of it now.looking forward to seeing your pocket letter from Dannii & all your on stage goodies you got Saturday
    MARIA hope you feel better & not so tired tomorrow but I'm the same can't stop yawning sending you some wide awake Hug's lol.
    I had dentist this morning £23 as soon as I booked in. She said any problems.i told her one tooth at the back is a bit tender not aching well I had two choises see how it goes of have it extractead. So I've left it for now. & that was my £23 appointment. For 9 months.
    I was hoping to get in craft room Terry had a rubbish dump to do. So had some lunch first. Then Margaret turned up to pick her parcels up. She stayed three hours. So it was six by then manage to send Sandra my bit bag. Then had dinner to do.So must get in tomorrow & get CC made.
    Hug's all round extra for PAT PETE LILIAN MARIA & SUE xx
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Lynda. Hope your tooth does not play

    2. Hi Lynda
      I hope your tooth doesn’t play you up to much. Tganks for the hugs.