Thursday, 22 December 2016

Brenda's Birds

Good Morning Ladies,

Can somebody please put the brakes on, this week is going way to fast, I still have loads to do!
Today we are driving to Essex to see my family for the day, Sophie and Lucy are coming with us too, I think Lucy would be better off staying here in the warm as she has had a terrible bug that has left her with a nasty, chesty cough, she sleeps the other side of the wall to us and I could hear her coughing all night for the past 3 nights bless her, its so frustrating to listen to let alone suffer with.
I will add that when I say that she is the other side of the wall, it would infact be next door as we are two bungalows knocked through, so I dread to think how much you would hear if it was strangers living next door, the walls are paper thin plaster board!
So it will be atleast 6 hours in the car today....ouch! But Mum is looking forward to us coming, so is my sister Emily so it will be worth it.  I think that we are going food shopping after we get back too!
I think leaving it to Friday/Saturday would be crazy, I still can't believe that Sue goes shopping on Christmas Eve, you must be mad!

Sue, Pat and I had a lovely lunch out yesterday at the Lamb & Flag pub, Sue and I had Scampi and Chips and Pat had Lasagne, sadly they didn't still do the amazing pudding we had last time so we settled for Chocolate dessert that had Chocolate Brownie at the bottom, smothered in Icecream, with Chocolate buttons, flake, maltesers, lots of whipped cream and 3 wafers!  it was delicious, sd usual the time flew by and we were almost the last to leave the pub, that happened last time too, we'll be getting a reputation! Thanks to Sue and Pat for making it a lovely lunch xxx

Now onto Brenda & Ciara's fantastic cards,

Brenda had used the Tim Holtz Crazy Birds stamps and Dies to create the feature for this pop-up card, they are the perfect thing when you think, as they will look like they are 'flapping' about the top of the box, the colours you have chosen works so well with the colour of the birds, your colouring skills are amazing Brenda, which of your many pens/pencils did you use to colour your birds?
Thank you for sharing Brenda xxx

Ciara, wow, what an amazing card you have made, the poppy you have stamped is perfect and coloured so beautifully too, you are so very clever, that is hard to master.  You have even added a little shading to the centre of your Poppy, the stamp you have drawn and the 'Happy Birthday' are the perfect finishing touch for your card, thank you so much for allowing us to see your card xxx

Well I must go, make sure Paul has packed everything into the car, please cross your fingers and toes that the traffic isnt too crazy on the M25.

Love and hugs to all of you



  1. Morning Ladies

    Brenda & Ciara-two gorgeous cards from you.

    Sandra-I know what you mean about the week disappearing. I can't believe it's Thursday already-that's probably because work has been so busy and I'm trying to fit jobs in each evening. Off to Asda tonight after work for a couple of items then I'll phone my Dad. Hubby has done his 3 days working in store-my Dad bumped into him yesterday so no doubt I'll hear all about that tonight.


    1. Morning Michele,
      Poor Phil, I bet his ears were ringing by the time your dad had finished! At least he got his 3 day shop floor task over and done with, bet he was exhausted, both mentally and physically!
      Good luck with phone call and shopping tonight, let's hope it's not too busy with people ,'panic buying because the supermarkets are closed for a whole 24 hours!
      Have a good day, hugs winging their way to you

  2. Ooh BRENDA and CIARA these are gorgeous Those bird stamps and dies work perfectly for a pop up card and as SANDRA has said you are very talented CIARA I can't colour in for toffee
    Good luck with the drive and shopping SANDRA I'll keep my fingers crossed the M25 is kind to you
    Thank you ladies for your lovely comments on my cards yesterday

  3. Good Morning Everyone
    It's so cold this morning - no ground frost but the central heating is going full blast and probably will be for the whole of the day.

    Two beautiful cards this morning BRENDA and CIARA and so expertly created. You have one very talented Granddaughter BRENDA.

    I'm slowly getting the dining room empty of all Christmas things. Nicky is coming this evening to take all the parcels for my Grandchildren/Great Grandchildren and Christina is coming tomorrow delivering theirs and taking theirs so by Saturday morning it should look something like it should.

    I have my flu injection this morning so will be wrapped in many layers to venture out - hand warmers are ready for inside my gloves. I really do not know what I'd do without them.

    SANDRA- safe journey to Mum and back and I've everything crossed that the M25 won't be a car park.

    CAFE is open for the day so pop in and have a look. Hugs are on their way to you all. xxxx

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies. Yesterday just disappeared and never got round to calling in.

    Hope your journey has gone well Sandra and you had a lovely time with your mum and sister. Also glad you had a good time at your meal with Pat and Sue yesterday.

    I went to my doctors on Tuesday to tell him a. That my bad back hasn't improved with the pain killers and now I think I have a trapped nerve in y leg, which he confirmed. Anyway he suggested a course of injections. 6 in all which started Tuesday. Had another yesterday and today and tomorrow will be the forth. As my doctor is closed Saturday and Sunday I have to go to the outpatients at the hospital on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to have the final injections. Didn't plan my Christmas Day like this . Could definitely do without that a needle in my bottom!!!

    Hope everyone is pretty well organised for the big day. Just a bit of food shopping now today and that's it.

    Love today's cards. Very pretty Brenda and Ciara you have a real talent.

    Well off to meet a friend for a coffee and exchange gifts now.

    Have a very woeful little dog sitting next to me. She had her annual injections this morning and it always upsets her. The vet also told me she has to lose a bit of weight. Only 1 kilo, about 2.2 pounds but not much chance over Christmas.

    Have a good rest of the day everyone. Hope all those who have not been feeling to good are improving.
    Lots of love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val sorry to hear you are still suffering with your leg, I hope the injections really help shame about having to go outpatient s Sat. & Sun but if it does the trick worth it. Sending special

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Sorry I didn't get in yesterday it was a day and a half in more ways than one, went out shopping early, came home and told me he's been having dizzy spells and by the time we got to bedtime he was really poorly, dizzy, sick etc. He went to bed early but was really ill in the night. He has stayed in bed today not wanting much except the bucket! And the room to stop spinning. Usually when he gets his attacks 24 hours later it wouldn't of thought it been ill. Also yesterday afternoon was told my one of my friends husband had died. It was expected. Also my hairdresser friends husband needs to go into a home. I think his body is giving up, he is usually a calm gentle man, but has become very aggressive and hitting out at the nurses. Life is so sad at times, it's a good job we don't know what's around the corner.

    KAREN, Love the card for your mother in law and Oscars is going to be a real one to treasure. Thank you for sharing this with us. LOL

    Sandra I hope the M25 has kept moving for you today, and you have a lovely visit with mum and the rest of the family, drive carefully Paul with your precious cargo. XXX

    Thank you for showing Ciaras and my card today, this was my first attempt at making a box card, and Ciara make me her card for my birthday, I love how she stand the poppy off the edge of the card it really does look so effective.

    Will try and pop in later, love and hugs, Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Your pop up box is lovely, doesn't look like a first attempt, well done. Thank you for your lovely card I received today. Hope John is feeling better. Sorry your bad news seems to be continuing. Ciara you are one very talented young lady, I can imagine how pleased Grandma was with her card, I feel I want to pick the poppy!! well

  6. Hi Everyone.
    We haven't had any post deliver for a week because when it rains here the Country grinds to a halt. Anyway just had a lovely surprise when a hand full of cards were delivered and included are 4 very beautiful cards from you ladies. So thank you so very much Lillian, Lynda, Margaret and Michele. Your cards areall so special. Love Valxxx

  7. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you had uneventful journey to Mum's & back & then managed you4 shopping, you will be shattered tomorrow. Hope Lucy's cough improves
    Still seem to be chasing my tail, I arranged to have lunch with friends today which I could have done without, then visited my sister as she just out of hospital after having a melanoma removed which was growing inside base of her stomach, only found it when examined by lymphoedema nurse, it was size of babies head!! We have a lot to thank that nurse for.
    Cheryl hope your card is
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Café tonight. Sorry I haven't been if for a couple of days, have had all of the grand children here. Phoebe and Paige decorated our Christmas tree while I was at lunch with Sandra and Pat, thank you my lovely friends ☺ The tree only needed a few tweaks to give me the room at the top to put on my special decorations. I will take a picture and send it to you Sandra. I hope you had a good journey both ways to your Mum's and you all had a good day with your family. I hope you are able to move tomorrow after all of that travelling my lovely x
    Michele, you really do make a wonderful pop up box card. Thank you for sharing them with us ☺ x
    Brenda, I love your pop up box too, love your crazy birds. I hope John is feeling better now, poor man, please give him a gentle healing hug. X
    Karen, what gorgeous cards, I bet your MIL will be thrilled with it. Oscar will love his carx, it is so cute. You are really using you scan and cut a lot now. Are you please with it?
    Janet,vI hope you are on the mend, at least you know why it has taken so long to shift it, pneumonia can take so long
    It's so good to hear that you and Jim will be off to France in the New Year ☺
    Sorry if I have missed any other news.
    Well I'm off to bed as I want to get up early to do some more jobs done, so will say goodnight, but not before
    Sending my love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  9. Hi Everyone, well those that are still up,
    Love Brenda's and Ciara cards,
    Sandra hope your day went well, and the journey wasn't too bad, am dreading our journey on Sat, usually takes about 5 hrs with stops but am thinking it will be much longer.

    Been to see my friends for crafting day, not much craft mostly chatting.

    Will hopefully pop in tomorrow, good night, Lilian