Sunday, 30 October 2016

Your Challenge Cards

My Challenge card 1

My 2nd Challenge card

Karen's Challenge card

Lillian's Challenge card

Lynda's Challenge Card

Lynda's 2nd Challenge card

Margaret's Challenge card

Margaret's 2nd Challenge card

Maria's Challenge card

Michele's challenge card

Sue's Georgeous Card

Val's Challenge card

Good Sunday Morning ladies, 

This weeks challenge was to create a card using leftover bits of card in your 'bit box',
If I'm honest I have bit boxes, I could make very many cards out of them.  I am sure you are all the same, I have one box with 'little' bits in, then one or two with larger bits in, like when you have used half an A4 piece for instance, I have started to 'die cut' the pieces that I 'gut' out of cards too, they all go in the box, along with any bits I trim off your card base, I ususally use those for sentiments.

Anyway on to your amazing cards:

Karen, a clean and simple card for you this week, 3 Spellbinders Butterflies, die cut from Valspar paint colour chart samples, I had to chuckle when I read the paint brand, when we popped into B&Q to pick up some colour charts a few weeks back, the paint rep came cover and was telling us all about Valspar paints and how they were used on Tower Bridge, London buses and the Eiffel tower, he was going to great lengths to explain how good the paint was, by this time I already had a huge handful, he asked which room we were decorating, I had to think fast and say we had just moved into a new house and had every room to decorate!!!! We got away with a few samples luckily.  Karen I love your card, thank you xxx

Lilian has used up some odd bits of Christmas paper for her pretty card this week, 
Such a beautiful combination of papers, perfectly arranged!  The narrow peel-offs finish the top and bottom of the card brilliantly Lilian, I love that sentiment stamp too, thank you xxx

Lynda has created 2 cards for us this week, the first one has circles of a pretty background paper matted onto red card, with a red sentiment, the second card has Lynda's handmade backing papers (using pixie powders) that have been matted onto black card with the 'Joy' sentiment die cut out of the same paper.  Two fabulous cards Lynda, thank you xxx

Margaret, 2 cards from you too this week, the first card is a Christmas card that Margaret has die cut snowflakes to decorate, placed upon Kraft card with a beautiful Christmas tree backing powder behind it. 
The second card is a fantastic Birthday card that Margaret said she created using left over bits from a card she made last week, I love those pretty white flowers on that dark blue background , very striking Margaret, thank you xxx

Maria, the colour theme of your card has a very 'sixties' feel with the oranges and pinks, I love the pattern you have built with the Octagon Die cuts, it really works well with the orange dotty card! thank you xxx

Michele, Diamonds are the theme of your card this week, they works so well in this configuration, I love that little background stamp you have used too, it really finishes the look of the card.  Thank you xxx

Sue, I love how you placed the snowflakes onto the Octagons to create the Christmas tree design, genius idea, I love how you have added the sentiment to the bucket too, thank you xxx

Val, fantastic Christmas card this week Val, I love how you tied the metallic blue card into the design by using it as a layer and in the pattern of your card too, In love the mix of snowflake sizes and styles, they work perfectly together! Thank you xxx

Thank you all so much ladies, once again we have an incredible mix of designs and styles.  You are amazing xxx

Do you want to continue with Challenges each week ladies or would you like a break???  Let me know below.

Sonia, its so lovely to see you back in, sorry to hear you aren't feeling 100%, we are all here for you sweetheart xxx ps,. Feel free to email me xx

Janet, hope all went well yesterday xxxx

Pat, safe journey home today xxx

Karen, have a lovely trip to London tomorrow xxx

Love and hugs to all of you,


  1. Morning Ladies

    Great selection of challenge cards. I used a Tuck-in die for the decorative pieces around the diamond shapes. Once I'd stuck the diamond diecuts on the card, it looked really plain so I started to rummage through my bag of diecuts shapes and saw another tuck-in shape which made me look at my dies. A stamped background probably would have worked better-why do i never think of that at the time???

    Dull day here but at least it's fine, might move my decorative plant pots up into the greenhouse before we get any frost. Apart from that we have no plans so once I've done all the housework I'd like to get back into my craft room.


    1. Hi Michele. I love your card, and it is perfect for either men or ladies. The Tuck ins behind the diamonds are a great idea, like Sandra I thought they were stamped too. Thanks for sharing. I hope you manage to get the pots put away for the winter, and then enjoy your crafting x

  2. Stunning cards ladies I really had to wrack my brain on this one even when I sent mine in I thought Does a butterfly follow the brief...
    I had a llovely day with the family and some gorgeous pressies Don't tell anyone but my favourite was the one from Oscar He bought me "Edward's Crochet Imaginarium" I already have "Edward's Menagerie" I told Charlotte a few weeks ago that I'd like this book and I wasn't dropping hints we just happened to walk past it in JL I explained that when Oscar was old enough he could design his "monster" which I'd make - I am doing the reindeer at the mo - Charlotte has no idea - get it!
    Off to the cemetery in a mo b4 we go into London to lay a card and flowers on my sister's grave because it would've been her birthday today
    Enjoy your Sunday ladies xxx

    1. Hi Karen, so glad you had a lovely birthday and lovely presents. Such a bittersweet time for you. Hope today goes well. Thinking of you. Xxx

    2. Hi Karen. It's good to hear you had a lovely birthday. I will have to look up Oscars present to you as I've not heard of these books.
      Your CC is lovely, those paint chart colours are beautiful. I really must remember to pick some up the next time I'm in town. Thank you for sharing.
      I hope all goes well today for you as you visit your sisters grave x

  3. PS I'm easy on the challenge front BUT with the lead up to Christmas hotting up, you deserve a break from trying to find them and you always show beautiful samples of them too We can take our pick and enter or not So your choice young lady Have we got any dates for meeting yet The only dates I can't do = 8th 23rd 26th

    1. I agree with you Karen. I know I haven't been much good at joining in with the weekly challenges but hope to make myself the time from now on. But only if you have the time to arrange them Sandra.
      Mum and I can do Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th or Wed 16th which are the dates Maria suggested.
      Lynda, is there any chance you could make it too? X

    2. I can't do the Wed 16th.

      Sandra I am with Karen and Sue on the CC idea. Like Sue I don't always make a card time/events often take over, I love the ideas you and all the ladies come up with. The inspiration is invaluable. xx

  4. Good Morning Sandra and ladies.
    Yet again Sunday morning has started well showing all today's lovely cards. Such a different variety of shapes all put together to make lovely cards. Well done again ladies and thank you Sandra for showing them each week. I for one would love to continue with the weekly challenges. I really enjoy them and it's great to have a sketch to go by every week.

    Can you believe it's almost the end of October? Where has this year gone? There's only about 7 weeks to Christmas WOW. It's so lovely and warm here still, I'm still in my t shirt and cut offs but did notice this morning there was a bit of a chill in the air when I took Gracie out. Perhaps I'd better route my jeans out.

    I'm off to the Sunday market soon. Just for a look around and to get some fruit and veg. Then I'm finishing off getting the shop cards ready then a serious start on tidying the craft room.

    Wishing everyone well and hope everything went well yesterday for you Janet.
    Bye for now.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val. Ooh I am so envious of you still being in your shorts and t shirts, I live in the wrong climate πŸ˜”
      Enjoy the market, and I think k you should give yourself a great big pat on the back when you finish the last of the shop cards πŸ˜€ x

    2. Aagh, I've just deleted my comment, again! So third time lucky.
      Hi Sandra and all in the CafΓ© today. I hope your throat is feeling less sore today my lovely, if not maybe you will have to see the doc tomorrow? Xx
      A wonderful selection of CC's, and as always there are lots of inspired ideas πŸ˜€ I often look back to the challenge cards when I am in need of inspiration, so I want to say thank you to everyone for joining in. I will do my best to get my CC done each week too but only if you are happy to continue arranging them Sandra as I know you put a lot of time and care into each one.
      I am hoping to craft later on, after the ironing, where does it all come from?
      I hope you all have a good day, it's grey here, but not too cold.
      Pat, I hope you and Pete have a safe and trouble free journey home x
      Janet, I hope you have some answers now x
      Sonia, good luck for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you x
      Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Janet and all in need. Take care xx

  5. Good morning Sandra & everyone
    Sandra I love doing the challenge cards also get some Christmas cards done at the same time but as Karen said it must be up to you as you do all the work & only 7 weeks to Xmas ( thanks for that Val ) do you need a break Sandra xx
    Well I must say you have all come up with amazing cards ladies. My bit bag hasn't gone down very much so must use them more often. I now have loads of card & papers that Margaret sorted out for me ( three bin bags full ) so that's my job today sorting it my craft room tidying has to take a back seat as it looks like a bombs πŸ’£hit it again. The sun is just coming out after a dull start looks like a lovely day. A Robin has just landed on one of my plant pot so sweet.
    Well we didn't get any trick or treaters knock last night so still have a big box of sweets intact maybe get some tonight. Housework finished so going to get in the shower & get ready for Bambie's walk. Janet hope everything went well at hospital yesterday for you & you got some answer's. πŸ€—πŸ€— on there way.xx
    Will see you all later Love Lynda xx

  6. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra I know we all love the CC each week but it is alot of work for you if you want a break until the New Year we understand, we will all continue to do our cards & send them to you. Please see Dr. tomorrow if your throat is no better, a week is long enough. Take care xxx
    The cards are all so different again, the small snowflakes are the waste from cutting out so a frugal tip as well.
    Janet hope you had some answers yesterday sending
    Sonia will be thinking of you tomorrow good luck with the new job, hope your cold is improving hugs on
    Maria hope WW goes well
    Lilian pleased to hear your thumb feels easier, take
    Cafe up & running just going to make a boiled fruit cake so hopefully there will be some later along with lemon drizzle.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  7. Hello Sandra and the coffee shop ladies,
    Ladies I love all of your cards, this really was an interesting challenge. Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn't get one made. I had asked John about putting a shelf up over my desk. Bless his heart he then comes up from his shed with various pieces wood beading etc. Well I couldn't turn round and say I was going to make a card now, could I? anyway the shelf is a job in progress.

    Sandra, you decide if you would like to carry on with the challenge, as it's you who does all the work and planning. I have to confess, when I do take part I find a challenge a very good motivator. Especially if I've got a card to make for someone! I hope your throat is feeling better, I think it was Sue who said it, if it isn't then make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

    Janet, I hope all went well at the hospital yesterday and you manage to get some answers. LOL

    Sonia, sending you best wishes for tomorrow I'm sure all will go well. LOL

    Sending love and hugs to everyone , Brenda XXX

  8. Hello Sandara and everyone.
    Beautiful, ingenious Challenge Card this Sunday, I love them all and it was a great way to use up some papers that been laying in a box for ages/ years. I will do a break from them however but only until Christmas as I haven't got one card together for some special people and they always take a longer time to make so hope you not disappointed in me.
    The 14th and 15th of November is now left so it would be good to have a date from you to know if we are meeting up or not ? Karen, are you still free ?
    Glad you have a nice birthday and many,many cuddles with Oscar. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    I hope you all have had a nice Sunday. I had a brill day yesterday but so tired after so went to bed at 10pm which happen very rarely for me and slept to 8am as 9am after changes the clocks. ww went fine, felt like I was going to the dentist so really happy I lost the lbs after a crazy eating week. Went into town after for some shopping ( it's never ends,does it ) and got back after lunch with a headache from the neck and shoulder so only sat and dosed off the rest of this afternoon. Nearly dinner time and then it will be a movie or something like it for the evening that's left. Will read later what you all been up too today. Hope to meet up with some of you and hugs to you all, Maria Xxxxx

  9. Hello All, it's been a lovely afternoon here, but I hate today, with the clocks altering, always used to phone my sister to commiserate as we both hated dark evening, so miss her.

    Today's cards are lovely, must admit have ordered some new stamps and dies although wasn't supposed to be craft spending in October, still only one more day, so will be November when they arrive!

    Sandra I enjoy the challenge, but understand how much work you put in to it all,
    so if you want a break I'm sure we will all understand, must start my Christmas cards soon.

    Enjoy what's left of Sunday, hugs Lilian

  10. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Lovely selection of cards - so many wonderful variations to the sketch :-) Sorry not to have taken part, unfortunately crafting has been the last thing on my mind lately and it's been a few weeks now since I've done any! Getting a bit worried now with Christmas fast approaching and still lots of cards to make :-(
    Had a busy day, first thing over at Mum and Dads for Mum to help me take up my new work trousers (which I picked up yesterday) The ones which the company ordered for me where supposed to be the right length but they sent two pairs of different ones which need taking up! Can you believe we measured the inside leg and they were actually 38" long!! Anyway with my lovely Mums help we cut them to size, stitched the hem to stop fraying and turned them up using wonder web! What a brilliant invention - I've never used it before. So that was this morning taken up and then this afternoon we were all around at my brothers to celebrate my Nieces Birthday which was yesterday. Settled in for the night now - early night for me ready for tomorrow! Thank you all so much for your supportive messages, it means so much to me :-) xx
    I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and alls well with everyone.
    Janet, I hope yesterday went well at the hospital.
    Karen, glad you had a lovely day. Your card is still in my bag, I will try to remember to post it tomorrow ;-) sorry x
    So wish I could join you in your meet up, I know you'll have a great time :-)
    Enjoy the rest of the evening. Sending hugs to all xxx

    1. Good luck for tomorrow.You'll fool so much better in trousers that now fit you. Have a good day. Xxx

    2. I hope she means feel tihi all the good luck for tomorrow from me too. Go Sonia go ! :-) hugs xx