Tuesday 26 September 2017

Another Christmas card, Cream & Gold Pine Cones

Good Morning Ladies,

When I first saw Sue's (Creative Expressions) 'Pine Cone & Greenery' Die I wanted it straight away, I love the greenery part, it looks like proper pine needles, the pine cones are fantastic too.
So to do this fantastic die set justice I reached into my archive file of dies for the lovely 'Snowflake Background' die (Creative Expressions) and die cut it using cream card, I then cut a 'brushed gold' Mat to mount it onto using foam pads for dimension and to show the detail of the die cut off. I did brush a little 'Enchanted Gold' Gilding Wax over to highlight details of the snowflakes, I used it on the pine needles too.
I cut the Pine cones out of the same card, cream on the back then gold on top, I also added a little 'Iced Snow' to give a little sparkle but I don't think the camera has picked that up too well.
I added a little gold ribbon bow and topped it with a little Pine cone charm, they are Stampin'Up ones and I love them, they are so cute. The sentiment is Stampin'Up! Too it's great how versatile everything is, I like using the best of both worlds at the moment.
I hope you like my 'Old School' card, ,hahaha, I have to say I did have to keep looking at it, it's nice to have a change!

It's Sky Garden and 42nd Street tonight, tomorrow we have river cruise and afternoon tea at Greenwich, we will then get boat back to Westminster and collect our bags and then go to get the bus home.

I hope you are all well, those of you that are under the weather I am sending a gentle hug XXX

Have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    We have a very dull and misty start to our day here but at least it's dry.

    SANDRA- a lovely Seasonal Card and such a classic. I have to say CE and SW have released some beautiful dies over the years and it's lovely to see some of the 'older' ones. If like me I tend to use dies from the top couple of layers in my storage box and so have forgotten which's further down the box.

    Perhaps we could have a challenge one week where we only use dies/stamps which we have had say over two years. Just a thought.

    I'm off to K&N this afternoon and so will be taking my Seasonal Baubles and one or two other bits and pieces I've got for the 'Big Coffee Morning' on Friday. I only hope that they like the baubles.

    SANDRA- Enjoy your last day in London an a safe journey home. You'll be really exhausted tomorrow so will it be a rest day?

    The CAFE is OPEN for business and all is ready for you to have your tea/coffee/hot choc.
    HUGS are flying your way so should be arriving shortly. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Why wouldn't your ladies like baubles at Christmas, what's not to like Janet. I love them.

  2. Fantastic card love sue Wilson dies. They are great. Laura O

  3. Morning Ladies,

    Thank you all so much for your beautiful birthday cards this morning. It was such a delightful pleasure to open them all sitting up in bed with a cuppa tea.
    I'm up early, I'm collecting my good friend Peter Criddle after he finishes work at 10am and then we are off to meet my Parents at Cadbury Garden Centre for a day out.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Cheryl,Many Happy returns of the day, hope it’s a super one out with family.

    2. Happy Birthday Cheryl. Have a wonderful day with your friend and parents.
      Love Valxxx

    3. Happy Birthday Cheryl Was getting my names muddled up this morning!

    4. Happy Birthday Cheryl, I hope you had a lovely day, birthday hugs on their way to you XX

    5. Hi Cheryl
      Hope you've had a lovely day today with your friend and parents.

      Hope you have had a lovely day.
      Love Lynda xx

    7. Happy birthday Cheryl, hope you have had a lovely day.
      Love Margaret & Sue( she has been here all day just on her way home)xxx


  5. Lovely card SANDRA Cream and gold look so classy together Enjoy your day So far it looks like the weather is going to be kind
    We're both off work this week which makes it more difficult for me to disappear into craft room He wouldn't mind it's me that feels guilty of he's downstairs and I'm upstairs Plus we're supposed to be having a massive clear up
    Lots of hugs for everyone and a little bit extra for those in pain Thinking of you all xx

    1. Hi Karen
      I hope you have a lovely week off. Enjoy.

  6. Meant to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILIAN xxxx

    Have a lovely day xxx

  8. Morning everyone.
    Stunning card this morning Sandra and I too love the cones and pine twigs so did some cutting out of them yesterday. Love the colour you have used and the little cones, how cute are they. Have a nice day in London and hope you enjoy the show tonight.
    Lilian- glad you had a nice sunny day yesterday and hope you have one today too. Hope R is back from his trip, Guess he will be busy coming up to x-mas. hugs
    Pat -hope you ok, sending hugs to you and Pete.
    Janet- if they not LOVE your baubles you send them over to me ! Have fun at K & N
    Laura- hope you have a nice day. Are you busy making lots of cards for family and friends too ? Are you selling any of yours ?
    Margaret- hope your cold getting better, sending you many hugs. Glad Pop got his date, only wish it will go ahead. The News last night was not good with lots of cancellations etc at many hospitals.
    Brenda- hope you feeling better today ? Don't know London that well but have heard about the areas your sister used to live in and were she is now. Love hearing more of her journeys working abroad and when you had the opportunity to visit her.
    Karen- have a nice week off work and hopefully you get into the craft room from time to time as well. Hope to see you soon ( you not coming to Yardley Gobion by and chance on Saturday ? ) Lol
    Here it is not very nice weather-wise so hoped to stay in and do some more cutting outs but have Dr for me later, it's just a follow up but it doe's take time and they are never on time and then we need some dinner in for a few nights.
    I wish you all a good day as possible and hope you all take care. love and hugs, Maria xxx

    1. Afraid not Maria I have won two tickets for Crafting Live So venturing to Coventry on Saturday Looking forward to seeing TOFT and may be ScanNcut

    2. Hi Maria
      Hand my hand and leg done today so it's very painful. Thanks for the hugs it's been a couple of crappy days.

  9. Hello All, another lovely day here.

    Sandra , hope you are having a lovely time, your card is very festive, I should be doing mine but I prefer to make everyday cards.

    My new iPad is taking a bit of sorting, but I’m getting there.

    Have a lovely All, Janet I’m sure they will love your baubles, how could they not.

    Hugs to all ,Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      I hope you manage to conquer the ipad soon. Hope your feeling ok.

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    I love ur card Sandra old school it may be but I think those are just as great!! I got that die free as part of abundle s few months back I might do my own version of urs as I don't have the pine cones I'll use a snowflake instead.
    Making wedding cards this afternoon after meeting ma pal for lunch trying to keep myself from thinking too much today as it's second mammogram tomorrow 😢
    I'll keep u posted. It's either something or nothing so 50/50 to me is cool xx

    1. Hi Tracey
      Hope all goes well tomorrow.

    2. Hi Tracy will be with you tomorrow holding your hand. Got everything crossed as well.
      Love Lynda xxx

  11. Morning Ladies

    Happy Birthday Cheryl-hope you have a fantastic day.

    Arrived in Florida early & ate dinner in our favourite restaurant. Went to see the relatives-allvery excited to see us!!! Think we're having a lazy day by the pool today then we're eating at my relatives house tonight. I've been asked to sit & read with Max(he'll be 5 in October).l-he's been waiting to ask me that for ages it seems!


    1. Hi Michele
      Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Enjoy,

  12. Happy Birthday Cheryl. Hope you have a lovely meet up on Friday/Saturday with the people who were on your American trip.
    Lovely card today Sandra. Hope you enjoyed the trip up to the Sky Gardens and enjoy the theatre tonight.

  13. Hand and leg all done and duster but very very painful now. Forgot to take any paracetamol with me to take before hand.

    1. So pleased it's done Plenty of rest and relaxation now

    2. Hi Pat, so pleased it’s all done, hope the pain eases soon.

    3. Hi Pat
      Glad it's over & done with for you. Still think you should have stronger pain killers paranormal they are not strong enough. Hope your not in pain for too long. Plenty of rest my friend
      Love Lynda xx

    4. Thanks ladies. I agree with you Lynda. Paracetamol is not strong enough. But with this procedure there's a lot of painkillers I can't take as they stop the treatment working properly. So I just have to grit my teeth and bear it. Probably won't get much sleep tonight again.

    5. Sorry you are in such pain Pat sending gentle hugs to you.xxx

  14. Out of the blue we decided to go to Walton on the Naze Never been there before and it's lovely Beautiful beach and lots of pretty beach huts
    Now going to make our way to Westcliff for a night of dancing at a friends venue xx

    1. CONGRATULATIONS KAREN you have won a Blog Candy prize on SW's blog. Enjoy your time in Westcliffe and Walton on the Naze. xx

    2. Hi Karen
      Wow Walton on the Naze. Used to up there with Tom and Bet when we were up with them. Bet obviously can't go now. But as soon as we're all done and dusted with hospitals we'll be going up.

  15. Grrrrr I've just lost a long comment!!!!

    Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What fantastic weather you have had today. Perfect for sightseeing. I hope you both have enjoyed your day and the theatre this evening. Will ask th weather gods if they can arrange some sunshine for tomorrow's river boat trip.

    Love today's card Cream and Gold very classy, might borrow this colour combo if you don't mind.

    I've had a very quiet day, did start to get some housework done this morning, but I was soon exhausted so the rest of the day has been spent resting, OH has been using the iPad nearly all day, firstly sorting car insurance out. Then looking for a TV stand. So this is my first opportunity to blog. I could have got the laptop but the effort was to much.

    Time for supper, hope everyone has a lovely evening.
    Love and Hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      Hope your feeling a little better tomorrow. Plenty of rest young lady.
      BIG HUG'S on there way. Love Lynda xx

    2. Hi Brenda
      I hope your feeling a bit better tomorrow. Take care my friend.

    3. Hi Brenda hope you begin to feel better soon, it does make you feel like doing nothing, I hope to have quieter day tomorrow. Sending hugs to you love Margaret.xxx

  16. Congratulations Karen on winning a prize on Sues blog. Be interesting to see what you get.

  17. Hi Sandra Hope you & Paul are enjoying your time I London & 42 street this evening. Gorgeous card from you today.lovely colour's
    Haven't done much today my leg isn't gritting any better quite painful today.
    Also my lower back is painful..
    I have been making a couple of BIRTHDAY cards. Managed to make one &a one cut out had ready. Hadron pack up because I was aching to much.
    Have commented on way down
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Sorry you are in pain Lynda, hugs on way to you.xxx

  18. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you have had a lovely day plus enjoyed the show this evening. Lovely card today.xxx
    Maria hope you got on ok at Dr's hugs on way.xxx
    Karen enjoy your week of.xxx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret.xxx

  19. Hi Sandra and all in the Café tonight.

    Cheryl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you had a wonderful day with your friend and your parents Xx
    Today's card is truly gorgeous, I love ever little bit of it, you have made the pinecones and leaves look so good, and that tiny little pinecone is so cute 😊
    I hope you and Paul have had a lovely day and trip to see 42 Street today my lovely xx
    Pat, I'm sorry that this week is another bad one for you and Pete. Gentle hugs are on their way to you X
    Maria, sorry that you're legs are still painfully. Sending gentle hugs x
    Lynda, I hope you have got rid of the headache before it becomes a Migraine dear friend. Hugs for you and CU 's xx
    Tracy I will be thinking of you tomorrow, sending you supportive hugs x
    Brenda, I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow and make sure you get lots of rest. Sending healing hugs x
    Sorry but must say goodnight now as I keep nodding off after a busy day with Mum and Pop.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  20. Hi Sandra
    Just popping in to say I love this card with the addition of Sue's Pine Cone and Greenery die. I love the SW Snowflake Background Die and have used it so much in similar colours to yours.
    I hope you had a great time in London and celebrated in style!
    Lesley S. X