Monday, 2 January 2017

Monday Card Challenge 1- Tri-Fold Card

My Tri-Fold Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome to a new year of Challenges,  I thought it would be fun to step out of our comfort zone and try some different card folds, shapes as part of our Monday Challenge.  So here is our first card.... 

A Tri-Fold card, it is quite a simple fold, the hardest part is cutting the card, so here is my Tutorial for you, I hope it helps.

Cut your card at 9 3/4 inch  X 6 1/2 inches

Put left corner on edge of trimmer and
Bottom right corner on 2 1/2 inch line & Trim

You end up with this shape, you now need to score at
3 1/4 inch and 6 1/4 inch, giving you, 3 equal sections
Now fold I section forward and one back, this gives you 
The Tri-Fold look.

Cut your chosen patterned papers to same size, then trim
Down to fit each panel, this way you know that the angle will 
Be the same along the top.

Remember to make sure you cut your decorative papers 
The right way round for the base card, (the first one I cut I got the
Angle going the wrong way) Oops!! 
Adhere your panels and embellish.

You don't need to use decorative papers, you could use stamps 
To decorate your card.

Et Voila !!

Now, was that easy to follow? Is there anything I can make clearer, please don't hesitate to ask.  I could do a video if you prefer, I will do that with future challenges.

I can't wait to see your cards, I will showcase them on Sunday as we usually do.

Have fun with this challenge ladies,

Bon Voyage Janet, I bet you can't wait to get back to Marigny, I look forward to your 
International post, I do hope Dobbie hasn't forgotten the way ??

Love and Hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lovely card Sandra-glad the challenge is back.
    We had a lovely lunch out at my in laws yesterday & got back around 6pm. I did remember to phone my Dad then hubby put a film on-it was so dull that I started reading then went up early.
    Today-I have to tackle the ironing and I need to buy a couple of food items so I'll need to pop down to the Co-op. We have frost again this morning but it looks like it's going to be a lovely day.


    1. Hi Michele
      After all the rain we had we also had a frost last night. We've had so much rain that I have loads of washing to be done.

  2. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a great challenge to stretch me, I have a card to do so will have a go, Iyour instructions look fine, thank
    Janet hope you have a safe journey I bet you canmot wait to get
    Brennda hope you are on the mend, you are missed sending healing
    Lynda hope you managed some sleep & Terry is not too bad, sending you both
    Cafe open ready for customers please call in.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  3. Great idea for the challenge, especially as I need to challenge myself and do unusual shaped cards rather than the standard 5x7 side fold card
    Safe trip JANET
    Healing hugs to LYNDA and BRENDA
    The daughter of a very good friend is coming to "play" What a chore - not! What'll it be? She wants to treat herself to a Scoring board and going to play with my Hougie - any other suggestions ladies?
    The sky here is beautiful and quite dramatic It's very grey but the sun is trying to peep through creating beautiful silhouettes
    Take care xx

    1. Hi Karen
      I use my houghie. I also bought a scoring board from Crafters Companion. Can't remember the name that's how much I've used it. Must get it out again when Sandra I'd around.

  4. Hi Sandra, what a great challenge. Like Karen, I usually stick to one type of card mine are 6x6, so good to try something new.
    Hope your journey is going well Janet, drive safely.
    Lynda and Brenda, do hope you're both feeling a lot better today.
    Sue hope your migraine has eased off now.

    Just watching the fabulous John Lockwood. Hochanda still don't deliver to Spain so saving me a lot f money!!! I just love his ideas.

    Going out later for coffee with Wendy and another craft Club friend, Lyn. Lots of crafty chat I'm sure.

    A really grey day here at the moment. Just not nice.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

  5. Hi Sandra
    Love the tri fold card so must gave a go. Sorting out our trip to London over the next few days for May. Looking at a show in London to go to. We prefer musicals but have seen quite a few. Will have to read the write ups.
    Hugs to Lynda and Brenda hope your antibiotics have kicked in Lynda and your feelinga bit better Brenda.
    Not to sure what time your leaving Janet, but have a safe journey.

  6. Morning Ladies, I want to give you a little bit of a WARNING...
    Val I know you are watching the lovely John on Hochanda but PLEASE don't buy anything, check Creative Expressions "Craft Clearance' website first, as most of products are on there at half the price !!!!!
    For instance that "See Jo" 12 x 12 pad is £15.99 on Hochanda, on Craft Clearance website it is £7.99 !!!
    Couture Creations dies are half price too!
    It makes me so ANGRY when they try to rip us off!
    Rant over, soap box stowed under stairs for or whoever needs it next !!

    1. Many thanks for that Sandra. Hochanda won't let me order anything anyway but I'll now nip over to the clearance sale and have a look. Xxx

    2. WOW Sandra, I see what you mean. Most of the things John is showing today are on the clearance site and so cheap. I feel pretty angry myself. X

    3. It's annoying isn't it, feeling like you are being ripped off, they clearly want to get rid of the old stock so why not put it on Hochanda at the same price as they have it on their Website, I was hoping to catch you all before you purchased!
      I think site is

      They have some good bargains !
      Val, if ever you want or need anything sending out I am more than happy to help you, please don't hesitate to ask

    4. That's really kind of you Sandra. Thank you. Love Valxxx

    5. What a cheek I think it's disgusting that they (Hochanda etc) try and rip us off with their "bargains" Even with their One Day Special prices icon and the like are still cheaper Off to take a look myself BUT I daren't spend .....??

    6. Thanks for the warning Sandra, their postal charges are quite high as well, that I am looking forward to see chocolate baroque this week, love their products.

    7. Thanks for the heads up Sandra. What a rip off. I'm surprised at that I wonder if John knew they were on offer on the craft clearance website.

  7. Hello Sandra and all our coffee shop friends,

    Thank you all for your get well wishes, Sorry I haven't been in for a few days, I was so poorly on years eve John insisted I saw a doctor, we ended up at the NHS walk in clinic in Croydon, eventually I was seen by a doctor, who was very patient and through, he prescribed antibiotics, but then said to John if the pain in my chest got any worse he was not to hang about but call an ambulance immediately. I have been in bed since, sleeping almost continually. Today is the longest I've been awake for days. That's got to mean I'm on the mend, the sore ribs and other aches and pains will eventually feel better.

    Like the challenge Sandra, if I make it to the craft room before the end of the week I will certainly have a go.

    Belated NEW YEAR wishes to you all, I hope it will be a very good one for everyone. xx

    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Sending hugs Brenda, it's a good job you didn't wait any longer, so many people have been poorly this holiday, please relax and take it easy, you need to let your body recover fully, otherwise it's gets to the point of just recovering from one thing only to start with a different bug a few days later.
      I hope you have your feet up!
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Gentle hugs and just take it slowly until you feel better

    3. Get well wishes Brenda, this bug that's going around seems worse than last years, take care.

    4. Hi Brenda
      Nice to see you in again. Good job you didn't wait any longer to see a Dr. Heaven knows what would have happened. Sounds like you were on the way to pneumonia. Gentle hugs coming your way and stay warm.

    5. Hi Brenda, oh poor you. It sounds like such a nasty bug. So hope your anti biotics are starting to work and you'll soon be feeling better. Xx

  8. Hi Sandra and all.
    Pretty card Sandra, will give this a go and as I have a few birthday's coming up who knows what kind of cards I will be making this year.
    Hope that Sue, Brenda, Lynda and anyone else with a cold, cough or migraine will have a better day.
    Janet, safe journey to Marigny. You must be so excited to at last be able to go back.
    Ooooh how you have to shop around for absolutely everything these days. Thank you Sandra for finding the best places to go for some bargains.
    Had a good day yesterday celebrating SIL 70th, got home late but had a nice walk this morning even if icy in places and cold the sun was out and still am for another few hours. Have a good day all, Maria xxxx

  9. Hello All, lovely day here, been for our usual walk and towels blowing on the line, do like to dry my washing outside.

    Sandra you must be psychic, I was looking at tri fold cards on Pinterest this morning, so I've made one, used to make these a lot before dies took over, used my old way looks similar to yours but slightly larger.

    Janet hope journey is going well.

    Get Well Hugs to all who are not feeling chipper, hugs Lilian

  10. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Sorry I'm late Darren & Sam & Harry popped in about 12ish on the way to see her friend who lives in Margate & bless her she had cooked us some chicken soup,some beef stew. & sausage hot pot enough for the week to save us cooking. We had the chicken soup when they left it was yummy.
    Then I fell asleep although I had a better night just feel shattered. Like Brenda I felt my chest was caving in & my doctor said that I should use my angina spray still very tight. Terry is coughing as well now. Brenda sending you some healing Hug's 🤗🤗🤗 xx
    Sandra love the challenge I will try & get one done if I fill upto it. Will make a change from regular card shapes thank you.
    Look forward to seeing everyone's take on it. I have got a couple of birthday cards to make for this month so must try &get in my craft room ASAP & Tidy it up first.
    Janet hope you have made it to your stop off point by now & safe journey for the the rest of your journey.
    Love to you all Lynda xx

    1. Sending healing Bamse Hugs to you and Terry, take care xx

  11. love the card and the papers used ,Laura O

    1. Hi Laura, welcome to Sandra's Cotswold Crafter blog!
      Nice of you to take the time to pop in and comment, love to see you back and enjoy our company. Do you ever go to Ally Pally ? Do you make cards too or some other type of crafting. Sorry, I am the nosy one. Hope to see you again. Maria xx