Wednesday 20 April 2016

A little bit vintage fr Wednesday

Good Morning Ladies,

I recently bought a really paper pad called Magnolia Lane by Ultimate Crafts, I got the 6 x 6 pad first, loved it so much I had to buy the 12 x 12 too, although I could only find it at Create and Craft, I quickly ordered another one before their birthday free postage ended.  So now I have one to use and one to stroke !! 

I mixed the 6 x 6 pad with some kraft card and a few flowers, some Scrimpy's Lace and a few pearls.  I quite like the look, lots of layers built up.
What do you think?

Pat and Sue are coming over today which I am really looking forward to, I am so grateful for the amazing friends that this blog has bought together.  xxx

I hope that you have a lovely day,
Love and hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-lovely card, the pearls make all the difference on it.

    Another lovely sunny day here, not that I'll see much of it stuck in work al day. I have a meeting first thing until 10am which will no doubt be the usual waste of time!! Then we have a busy chemotherapy clinic then we usually try & prepare for the following week on Wednesday afternoons.


      I hope your meeting wasn't too boring this morning,& you wasn't rushed off your feet afterwards. Have a relaxing evening xx

  2. Good morning everyone.

    Beautiful card Sandra. Just love the papers and the lace is fabulous.

    Another sleepless night but not aching so much today thank goodness. I think I've got to take it day by day.

    Sad news last night. My daughter and son in law live out here in Spain and although Paul is from London, his mum moved to Jersey to be near his sister. Well, she was taken int hospital yesterday and Pauls been told she only has a few days left. Theyve been looking uo flights from Alicante to Gatwick then Gatwick to Jersey. The earliest one is in the early hours of Friday morning withva 5 hour stopover at Gatwick. We're hoping its in time. Although his mumis still in her 70's she had a really bad fall a couple of years ago and damaged her leg very badly, made worse beacause shes diabetic. Actually sh's gone downhill since then and this last fProblem seems to be kidney failure. Its a good job we don't know whats in store for us isn't it?

    I'll pop back later to see how everyoneone is.Hopeball you ladies not feeling so well and Stan of course, are feeling a lot better and brighter today.
    Love Val x

    1. Good morning Val - I'm so sorry to hear the very sad news. It doesn't matter what age it's always too early for them to leave us. I really do hope that your SIL makes it in time. My Heart and prayers are with you all my Dear Friend. Yes it really is a good thing that we don't know what's round the next bend. Hugs xxxx

    2. Sorry sorry to hear your very sad news Val. I do hope they make it in time, but what a horrible layover at Gatwick. As you say it's no age really in this day and age. Hugs to you all and I'm thinking of you.

    3. I'm so sorry to hear this news I hope Paul is able to back to Jersey in time

    4. So sorry to hear about your SIL mother, do hope he will get there in time. You take it easy today I hope and hopefully you will be able to sleep some tonight. hugs xxx

    5. Hi Val
      so very sorry to hear your sad news & hope your SIL gets to see his mother in time your are all in my prayers.
      Sorry Val you have had another bad night hopefully
      it will be better tonight. Just rest today.
      Hug's xx

    6. Val sorry you did not sleep again last night, hope it improves soon. So sorry to here about SIL hope he gets home in time, hugs on way to you all.xx

  3. Morning Everyone - Sorry I'm late but I'm still trying to get up to speed being back!

    SANDRA - what can I say other than WOW WOW WOW!!!
    Your card is just beautiful and definitely my kind of luxury. I must try and get hold of that paper pad even though I've got enough to set up shop as I'm sure many of us have.

    Enjoy your day you Three Graces and please try and get some crafting in as well as all the laughter.

    I've got to try and get this week's CC started at least today as there's a few other crafting jobs need doing. We have a glorious sunny morning here though what the temp is I haven't a clue as I've not put my nose out of the door yet. I was frozen all day yesterday while my Granddaughter Pippa got sun burnt! She's only about 10miles away from me in Rotherham!

    Right everything is set - coffee pot on -check. Kettle boiled - check. Home made biscuits in the tin in the cupboard -check and the cupboard key is in the usual place just so you know Maria hehehe.

    Hugs are in the basket all ready to be used and I'll try and pop in later to see you all. Have a good day xxxx

    1. Thanks for setting everything up Janet. I pinched a biscuit but had to pick the lock as Maria hasn't been in yet.

    2. Good luck Janet with the Challenge Card, I finished mine today so must take picture. HOPE you get all the other crafts done as well.
      Hug's xxx

  4. Good morning Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Sandra this card is beautiful love these papers, you really have the knack of being able to create something absolutely stunning from just a few items. Thank you for sharing. Hope all three graces have a lovely morning, enjoy your crafting girls LOL
    I off out now meeting my sister to view the flat, possibly look at another one but she need to talk to the agent first thing this morning.

    Will be popping in sometime later, sending love and hugs to everyone, Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda
      I hope the meeting goes well with the estate agent, and you don't have to trudge round to many other flats.

    2. Hi Brenda hope you had a good day flat hunting with your sister & she finds something she likes.
      hope your not too tired take care.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  5. Hi Sandra
    Lovely card today. Look forward to seeing you later. The papers are scrummy.
    Had to scrape the frost off first thing this morning but it's nice and sunny now.

  6. Beautiful card SANDRA I never seem to get Shabby Chic sussed And to add lace and it look right is a real no no for me Enjoy your meet up with Sue and Pat
    Beautiful sunshine here but cold Going to make a cuppa and have one of JANET's biscuits if there's any left

  7. Hi Sandra and all in today.
    oh sorry, Pat you had to pick the cupboard lock hihi and Karen I have saved some biscuits for you, they are real good.
    Gorgeous card Sandra, such a lovely paper. You have made it so pretty with the lace and flowers, love it !
    Have a wonderful day with Pat and Sue !
    SUNSHINE and BLUE SKY ! oh it is just a wonderful day.
    Thank goodness I feel so much better then the last few days so we walked over to Ikea and back. Got back home with a blister under the foot and something was rubbing on my big toe and on the one next to the little one so I deffo need to get new trainers asap.
    Will make the cc later but just must go and sit on the patio for a bit and going to call home. Have not spoken for a while and I left a message on facebook. Don't know if they got their anniversary card.
    Just had lunch and watched Tony Hancock, Blood Donor, he was very funny !
    Lovely to see you in Lilian, do really hope your virus
    will go soon. You take care and I'm sending you some special hugs just for you and the family.
    Have a nice afternoon and evening everyone.
    love and hugs Maria Xxxx

    1. Maria pleased to hear you feel better today, sorry about the

  8. SANDRA your card is fabulous. Beautiful papers but it's what you do with them.xx

  9. Hello Sandra & everyone
    Your card is Gorgeous Sandra love the papers love it all.OOORRR is that some lace I see very brave using it HAHA.
    Hope you Pat & Sue had a good day & your feeling a lot better with infection & the other thing. Well not done much well ironing this morning housework OH helped then he went to finish back garden & cut grass out front. I finished my cc so pleased with that finished will send it to you Tomorrow Sandra charging camera up. Lillian hope feeling better with the virus. Your in my thoughts & prayers sending gentle Hug's xx
    Got to go & dish dinner up now. I have commented on way down
    love Lynda xx

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra another lovely card from you today. Hope you have had a lovely day with Pat & Sue. I have managed to do my CC today & sent it in.xxxx
    Lilian thinking of you pleased you have it all sorted for Monday gentle hugs on way, hope you feel
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  11. Hi Maria
    You didn't say how you got on at the Drs today?. It was you who hid the rest of the biscuits was it. I wondered where they went.

    1. My dear friend, I told you yesterday that I'm going for some blood test tomorrow pm hihi and about the biscuits I only put a few away for Karen. If any others gone you know who the culprit is,
      don't you ? Hope you had fun with the girls.
      On Hochanda is a new program about 'Vintage' 10am
      tomorrow and one in the afternoon. It might be interesting to watch.
      Hope to get to one of our garden centres in the morning with a friend. Looked after their pets when they went away for a few days. Don't like the bunny much, he's evil hihi but their cat is gorgeous, getting old now do and losing it's teeth, bless her
      Please, let us all have a good night and that Mr Sandman not jumping over anyone of us tonight.

  12. Hello Everyone,

    We viewed two flats today. First was just not suitable,looked lovely but NO storage space, even taking a suitcase in world have made it look overcrowded! The second my sister really liked, but was on the 4th floor, even though there was a lift it could have issues (she is a few years older than me)
    Anyway I do not want to drive you all to boredom. The flat we viewed last week - the owner has agreed to the rental offer we made, its ground floor level and the security is better. So that is the one she is going for.
    I will try to drop in tomorrow, but I have to go into London with some paper work for the property agent in the morning. in the afternoon we are on the school run. So it's another busy day ahead. I thought when I retired life would move at a slower pace....... Ha, ha

    I hope everyone has had a good day, Sleep well, love Brenda xxx

    1. Glad your sister found somewhere suited for her, that was quick after all. Take care, many hugs xxx