Saturday, 22 September 2018

Mixed Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

Ohhh exciting day today, we get to see everyone's Ally Pally Shopping!!

But before that I want to share the beautiful gift I received from Lilian for my birthday, Lilian called it a 'Mug Rug',  I would never put any mug on it though, it's just too lovely to spoil. Lilian your machine stitching is just so perfect, I love the quilted effect, it will be going on display in my craft room along side some of the other beautiful gifts I have received, thank you for such an amazing gift, you are so thoughtful and kind xxxx

Now onto the shopping...….


Cheryl didn't go to Ally Pally but that didn't stop her from Shopping, Cheryl got all four of these stamp sets from a 'Craft Declutter' group on Facebook, some lovely stamp sets there Cheryl, I look forward to seeing what you make.  You have had some amazing bargains from that group!
Thanks so much for sharing. 


I told you that Lynda had done a 'Supermarket Sweep'!!  She managed to get all of this shopping in about and hour and a half!! 
I think that you did an amazing job Lynda, you have bought some lovely goodies. You got some lovely stamps, embossing folders too, a good range of Basics including card and Storage.
The Octagon Die was an amazing price from 'A Crafty Place', too good to leave it behind!
I am looking forward to seeing what you make with all of this Lynda, thank you so much for sharing.


Margaret enjoyed her first full day out since having her accident earlier this year,  she made the most of being able to do some Crafty shopping too, she bought a set of John Lockwood's stamps, it looks like mixed Christmas images.  I love that Vintage scene stamp you have bought too, those little books of toppers are amazing, they have cute animal images on ready made toppers, you just need to pop them onto a card base with a bit of matching card.
Some craft essentials too including card blanks, double sided tape!
Thanks for sharing your shopping Margaret.


Sadly we didn't get to see Maria, I know that Terry really missed you Maria, you are his favourite hug I think!! 😜
You bought some lovely things Maria, are those your first Distress Oxide inks?  you chose some lovely colours!  I love your cute Snowman stamp, you got some lovely embossing folders too,
You bought the same Sue Wilson Background that I did, I have been playing with it today, it extends really easily.  I look forward to seeing your Christmas makes my lovely.


Thank goodness that you took your little trolley with you Brenda, you really did well with your shopping! Some lovely 3D Embossing Folders, Inkyliscious Brushes (they are amazing) and you managed to get an MDF Stand for yours too, such a great ides, I have mine in a draw. I stood for a while admiring all the different Clarity pads, they have some stunning patterns, including patterned Vellum.  
Did you see the card that Sue had made with glitter in the background of that Arch Window style die, it really sparkled!  I love your Inkyliscious stamps too, they had some stunning samples on their stand, Emma was doing some great demo's too. If you type their name into YouTube some of their videos come up, so you can have a refresh! 
You have so lovely new goodies, I look forward to seeing what you make with them.


Sue bought so gold and silver paper, a selection of card from a new Company called Hawksbill, they supply card, in every weight and colour you can think of, they are relatively new on the craft market. All of the card and paper seemed to be really food quality too, I look forward to hearing from Sue if it was ok to work with.  Sue also got one of those Animal card toppers, they will be perfect for using with the girls or Beavers for making quick cards.
Some embossing powder from Honey Doo finished Sue's shopping, you did really well Sue, thank you so much for sharing your shopping.


Michele couldn't make it to Ally Pally either, she also sold some things on Ebay and had money in her Paypal,   So she decided to 'blow it'  with some BARGAIN shopping from CraftStash!!!
The Penguin die was free with any order through Craftstash last weekend,  the Sentiment Stamps were also free, with an offer on 'Diecutting Essentials' magazine, with those two bargains in her trolley/basket Michele qualified for Free postage for the two items that she did 'actually' want to buy!
So our Bargain Queen strikes again!
Thank you so much Michele.

My Shopping

The above goodies where the items I bought from Ally Pally last weekend, I have been after a Tim Holtz Spritzer since Karen did a review, I can't to have a go with it!  I also really needed some more pads for my blending tool, so picked some of those up.  The rest of my shopping came from the 'A Crafty Place' stand at Ally Pally, as I said before they had great prices and were such a lovely couple I couldn't resist!  

I ordered these three sets of Sue Wilson's Festive collection for A Crafty Place's online shop, the shipping was really fast too, my favourite die is that 'Angelina' label die, it's so delicate and actually can be used all year around as there isn't anything particularly Christmas about it, I was playing with it yesterday. I thought that the other two dies would make lovely backgrounds.  It's been a while since I bought so many of Sue's dies.!!

last but not least are some of my recent Stampin'Up! stamp sets, I couldn't resist the Reindeers, I love both the pattern and the style of the deer.  I bought matching dies to all of these stamp sets too! The Christmas tree has detail that cuts into it, making it look dimensional, I just couldn't resist, I am a sucker for a tree stamp and die! 
Last up is the 'Merry Christmas To All' stamp set, it has a set of dies with it too, they cut out the Words: Merry/Happy Christmas/Holidays, they work perfectly with the other stamped sentiments. I used them on the card I made the other day.

In the words of the late Bruce Forsythe ''Didn't they do well!!?, so much lovely shopping, I wonder how much we collectively spent?!
Thank you ladies for photographing your shopping and sending it in for me to share with everyone.

Have a lovely weekend ladies, however you are spending it.

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Hi everyone.

    WOW, WOW, and WOW again ladies. What a bumper bundle of shopping this week. I can see some brilliant cards being shown in the next few months.
    LILIAN the mug rug you made for Sandra is so beautiful. Far too lovely to place a mug on.x

    Off out cleaning an apartment with Lynn this morning then meeting my friend for a coffee. First though I'm just off out with Gracie for our morning walk. It's still too hot later on to take her out. It got up to 40 degrees on our patio yesterday. I hope this doesn't mean we're in for a bad winter.

    Have a good Saturday everyone.
    KAREN enjoy your Salsa weekend.
    Love Valxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your Mug Rug from Lilian is absolutely beautiful. I don’t blame you not wanting to use it, it’s for too Special to be “used”.

    What an amazing selection of crafty goodies on display today. I’m hoping to get some crafting done this morning once I’ve popped down to the butchers. We’re off to see F in L this afternoon which means we’ll be home late-early evening.
    Hubby has to go out & buy a new computer yesterday as the screen on his went black then nothing worked at all. Quick dash into Liverpool to the Apple shop to find a massive queue which he eventually realised was because lots of people were collecting up their new phones! New computer is sitting in the box & will be installed tomorrow morning.not what we needed to pay for just before our holiday. We’re off to Dubai for some R&R- 8 days of it!!


    1. Ooh I love Dubai My second most favourite (after Cuba) place to visit Enjoy your R&R Have you been before?
      What a shame Phill’s computer needed replacing I hope your FIL is ok when you visit


  3. Morning ladies,

    My oh my, what wonderful ally Pally shopping you have all done. Well done with your bargains, like Sandra I can't wait to see your resulting crafts/cards.

    As Sandra mentioned, my shopping bargains were from Craft Declutter.They are my Birthday present from Pete and cost £5 each brand new and never used.
    I am setting one weekend aside next month to have a play and make whatever takes my fancy with them and all the others sets and free inks I bought with the SU promotion last month or July, I can't remember now.

    Off to visit Mum tomorrow, Dad will be out for his railway trip, he helps to organize a Poppy Train trip to raise extra funding for Poppy Day. We have been on it several times over the years but tomorrow will be first time Mum & I will have 'girly' time together for quite a long time. With all of us retired we usually end up going out together so it will be a good treat for both of us.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Enjoy your time with your mum It’ll be very precious

  4. Some lovely lovely buys from AP
    I love my spritzer bottle SANDA So I hope you like it too I have just bought more foam pads from JS as I now put a hooky Velcro disc on the bottom of each DO pad and store one for each colour that way
    For a big hotel the WIFI is awful 2x 20 minutes free slots per 24 hours Good to meet up with some old friends We can chat in the bar and actually hear each other as there’s no loud music!
    LILIAN Your mug rug is stupendous and far to nice for its purpose Can I come and have a sewing lesson with you please
    Take care all xx

    1. PS The spritzer bottle can be locked for transportation xx

    2. Many thanks Karen. My friend opened your letter and there are lots of suits in there. You're very kind sending them for

    3. You are very welcome VAL I’ll love k forward to seeing your Makes with them

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Mug rug from Lilian is absolutely Beautiful. You are so good at sewing and the poppy is lovely. Hope your cold is getting better Lilian.
    Oh my what a lot of shopping, yes didn't we do well and not too many the same. Lynda must have had her roller skates on to have time to get all that shopping in such a short time. I have used the grid on a Birthday card and it looks good even as debossed even if it was by mistake. Looking forward to see some great cards and mixed mediums from it all. I have some Oxides before and it was by cheer chance I didn't get the same as I left the list at home.
    Struggling today with the cooler day so need a blanket around me or I stiffening up too much. Hope to finish some cards later that need posting Monday.
    Have a nice weekend everyone whatever you are doing. Karen, enjoy your day dancing. Dubai sound lovely Michele, Have a wonderful Holiday. take care, many hugs xxx

  6. Hello All, very very wet here today, also very cold, winter woollens out today.

    R is playing for a wedding today, shame the weather is so bad, hope she hasn’t got bare arms and shoulders that seem to be the rage these days.

    My mug is mostly down to my machine, takes quite a time with all the cutting of the different fabrics, they are washable as they are made of cotton. Glad you liked it Sandra.

    Wowser lot of shopping today, was hoping to go to our show at Exeter next week but will see how my cold is.

    Have some wallflower to pot up, so I’d better get on. Hugs to all Lilian

  7. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra your mug rug from Lilian is beautiful, I agree it is to9 good to use, the poppy really stands out. Sandra thank you for sharing with us, also for showing all our shopping, Lynda had the shortest time but didn't waste a
    Lilian you are so talented you seem to turn your hand to anything, well done. Hope your clears so you can go to
    It has been wet & cold all day, but I drove for the first tine so another step forward.��
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  8. Hello again Sandra & all.
    My comment has once again disappeared that I did this morning.
    Wow Lilian your mug mat is amazing you made for Sandra's birthday your so clever. Well some very good shopping at AP I'm not sure how I managed to get mine done in such a short time don't think I was on roller skates MARIA I had a motorised skate board 🤣🤣 I had to be quick before CU came back in.🤓
    MARGARET so pleased you drove your car for first since your accident well done.
    It is Terry's birthday today haven't done much just had a relaxing day. We've had heavy rain & strong winds & cold ⛈💨☔️💦
    Have a lovely holiday MICHELE Enjoy Dubai you deserve it.
    Big Hug's Love Lynda xx

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY !! Hope he have had a good day and not just the flu jab xxx

    2. Happy Birthday Terry, a bit late, hope it was a good one.

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a fantastic amount of shopping, Lynda we must have similar tastes we have a few similar items.

    LILLIAN I love the Mug Rug you made for Sandra it’s beautiful, I also would not have the heart to put a mug on it. You really are a multi talented lady.

    We had a text from granddaughter, she is in her student accommodation, and parents have left, she said she is Ok. !!! This is the hardest part, we talked about how she would feel, so hopefully she will be fine. There are five others in this apartment, I’m sure they are all trying to settle in. Hope they all get on.

    Hope everyone has had a good day. Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  10. Hi all, I am a little green with envy as I have not been part of the Ally Pally shopping spree. In fact, what is Ally Pally? And how can I get involved the next time? Where is it? It looks amazing and the bargains you ladies all got were fabulous. I love a bargain myself too. Craft Stash is a favourite of mine too. Had chemo again yesterday, everything ok apart from Red Blood Cell Count a little low - so thats a couple of glasses of red wine for me then LOL! I have been asleep most of the day as it has knocked me for six again. I am going to try and get the Tic Tac Toe card challenge completed tomorrow if possible. xx

    1. Hi Lorraine, sending you a hug and hope you feeling better after some glasses of wine :<)
      Ally Pally as we call it is Alexandra Palace, a beautiful building in North London which have a ice rink in one end and in the other using it for different exhibitions and we trying to go twice a year for their Craft Shows. As you can see we are pretty poor afterwards but it is so worth it and especially if we can go on the same day and have lunch together. Where do you live Lorraine ? Would you be able to join us next time ? Now take care and have a nice Sunday xx