Saturday, 13 January 2018

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome to our weekly mixed Craft display, we have a lovely variety of crafts this week from Needlecraft to paper cutting.


Lynda turned a cheap cup from a Charity shop into this stunning work of art, I believe this is Lynda's fist attempt at a Floating Tea cup, you did and amazing job Lynda, you have the perfect mix of flowers butterflies and pretty beads, it is so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing XXX


Michele did a bit of crap shopping, all bargains of course, the first three dies are on order from eBay, all very useful dies, particularly the Vertical sentiment, if I know you Michele I bet these three dies didn't come to much more than £5 !! Lol
The Christmas Tree die was £1:00.  I know you will make some amazing cards with these dies.  Thank you for sharing XXX


Karen, you are so talented, I absolutely love this Knitted scarf, it's so different, it looks such a complicated pattern though. 
Karen saw the idea on Wendy (Spanish Crafter)'s blog and decided to download the pattern and have a go.  The pattern is on a website called Hiya Something for Saturday I saw it on VAL’s friend, Wendy’s blog Spanishcrafter on 24th Dec The actual pattern is very vague but by following the photos it was very easy The website is   and just search Celtic knot scarf.  I think I might have a go at this Karen, thank you so much for the amazing inspiration XXX


Our Janet has been very good at trying new crafts this new year, first of all it was the Paper Cutting, which I think looks amazing and way too intricate. The Magnificent Cockerel is Janet's latest piece, boy Janet that looks like it took hours, it would look lovely framed.
The coloured Stamped images are Janet's newest craft venture, using Watercolour Pens, the colours are amazing Janet, so bright and vibrant, still think it's amazing that a year or so ago you weren't really a stamper! I can't wait to see these coloured images made into cards.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your crafts with our friends. XXX

An amazing line up today ladies, thank you so much, we cover a huge range of crafts between us.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Karen I would seriously give those Cranberry Tablets ago, they really do work.
By the way we still do have the girls pram in the loft and they turn 18 next month, we are NOT moving it to another house, I have called friend that runs the RAF Thrift shop and she is going to take it as it's immaculate and Navy And Lime aren't old fashioned colours, it's in 8 boxes as it's 2 Carrycots, (I have thing about babies lying flat in their backs) 2 car seats and the pram frame, even if it doesn't sell Paul won't be any the wiser, lol !! 
I hope you feel better soon XXX

Love and hugs 



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lynda-the teacup is stunning.

    Karen-what a lovely scarf.

    Janet-I love your paper cutting. I was given a book on this but have yet to try it out.

    My eBay Dies cost £6:57 which think is good value. Hubby managed to get for a short while yesterday but have just been in to see him this morning & he’s worse than ever as he now has a streaming cold.

    I’m off out to meet my friend at Dobbies this morning. We’re both members of the garden club so for £12 you get 2 free drinks every month so we use those when we meet up.


    1. Thank you It was so easy to make

    2. Thank you very much Michele xx

    3. Hi Michele
      I hope you had a nice meet up with your friend at Dobbies. If you join Hilltop Garden Centre club which Pete has. You get points on a card when you shop. Food and drink included. Then you get a voucher to the value of the points you've accumulated every 3 mths. Plus they put vouchers every month in a free magazine we get. You can get 2 lunches for £10.00 or a free drink and cake or monies off plants. And it's free to join so a good bargain.

    4. Hi Michele
      Sorry I meant to say I like the goodies you've bought. I wish we had a Range near us.

  2. Morning Everyone

    What a great start to the week-end. I love seeing other crafts and this morning KAREN has reminded me of a shawl/cardy I knitted some years ago and I know it's still in the top of the wardrobe I'll have to have a search.

    KAREN- I love love love your scarf. It's so different and I've never seen one like it.

    LYNDA- I'm now green with envy at your 'Floating Cup'. I looked at this piece of art times many and wanted to try it but I'm such a coward. You have made me start thinking again perhaps this year will be the

    MICHELE- those dies look essential and what a bargain.

    Off out for our normal Saturday shopping and so goodies could be in the CAFE this afternoon.
    Speaking of which the doors are open and everything is ready for you all to pop in.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Have a good Saturday. xxxx

    1. Thank you JANET I hope you find your shawl/cardi

    2. Hi Janet
      I'm in awe of your cockerel it's so intricate, not to sure I could mahage to cut that out. Love the images you've done with the watercolours. I'm still trying to find my watercolour card pad. I'm beginning to doubt I bought one.

    3. Janet you are so talented your cockerel is Amazing so very intricate
      You must have so much patience & your water colouring is lovely
      Hug's xx

  3. Morning ladies,

    A lovely array of crafting goodies this morning.

    Your floating cup Lynda is absolutely gorgeous.

    Michele...I take it you didn't really do crap shopping? hahaha The dies are always so useful and are very good value. Since buying my Cut & Make small die cutting machine last year for when I go to our craft club, I have collected a lot of their dies. Very good value, most of them are only £1 each in the Range.

    I love unusual items of clothing Karen and your scarf is amazing. It would be very handy to use as a bed jacket when illness lays anyone low. Although I haven't done a lot of knitting lately, I will certainly download the pattern to have a go.

    Janet's cockerel looks like he's strutting his stuff, a lot of patience would be needed for this craft methinks. I saw a wonderful intricately paper cut scene on one of Kirsty's Handmade Christmas programmes. The young lady who made it, made it look so easy but as she said she has been doing paper cutting for a long while now. well done you.

    Busy morning with the first technical rehearsal for the panto. Then tomorrow is the first dress rehearsal. Unfortunately because of the director and daughter constantly chopping and changing their minds re the dame's costumes, they is very little for him to wear. I still have mountain of costumes to alter and finish off so will not be staying too long. A retired wardrobe mistress is coming to my rescue and giving me hand lunchtime today, thank goodness.

    Hugs to all still under the spell of this persistent cold bug, I have really struggle some days to find the extra energy needed to last the day.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. It is very easy to do I do struggle to download the pattern at firstWendy - Spanishcrafter suggested click link to TRISH EVERETT’s site and see photos

    2. Thank you Cheryl your very kind sending you some Hug's. Xx

    3. Hi Cheryl
      My word after all the trouble you had over costumes last year, I'd be fuming that I was having the same trouble this year. Especially after the director trying to make out the problems they had earlier was at your end. Good job you've had some help today.
      Gentle hugs coming your way.

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the CafΓ© today.
    Yeah at last my comment will publish 😊 I'm having issues with my phone keypad!
    Sandra, I'm glad you have sorted out the girls prams. Someone will snap it up from the Thrift shop I'm sure. I hope the packing goes well over the weekend my lovely. Just think, this time next week you will have the keys to your lovely new home. I can't wait to see it 😊 xx
    What a wonderful floating teacup display. I love the beautiful flowers and butterflies you have used. You are so cleverπŸŽ“ I wouldn't know where to start one of these. Sending big gentle hugs to you and Terry. Tell him I hope he is not over doing it!!! Xx
    Michele, you always find the best bargains. Mum and I had a quick look in the Range yesterday as Mum was after a particular sentiment die and found what she was after in the £1 Cut and Make range. Its good to see the shops are starting to compete with the Chinese cheap dies. I love your sentiments, especially the vertical one, very useful. Have a good weekend x
    Karen, what a lovely snuggly scarf. You are so clever. I must mail you about knitting another cardigan for Penny too but I keep forgetting! I've written it down now so hopefully won't forget again! Have a good weekend. X
    Janet, WOW, what a fabulous paper cut cockerel and like Sandra said would look wonderful framed. You have taken to paper cutting like a duck to water. Your starting and colouring are so good too, I love your colour choices, so pretty. Have a good weekend X
    Maria, I hope you and Rick have had a safe and trouble free journeys and a lovely holiday. I hope your aches and pains aren't too bad X
    Val, I bet you are having a lovely time. I hope the weather is perfect for you x
    Lynda, sending you both gentle hugs and tell Terry to be good X
    Lilian, good luck with getting your legs screwed on. Your table legs that is. I think a lot of us wish we could get new legs etc by simlpy swapping them for new ones though 😊 Have a good weekend x
    I have a little man asking for his breakfast so must go now but sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue thank you so much for your kind comments & for your Hug's
      Sending some Hug's back for you.xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for showing all these lovely craft & goodies. Hope you have a goid weekend packing. Take
    Lynda what a lovely floating teacup, I wouldn't have a clue where to start. Hope Terry is being good & ribs are mending, hugs on way to you
    Michele lovely dies you have bought, hope Phil feels better
    Karen your scarf is lovely, wish I could wear wool, it itches something terrible on me & brings me out in a rash. It looks lovely &
    Janet what can I say about your cockerel, ge is gorgeous, look forward to your cards with the
    Lilian I hope the monitor helps sort out your problem, hope R manages to fit legs
    Out to coffee with Pam & Ros this morning so must get on.
    Sending hugs to all in need love

    1. Thank you very much Margaret enjoyed making my tea cup I didn't have a clue either but really pleased with result.
      Hug's xx

    2. Hi Margaret
      Hope you enjoyed your meet up with friends.

  6. Thank you SANDRA for showing my scarf/cowl and thank you ladies for your lovely comments I keep saying it I know but it was so so easy I did a basic version but I have seen photos of ones in two colours, longer ends, different stitch patterns etc I will say that the lengths to weave are in stocking st and of course it “rolls” inwards as per website so to keep them “flat” I stitched/caught the edges down at the back
    LYNDA I love your cup I keep promising myself to have a go but never get around to it pluse I think I need a hot glue gun
    MICHELE Your goodies look lovely I must investigate again
    And JANET WOW that paper cutting is amazing I know for sure I’d get so far and chop a leg off or something
    As I said SANDRA in message I will try the cranberry tabs OH working late today So the πŸ“Ί is mine! I need to watch some recordings and no doubt I will play in craft room too
    Take care everyone xx

    1. Thank you Karen yes. You need a hot glue gun.
      Hug's xx

    2. Hi Karen
      Lovely scarf you've made. I've never seen one like this before. Hope you had a lovely day hopefully crafting,

    3. Hi Karen
      I didn't realise it was yoyr dad who taught you to knit. Well done your dad. I've been trying to teach Livvy my granddaughter. She's a very loose knitter and prone to dropping stitches. She stops and starts so doesn't get enough practice.

  7. Hello Sandra and Ladies,

    Thank you Sandra for showing us how talented these ladies are. I am totally in awe.

    LYNDA your floating teacup is amazing. You have created a beautiful piece of art. xx Hope Terry is starting to feel better.... Oh and behaving himself !!!
    KAREN, Your dad gave you a fantastic gift when he taught you to knit. Your scarf is beautiful. xx
    JANET You must have the patience of a saint. Your cockerel is amazing. I haven’t got a steady hand for such fine work, I would end up cutting bits off in the wrong places.
    MICHELE You really are one savvy shopper these dies were such a bargain and I knew you will get a lot of use out of them. xx Hope Phil starts to improve soon.

    Have a good day everyone. Love and Hugs, Brenda XXX

    1. I know I am very lucky and pleased that he did My younger sister just wasn’t interested BUT boy she was a very good artist and footballer!

    2. Brenda Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my floating tea cup Really enjoyed making it & worth the burnt fingers
      Hug's xx.

  8. Hi Sandra & ladies
    I'm sure I did a comment this morning but it's nowhere to be seen. Did I dream it or did those pesky cyber people zap it.
    Sandra thank you for showing my Floating tea cup today x
    Not been up to much today went Tesco joyπŸ€“ Had a lazy morning so didn't go Tesco very early. So that ment a late lunch & yes Brenda I nodded off Again πŸ’€ but not for as long as Terry 😴 🀣🀣. Had a tidy in craft room & put some more bits on EBay which takes a long time but worth it if it sells.
    Tomorrow I have my MRI appointment at 11am so just hopping it gives me some answer's as to what's going on in my body 😩 I have appointment next week for the results. πŸ™πŸ». I loved all the mixed up Saturday crafts today all amazing.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda
      Wow your floating teacup looks fantastic. Looks very hard to do though and must have taken quite awhile to accomplish. Apart from the fact I don't have a hot gun I wouldn't know where to start.
      Sounds like you've gad a restful day today. Competing with Terry to see who can sleep the longest,
      Never heard of an MRI being done on a Sunday. Hope the results give you some positive news. I also love seeing the mixed up craft day.

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Love seeing all the mixed up crafts on a Saturday. I've commented on the way down, even though I'm a bit late today.
    Pete actually hasn't been asleep today, it's a first in a long time that he hasn't dropped off. Mind you, he is watching true crime stories and Brit cops on channel 11 which he loves. Not to sure if he's getting ideas on how to bump me off though. He is very grumpy. Mind you, I suppose he has a good reason to be grumpy.
    I hope every one has had a lovely day.
    Went and had a look at some internal double doors. Looks like we'd have to have adapted outside doors inside if that makes sense.

  10. Hi All, sorry to be late, been trying to get my iPad to publish all, not sure if it’s something to do with the latest update, hope it works now.

    Love to see all the lovely crafts, you all are so talented, Michele great buys.

    Looking forward to seeing all the cards tomorrow, hugs Lilian.

    PS, thank you Sandra for taking the time to do the blog when you are so busy.