Thursday, 5 March 2015

Another Beautiful Stamped Card from Sam & Man Card from Cheryl !

Good Morning Ladies
Today's card is the last one I have of Sam's stunning cards'
It is so beautiful, perfect for so many occasions from Get Well to Mother's Day
Such a pretty Image, the flower it looks like a Chrysanthemum to me (but I may very
well be wrong) looks almost 3D to me, you have captured it perfectly with your
colouring Sam, you have chosen the perfect colours to compliment the stamped image
as usual Sam your matting and layering is perfect!
This fabulous man card is another of Cheryl's amazing man cards
This Guitar is amazing and looks so real, it looks like you can actually play
the strings, everything from the fret board to the wood looks so realistic.
I am sure that Drew was very impressed with this card.
I would like to thank both Sam & Cheryl for allowing me to show these cards
today, what would I do without you lovely ladies?!
I still need plenty of photos in for Saturday's mixed craft day and
of course more pictures of all of your cards too, its a great back up for me to have
your photos to share when I have not been able to get a card put together.
Plus I love sharing your cards with everyone too!
Well Sue and I are off to visit Pat today, I hope she is feeling better than she was
today, I think that the morphine was causing her terrible nausea.
So today I hope to see her whizzing around the bed!
Steph I hope you are doing well and that your room mates are nice and friendly.
I hope you also aren't having too many side effects of the drugs, you should
have plenty of cards for your basket by the end of your stay!
Theresa I have everything crossed for a positive outcome from your second opinion.
I would love to see and end to your suffering.
I hope that all of you have a lovely day.
Love and hugs
to each and everyone of you!


  1. Two beautiful cards from the Ladies today.

    Hope Pat & Steph are feeling a little better.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Good morning Sandra and ladies, I see Jacquie has been in esrly and got every switched on. So I have made myself my tea.
    Sam. Your card is stunning, that flower is real looking, which of coarse is all down to your wonderful colouring. Your layout is simple but stunning and you every detail stands out on its own merit.
    Cheryl. Your card is fantastic, as Sandra has said you feel you can play it. You have these man cards just prefect, I bet Drew was over the moon with it.
    Steph. Now I hope you had a comfy night? Have you got all you craft bits at hand, and did you by any chance get that second over the bed trolly, if you did I can see those old biddies having plenty to keep their tongues going. As we have all said we really do hope you get someone nice beside you and even better someone who enjoys crafty would be better. If not just smile and be overly friendly with your good mornings, it will do their heads in that they are not getting to you. Even hope they have a really bad night !!! Then they will sleep all day, then again if you are like myself if they were restless you would be too as every noise sounds ten times louder in the night.
    Pat. I hope you had a good night and a little less painful, I was the same with the morphin I ended up having to get an anti sickness injection. Oh I hope those two other ?Graces don't make to much noise while visiting???
    Theresa. Fingers still crossed for you.
    Brenda great news about your cast being off, just don't go over doing it. Do I feel a meet up with the three Graces while you are in the Cotswolds???
    Any way ((((((hugs)))))) to any one I haven't got round to, sitting here to long, I am off to work. Not in till 7.30 as mummy is off to a meeting so isn't leaving as early. Will pop back in later for a tea and cake.
    Hazel xx

    1. Probably won't get to see The Three Graces whilst I am in the Cotswolds. Going with another friend, it's only for a few days, and although she likes crafts think she will want to go sightseeing. I usually just go with the flow. I did get to meet them at Farnborough and hopefully will again at Ally Pally. I am hoping to drive to the Cotswolds but May have to go by train and bus. Depends how much movement I have in the wrist. Supposed to wait for the physio to say but I will be lucky if I get an appointment before then. Will see how it goes and will keep doing the exercises the hospital gave me.

    2. Alison - that's awful, I got my first physio appointment before they came off so that I could be assessed by the x-rays. She also got in touch with plastic surgery so that she could also do the physio for my finger at the same time so that I wasn't having to go to two different appointments. I hope you don't have to wait too long. xx

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  3. Two very lovely cards today. I'm Not feeling too chatty right now but I'll try & pop back after work with a longer comment.


    1. Sending you some (((((hugs)))))

      Patricia xx

  4. Morning Sandra my dear Friend,
    Also to all my Friends that come the Cafe I know it sounds so very strange but I have one very special Friend whom sadly only see a few times a year because she works full time and has a family, since joining in with the Cafe I've now so very lucky to have a whole group of very wonderful Friends.
    Sandra my Lovely I hope your feeling much better today, could I possibly have a Weak Latte and a Toasted Teacake please.
    Thank You very much for showing my Card,
    " The Beautiful Die is from our Sue it's a Background one but I didn't wish for it all and it didn't have a cutting die just for the centre not big enough for my Stamp (well maybe there is in another set) so I had to cut the centre out by hand which I'm not very good at
    The Stamp is from JustRite which I have mentioned before I Love there Stamps and I've used Foundation Card which I buy from Joanna Sheen and even if she's out of stock if you leave your e-mail address they will get back to you and excellent service"
    " Cheryl your Truly Fabulous Man Card it's just Awesome I Love the Theme was this for your son! If so does he enjoy playing The Guitar, every time I see a Man's Card I wish I could achieve, but you ladies on here can put your hands to anything and produce Outstanding Cards and Projects Cheryl your very talented "
    Steph my lovely I really hope your feeling much better are you still in Hospital I hope those other People have stopped been so Rude people like that make me so very very Cross.
    Saba how is your sister Val I hope she's feeling comfortable.
    Sandra if you wish I will send some more Photographs of Cards if you wish!
    Patricia I had a check on your Blog yesterday at your Card it was just Awesome my Stamps arrived yesterday I'm really thrilled with them and like you mentioned The Tutorials on YouTube etc: are Outstanding and like you mentioned the guy has a great listening voice which really helps so much, they are going to Ally Pally which I'm thrilled about are you and Hazel going?
    Well Boys want toast now and then later there off for a wash and a trim!
    Please Take Care
    Sandra thank you for sharing my Card and it was Great to see Cheryl's Man Card
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

    1. Hello Sam, Hazel and I would LOVE to go to Ally Pally. We had seriously talked about it, the distance, cost of travel and accommodation was going to be just a bit too much. The other thing was we did not know anyone who could give us info about where to stay to be near Ally Pally. Mind you we might make it next year.
      Glad you found the YouTube tutorials good.
      Thank you for all your support

      Patricia x

    2. Hi Sam,
      I just firstly want you to know that I do indeed consider you a very dear friend, that I am lucky enough to speak to every day!
      Thank you for allowing me to share another of your amazing cards
      could you please send me some more!
      I cant wait to meet you at Ally Pally,
      Love and hugs

  5. Good morning Sandra and all the wonderful ladies that pop into this Wonderful Coffee Shop.
    I typed a long message and it has joined all the others out there in Cyber Space......ahhhh!!
    I have to go but I will be back later to try again to chat to you all.
    Sorry ..... I did have so many messages in it .... Ooooo!!! all this technology can be annoying sometimes!!!
    Hugs for all of you
    Patricia xx

  6. Hi Sandra and Everyone in the Cafe. Please may I have a big mug of my usual tea and some toast and marmite today. I will be at the usual table and am hoping to have a good catch up with Maureen : )
    We have finally got back online after having major problems with it since Sunday (I thought I was just my laptop playing up to start with!)
    Can you imagine how frustrated I have been not being able to pop in here to see your fabulous cards and to hear how everyone is? It has been awful.
    I have had a quick look at the cards, they are all gorgeous, you are all so talented, it is lovely to see such a wide range of different styles and techniques.
    Sandra, I am glad that you got back safely with Becca and that she loves her new car. She will never forget her first solo drive either will she, and nor will you! I used to get ours to ring when they had arrived too! They are always our babies no matter how old they are in years aren't they.
    I do hope Pat is feeling better today, I tried to ring but didn't get an answer last night, I hope that meant that she was sleeping and not stuck in the toilet being sick still! It will be good to actually see her this afternoon. and of course Sandra and I will behave ourselves and be quiet as church mice. Believe that and you will believe anything!
    Littlelamb, I wonder if you get your pot off? I do hope so. Take it easy though please.
    I am going to sit and catch up with all that you all have been up to since Sunday. I hope that all doctors appointments etc have gone well. I will try and pop back later this evening to catch up on todays news.
    Take care, I will see you later my lovely, don't forget your hat! : ) xx

    1. So pleased to see your message this morning. Thought you must be ill but am sure Sandra would have said. It's awful being without the internet isn't it? Yes the pot is off and now have a splint. Wonder how long I will have to wait for the physio. Will keep doing the exercises in the meantime which us probably what they will do anyway. Hope you find Pat ok this afternoon. Tell her I gave been thinking of her.

    2. Sue forgot to say I did contact Sue about the stamps and apparently someone else had already emailed her as well. A mix up with the person who usually posts them for her. Had been away and thought Sue had done it whilst she was away so didn't do it when she got back. They arrived yesterday and very nice. They are Swirls.

    3. Hello Mrs B, I am so pleased to see you back, I thought you were poorly. I've had a h*ll of a day up to now, but I'll wait in the corner and have a natter when you come back in. x

  7. Janet Ecco of Sheffield5 March 2015 at 08:22

    Morning Everyone - Sandra I hope today is a better day for you and that the high pitched noise is going or better still has gone. Latte as usual is in front of me -I don't know where I'd be without coffee lol.
    Sam - another first class winner. Everything about your beautiful card is just perfect from matting and layering but your colouring is just Ohhhhhhhhhh.
    Cheryl - what a wonderful card for either late teenager/men. Just the ticket and if you don't mind may I please keep it in my 'inspiration' file? for those times when I need to do a male card.
    Michele - my prayers and thoughts are for you all.
    Steph - hope you had a good night and are prepared to amaze everyone today.
    Brenda - great news re cast off - take care now a little at a time.
    Pat - hoping you are recovering from morphine etc and are feeling a little more with it.
    Norah - I'm missing you - hope all is well.

    OK I hope I've not missed anyone but if I have sorry and I'll try and catch up later. Have to finish off Bernadette's card (French) today. I'll send you a pic when finished along with the one that was 'too easy'. Normally it takes a lot to frustrate me but at the moment it's not so. Leaving a basket of hugs for everyone.
    Janet x

  8. Good morning Sandra and all who call into the best Coffee Shop there is.
    Yes I said I would be early and at last I have succeeded! Please could I have my usual latte , thank you and one for Norah when she pops in. Sandra thank you for showing two wonderful cards today, and I am wondering, how did Becca come on yesterday in her quest for a car?
    Sam yet another work of art so very beautiful indeed your flower looks so very real, you have had me squinting at the laptop screen it really does look 3D and this is all down to your fantastic colouring, well done my friend. Now call me nosey but for some reason I thought your boys were Labradors but you say they are having a trim so I must be wrong am I? I have our corgis on their grooming table yesterday and oh boy are they starting to cast their winter coat!
    Cheryl your card is fantastic so very much a man's card but very elegant and rich too well done I am sure it will be treasured.
    Norah I am missing your tales is everything alright? There is a latte on me waiting for you when you do pop in and a cuddle too.
    I do hope all is going according to plan and no nasty side effects Steph like the last time.
    Theresa I have everything crossed for you today lets hope they are able to give you the help you so need.
    Sandra please give Pat my love when you visit today, I hope she is feeling a little better, with each passing day she will.
    Saba I was too late to sample your baking yesterday are you going to be baking again soon, if so I will place my order in plenty of time! Hugs to Val and yourself.
    Take care I will try and call again later for catch up and another latte.
    My basket of hugs and cuddles is in the corner where Norah usually sits, so that no one trips over it, help yourselves folks.
    With love
    Margaret corgi owner

    1. Hi Margaret, thought I might make a lemon meringue pie for tomorrow. Our chickens have gone into overdrive and I need to use up some eggs. Val is doing amazingly well, allowed to drink now and soup tomorrow. She must be starving.
      Love and hugs. Saba xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and all the ladies. Just a flying visit as I'm going to the dentist soon (hurray)! I've just brushed my teeth so I won't have anything thank you. I've decided to catch the train rather than driving although it will mean hanging around for a train to come home and it's only a short drive home from the station. I don't like dentists but if the pain in my tooth and face go I will love him forever! Sam your card is beautiful and your colouring in is perfect. What a beautiful card. Cheryl what a great card for your son, it looks so realistic. How many guitars has he got? Emma has got 3! The one with plastic strings she learnt on, a more expensive one she upgraded too and an electric one. She loves instruments so that's just 3 of her large collection! She calls it stress relief! I hope you had a good night Steph and have got some good neighbours you can have a laugh with. Please give my love to Pat when you see her this afternoon, I hope she's stopped being sick and is more comfortable. Right must dash and find my book for the train journey. Will pop back in later when I'm home..... If I haven't fallen asleep on the train and ended up goodness knows where!!!! Take care love Diane xx

  10. Morning Sandra and lovely ladies, Sam your card is stunning, so elegant, Cheryl love your guitar it looks so real.
    When you go to see Pat be good and don't cause to much noise, I'm sure she will be glad to see you.
    Today is food shopping day, better get on and check out the cupboards! Then up to the cattery to book the cats in for our holiday in May.
    Have a great day everyone, hugs too all, I will have a coffee when I get back from shopping, I will bring cake!!!
    Take care Jess x

  11. Earlier today as going out later for lunch with an old friend. Haven't been able to see her for weeks now what with one thing and another and she is having physio for a back problem. Will be good to catch up on all the news of family etc.,
    SANDRA. Thank you for showing those lovely cards today. I have sent you a couple of photos for Saturdays. Can send some more if you want them. Hope you are feeling better today ready to see Pat this afternoon. Tell her I am thinking of her please. I always used to feel nauseous after operations but now well them beforehand and have an injection.
    SAM. Your card is lovely. Colouring is wonderful. Thank you got showing us today.
    CHERYL. Love your card. Would suit my son as he loves relaxing with his guitar. Not long to his birthday now so it's given me an idea. Thank you.
    STEPH. Hope the medication is going ok and you are getting some cards made for your baskets.
    THERESA. Thinking of you today. Hope all goes well and you get some results.
    MICHELLE. Thinking of you and your friends. They are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you all for your good wishes with my wrist. Must keep doing the exercises now to get back to driving and crafting. I miss both. Picked up my GC from home yesterday so perhaps that will give my hand and wrist some exercise. Hope you are ok Norah. Missed you. To all who need them have left lots of hugs. Will have a latte and toasted crumpet please.

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone!
    My post has joined Patricia's - will try later!
    Today's cards are gorgeous but I will try again, I promise.
    Love to all,
    Myra xx

  13. Good morning Sandra and ladies,
    A two for one, how lovely. I'll just help myself to an earl grey tea and a crumpet.
    Sandra, hope that you are feeling calmer now Becca is back home safely and that you managed a good nights sleep. Please give Pat my love and best wishes.
    Steph, hope you are coping, try and keep the glitter out of your bed. Hope you've got nicer ladies this time.
    Theresa, good luck, hope they get you sorted this time and you can finally start to get some relief for your awful pain.

    Sam your card is beautiful, perfect matting and layering and superb colouring. It is so pretty and the pearls give it an extra wow. It reminds me of a cameo.
    Cheryl what a brilliant card for Drew, Sandra is right it does look like you could play the guitar. I like how you have placed your greeting following the curved lines, it looks so effective.
    Thank you to both of you for showing us your cards today.

    Michele love my heart goes out to you. So sad to think that their wedding had been held in the hospice and under such unimaginable circumstances Thinking of you and your friends.

    Here is the link I promised yesterday for the free download cut out dolls. There are some fabulous ones on there, not just the Betsy McCall ones
    I think you will have to cut and paste it into your browser or just write it down and type it in.

    Hope you all are having a good day, will be back later for afternoon tea.
    Norah, hope you are alright love, missing you and
    Maria, missing you too lovey was a bit worried when you hadn't been in last evening.

    Love to all
    Saba xxx

  14. Hi Sandra and all, large black coffee but no cake. probably will be a real one later today.... hope you feeling ok Sandra after your bad headache so your visit to Pat will go ahead. Give her a gentle hug and wish her better!
    The day went away with me yesterday so didn't have time to see you and got way late by the time I had read what you all been up too so I popping in quickly this morning. Firstly Saba's work of art yesterday WOW! The ballerina card was so sweet and the handbag it's out of this world, you have made a wonderful take of that so well done. Hugs to you and Val, hope she still doing alright and you will have a nice time together when you are coming over.
    Sam's card today is so pretty, beautiful and Cheryl your card would be perfect for my brother-in-law who is playing a lot on his guitar and very much into his music, very good.
    Glad you managed to get Rebecca another car,Oooh it'is scary when they take you out the first time and you sitting there with the heart in the throat and biting your tongue not to say anything to distract them lol I had some giggles reading Brenda's driving looking at the rev.counter for your speed ! lol wonder if there my friend goes wrong, hmm will have to check that next time.
    I don't think we will eat her car anytime soon. Hope to be back later, OH is taking me out for the day, somewhere ? Hugs Maria xx

    1. Thank you Maria, was a bit worried, you usually pop in for a nightcap. Val is doing so well and it won't be long before I am home .
      Love and hugs
      Saba xxx

  15. Good afternoon Sandra & ladies,is there any tea in the pot please have to go shopping soon. Sandra hope you are feeling better today lovely.Please give Pat a Hug from me hope she had a good night.
    Sam your card is gorgeous love your stamp & your colouring is outstanding.
    I got a Adult colouring book at the works yesterday great for practicing,it has some really nice pictures in it too.
    Cheryl your card is a fabulous man card love it xx
    Steph hope you had a good night sleep & you have a nice bunch of ladies this time sending (((Hug's)))
    Theresa I have everything crossed for you today (((( Hug's)))
    Michelle, so sad my heart goes out to you & your friends,your all in my thoughts & prayers love & Hug's for you all
    Maria enjoy your day out hope it was something special Hug's xx
    Sandra so pleased you got Becca another car & she loves it,you will never stop worrying about her. It's what mum's do,I still worry about my two at 37 & 43. Enjoy you visit with Pat .
    Well off to Tesco Hug's to you all

  16. Hi all you lovely ladies, I have not got time to stop today as I have just come back from my polatis (can't think how to spell it lol) exercise class and now going away to bowl home for an hour then going to a meeting.T he cards are gorgeous both totally different but both fantastic. Will hopefully manage to pop in later. Having to read all the comments 10 times to figure out who is who but will sit in the corner with my coffee and persevere. Hopefully will see you all later. Love to all xx

    1. Pilates, Wendy though the way you have spelt it almost sounds as though you are pole-axed. You did make me chuckle.
      hugs Cheryl xxx

  17. Good afternoon ladies,

    Had visitor this morning so I'm rather later than usual. Thank you again Sandra for showing one of my cards. I'm famous now!

    Sam, your card is so beautifully coloured and putting it together with pastel cardstock really makes your eyes drawn to the flowers and i love the pearl swirls. Stunning.

    The guitar picture has been one of my hoarded pieces for a long time, then an old friend came to visit, saw some of my cards and asked me for 3 male ones for her husband and 2 sons.
    Drew was the easiest to make as he, like my son Robin, is a very gifted guitarist, so naturally I let Sue choose that topper for his card. I had to play with a range of colours until I settled on a mid-blue pearlised cardstock that complimented the topper colours. I printed out the message using Card Factory Explosion V10 onto pale yellow 180 gsm paper and after gluing it in place, I drew around the 3 sides with a dark blue gel pen. His name was cut out from a cutoff piece of Hunkydory lovable huggable whatever card that had a faint music score on it, with my chunky alphabet dies and foam mounted. Needless to say Sue & Drew were very pleased with it. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I'm honoured you want to put it into your inspiration file Janet, by all means do so my flower.

    Steph, Michele, Pat, Brenda, Sam, Sandra,Theresa, healing hugs for you all and I hope you are feeling rather better than the last few days.

    Diane, Robin has about 8 guitars now, his favourite all time is his Les? Gibson collection, I think there may be 5 of them but he's always adding another. Every time he does overtime he saves for the next one. He learnt to play at 17 and has been in local bands ever since. Lovely for when we all had our milestone birthday parties as we the band was already booked. Michael Eavis's daughter booked them quite regularly at her pub in Street, shame they never got asked to play at the Pilton Pop Festival (nowadays known as Glastonbury Festival). For some reason the band members always called me Mum, never Cheryl, but Pete was always Pete. They even gave us printed T-shirts, mine having 'No 1 groupie' on the back. Such lovely memories. Now they visit with their children.

    Still getting to grips with sorting out my boxes but I've now decided to just dump things into the boxes and then sort them out when the room is finished and the cupboard is in place, as I feel I'm getting more behinder that ever!
    Becca, glad you have another car now and didn't eat it as your Mum posted on her blog. I hope you have many years of fun driving my dear. When I first passed my test, it felt like I'd grown wings and could fly.

    Off to do a spot a gardening before it gets any colder, our green bins get collected tomorrow. I love gardening, it blows away all the bothersome cobwebs that gather in my mind and I am actually proud of the fact I was awarded the National Certificate in Amenity & Landscape Horticulture with Credits in 1995 after attending Cannington College following a redundancy. So I almost have an ology as Maureen Lipton put it.
    Will pop in before bedtime to catch up on everyone posts.
    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. CHERYL, Congratulations on your almost ology. You have to work hard to get those. LOL Brenda X

    2. Thank you,Brenda, yes you're quite right, it was hard work. I never got to grips with the sciences during my school years and on the course we had to do plant chemistry and biology so it really tested me at times. We had a varied age group as a lot were like me, on the back to Work programme, following our redundancies and others had come back after a year's work placements. A great group and I enjoyed it enormously with the added bonus, my garden was started from scratch. A lot of work goes into it although as you know last year was a bit of a wash out for me so this year I have to do that bit extra to get back on top of the game.
      Cheryl xxx

    3. Hi Cheryl, an Ology no less, wow. I love gardening too, but we now live in a fourth floor flat so I only have window boxes. We have a huge balcony though so I do have a few plants on there as well 7 window boxes. But, Peter's mum has a farm quite nearby so there is always something to do in the garden there. No animals now only our blasted chickens.
      Love Saba xxxx

    4. Hi Cheryl, thanks so much for the allowing me to share your amazing card today, you are famous for your man cards!
      Congratulations on your 'ology', I used to love Maureen Lipman ads on tv, I read her autobiography is was hilarious, (years ago mind).
      I am so pleased you got out in the garden, eventually!
      love and hugs

  18. Hello Sandra,
    Hope you are feeling brighter today, sending a special caring hug for Pat, hope you and Sue enjoy your visit take care.
    MYRA & PATRICA , I posted a message about 10am it has joined yours. Never to be seen again. BUT WHY is it this happens to me when I've posted a long message - pesky Gremlins
    LYNDA, so pleased your Eye appointment went well. Take care.
    LITTLELAMB, Pleased your fracture clinic went well and you are now free of you pod.
    MICHELLE, Sending gentle hugs to you and your friend, you are both in my thoughts and prayers.

    SAM, This card is gorgeous, your colouring is brilliant (as always) and the emblishments really add extre WOW to make this a SPECIAL card.

    CHERYL. What a great card for the boys. The Guitar looks so real. I love it all. If you don't mind I will pop this into my folder of ideas. We have two Guitar playing males in our family and this would be brilliant for them. Thank you for sharing.
    Well I have enjoyed my coffee, will drop in later to see what everyone has been doing.
    Lots of love,Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda, I said exactly the same thing as you this morning. I made a special effort to try to remember everyone and then what do we have at the end - nothing! Hey ho we'll keep trying as it's worth it in the end.
      Will call back later in case there is news of Sue and her visit by the two remaining Graces!
      Love Myra xx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      Hope you are well, I thought I saw one of your messages today, flying over the A40, not sure what you do with them.
      I think maybe you should start selecting all text and 'copying'
      then after publishing its not there, you can click on the text box and press 'paste' and it will all appear!
      hope that helps sweetheart.
      Love you
      Sandra xxxx

  19. Hi Sandra hi all, Sam what a beautiful card this morning. I love your stamping and your colouring in is just superb. Love that die and your pearls.
    Cheryl, are you the master of mens cards or what! Love this one, it looks 3D. Love the happy Birthday on the curve.
    Hope Pat is feeling a little better today sending my love.
    Steph is ok they couldn't get the needle in so after 10 times they gave up but they have done it this morning, she is quite chirpy .
    Littlelamb glad the cast is off.
    Michelle thinking of you and your friends.
    Well thanks to my hubby I saw the top consultant for shoulders in the country, but had a huge shock too.
    I do not have a fracture, I do not have a tear in the tendon. He showed me the x-rays there were these huge massive thick white cracks along the shoulder blade and down the arm bone, which the others mistook as fractures. The 2 bones are grinding against each other and wearing away so they have calcified to protect themselves I also have a diseased tendon and my whole shoulder area is highly inflamed. Have had more injections I am not allowed to do anything with my arm for 48 hrs. Then I am not allowed to weight bear at all and even have to hold my arm in a certain way, no sleeping on that side or my back at all. Have to put pillows around me so I can't move. Gentle exercise, and more injections. He is almost certain I will need an operation in the future to file the bones away from each other.Have other meds to take as well. Good job I have morphine. He said I need to be patient (he doesn't know me then, I'm not a very patient person) I have been making things worse by weight bearing. Anyway I am lucky now as I will have the right treatment, Going back in 6 weeks to see how things are going, so at least I'm on the right track. No crafting for me, am not allowed to squeeze the glue bottle .I guess I'll have to dig out the books.
    Well that's me done, I hope everyone is having a good day
    Hugs to all Love Theresa xx

    1. Oh Theresa, I'm so sorry to read this, but as you say, at least they are on the right track now and, hopefully, you won't be doing things to make it worse. xx

    2. Hi Theresa that sounds awful, no wonder you have been in such pain. Good thing you went to the top man, hopefully with the treatment you will be more comfortable. How awful not being able to craft though, hope you've got a big pile of books to read. I can let you have a jigsaw puzzle if that helps! Take care of yourself xxx

    3. Oh! My! Goodness! Theresa why do these medial people manage to get things so wrong???
      I certainly hope the advice gets you crafting again soon.
      Enjoy your reading time
      Patricia xxx

    4. Theresa, that sounds so painful, but hopefully now you have a right diagnosis you will improve. It is just the problem of something to do to stop your mind "calcifying" too. I know I get bores quickly. How about CD crafting? I have quite a few CD's and Serif is quite absorbing. Just don't crank a cutting machine handle...if you need anything, ask us.

    5. Oh dear Theresa, if only there was something we could do for you. At least you have been correctly diagnose now, and given the time life will improve.
      Look you just go and sit at your favourite table and we will bring you what ever you would like.
      Sending you gentle hugs and lots of love, Brenda x

    6. Oh wow Theresa, no wonder you hurt so much. On the bright side at least they now know what the problem is and how to rectify it. You poor lady, no crafting? methinks withdrawal symptoms will set in. Anything you need we'll be here.
      Special love & very gentle hugs today for you.
      Cheryl xxx

    7. So pleased to hear that they now know what the problem is and it can be sorted. No wonder you were in so much pain and probably doing things you shouldn't didn't help. Know what no crafting is like. Haven't been able to for over 5 weeks now but keep buying Sue's new dies and am itching to use them. Thinking of you. Rajesh care.

    8. That was supposed to be Take care. Sorry about that.

    9. Oh Theresa love, no wonder you have been in agony. 6 weeks seems a long time before your next check up, just hope the injections and new mess help you.
      Gentle healing hugs Saba xxx

    10. Theresa no wonder you have been so sore, sometimes I wonder what some doctors are thinking, anyway you are now on the road to getting better even if it means an op, I think if you now what is wrong you can deal with it better. Take care Jess x

    11. Oooo Theresa you poor love no wonder you have been in such agony,how bad the other doctors couldn't see the damage in
      X-rays of your shoulder property,lucky hubby got you the top consultant to see you so hopefully you are going to get sorted. Sorry about not being able to craft. Theresa if you need any dies cutting out don't hesitate to ask.
      Love & Hug's Lynda xx

    12. Theresa, how awful that you have suffered for all this time, when if your X-rays had been read properly none of this would have taken so long to put right. Here's hoping you get a better nights sleep, you will be going to bed like we use to do years ago when we put a rolled up towel at the back of the babies so they couldn't roll on to their backs. Plenty of pillows then for you, but if it helps that's all that matters. Hazel x

    13. Oh Theresa, what shocking news, you must be devastated, but on the other hand you are hopefully on the right track now, although a very long and hugely frustrating track, we are all here to share your frustration my love. It just doesn't bare thinking about the damage you would have done if you had carried on with physio!
      Thanks for the update on Steph.
      Love and hugs

    Hello Sandra,
    I hope you are feeling much better today.
    I've just typed a super long blog and it's disappeared, I hadn't even finished it. This is just continuing a hell of a day I've had so far so this is short and sweet.
    SAM I love your card. The colouring and the fact that you hand cut the middle is superb. xx
    CHERYL, Perfect card for my nephew who teaches Guitar. Tried to understand your computer instructions - no chance for my pea brain. I never saw you as a Groupie somehow - Oh a Roadie, I see know lol x
    WENDY - I still get mixed up.
    MICHELE - love and prayers to you and your friends.
    PAT & STEPH - Hope all going well for you in Hospital.
    Mrs B - Great to see you back, was worried you were poorly.
    EVERYONE - I'm frightened I'm going to lose this again so will see you all later, if the gremlins let me in - LOVE to all xxx

    1. Do you think our messages have found a meeting place that we don't know about???
      Patricia xxx

    2. Yes Pat, they're over the rainbow with quite a lot of mine.
      Cheryl xxx

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  22. Good afternoon Sandra and all you lovely ladies, keep everything crossed that this does not go walk about like this mornings offering!!
    I am going to have a cup of tea and a piece of the stickiest, gooey cake. I will just help myself if that's ok.
    SAM:- your card is stumming, love the flower and your wonderful colouring.
    CHERYL:- I really like that Guitar. Which would be great for our sun. Looks so real I can almost feel it.
    For ALL the ladies, in, attending hospital or doctor appointments hope all has gone or is going well. Sending you all some (((((hugs))))).
    Have put my money in the pot that cake was delicious, love it.
    Will be back later to see how things are
    Patricia x

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  24. Hi Sandra and all the ladies. Just a cup of tea for me please, it's just taken ages for me to nibble a sandwich again. I've got an abscess in my back tooth so antibiotics and a root filling in a months time. No wonder I have felt so sore and my whole face hurts! Luckily it's an Nhs dentist so £50 instead of £700!
    Michelle I've just caught up on yesterday's comments, what sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends. Sad they had to bring the wedding forward and have it in the hospice, but lovely they have managed to get married. Xxx
    Cheryl 9 guitars! Oh my goodness mind you they are addictive! Emma has also taught herself banjo and ukulele as well as tin whistle and the latest....bagpipes! How wonderful being no 1 groupie and I love they way they called you mum. Would love to ho to Glastonbury one day but don't think I could do the mud,camping and of course the porta loos! My cousin lives in cannington, we spent the weekend there in the summer when she had a birthday weekend party. It's such a lovely place. We went to Sidmouth folk festival a couple of years ago , that's a great event too. Xxx
    Oh Maureen sit down and have a cake, it does sound like you are having one of those days. Let's see if we can sort you out, we don't want you turning greenand bursting your buttons like the Incredible Hulk !
    Sandra and Mrs B I hope Pat was feeling brighter today and you didn't ge thrown out for causing mischief !
    Patricia Ally Pally is a beautiful building (as well as having great craft shows) but it is a b******r to get to! There are now some holiday inns and premier inns nearby now but they are probably better if you drive. If you are on the train you have to go into London and then it's about an hour back out again by the time you change, catch the free bus and get up the hill! We drive (or rather Julian does as I don't like London traffic!) but it takes us about 21/2 hours. Xxx
    Sandra the new car sounds lovely - I wonder what name it will have! I always used to give mum and dad 3 rings when I got home, now my sister makes me do it! It's easier to text now these days so we let each other know if we've got places safely when we go on holiday.
    Saba hope Val is continuing to make progress. No playing with knives today I hope.
    Wendy, I'm a newbie too but you get to know everyone very quickly. It's good to hear you chuckling in the corner.
    Right I must get on, I'm being quite lazy again today. Oh yes thank you Saba for the tip about the cloves, I have got some so will try it later. Maureen, how funny, I actually thought of whiskey the other day got tooth ache, I just fancied some but resisted. Dentist said I would be very very sick if I had alcohol with these antibiotics! I too spray polish and tilt a picture or two and leave the duster out - haha aren't we awful!
    See you all later xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      What a small world!
      I have lived in Cannington since July 20th 1977. And in the same house.
      Who is your cousin? I would probably know her unless she is a recent resident.
      Cheryl xxx

    2. Diane you poor thing. Toothache is a bug..... I have to go next week as well, no toothache but I have to have a back tooth seen to. Loathe and detest going to the dentist.
      Soothing hugs for you.
      Saba xxx

    3. Sorry my flower, I forgot to commiserate with you and your toothache, ooh that must hurt. Ouch. Abscesses can be quite the little bu***rs. You're in the same boat as my Fiona,
      (youngest daughter) went to her dentist last week to have tooth out and she broke the tooth. Fiona is now having to wait for appointment at the hospital to get it out. She's not happy cos the dentist also drilled the wrong tooth for a filling!!! NHS too.

    4. Hugs to you sweetie,
      Cheryl xxx

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  25. Afternoon ladies, just my usual latte today. The cards today are both fantastic. Such talent here. A very classy card from Sam, and another great male card from Cheryl.
    Michelle , honey, I wish there were words to make things feel easier for you, but I know nothing can help here. Just take each day as it comes, and stay strong for your friends. You can download how you really feel here to us.
    Well, yesterday was a lovely day weather wise, but I should have enjoyed it more. Typical Scottish weather, 1 day snow, followed a sunny day, and today..well it's somewhere between torrential and monsoon, with a driving wind. Do you think I can persuade the dog to cross his legs tonight and not need out...doubt if he will go for that.
    Well, guess I better go and think about making some dinner.
    Thanks for the company

  26. Oh dear, it says comment removed by author but I did no such thing. Could I have a tea please, Hi again ladies well I'm back from my outing and I had a very nice lunch together with my OH in a pub to celebrate our anniversary. Goodies and wine later tonight on the menu.
    Maybe I shouldn't be talking about eating you poor thing Diane, not nice with toothache and I think most of us dread the dentist, good you can use the nhs, dreadfully expensive otherwise. Hope the antibiotics will kick in soon just a shame you can't have a little one. Hugs
    How can they be so dizzy at the hospital for you Theresa. I really hope that you are being seen at last by a doctor who know what's he talking about and you now can get the proper behandling you need. Gentle Hugs to you.
    Hi Lynda, how are you ? glad to see your eye appointment went well. I'm cleared too for the next year and didn't need any new glasses yet so that's a saving that can go towards AP don't you think lol I have been looking back at the cards from this morning and let me say again how great they are. Sam ,you colouring in is fab as usual and the swirls and beads around the chrysanthemum is beautiful touch! and Cheryl your card is great for someone who love their music, especially the guitar. That's a real collections he got there. Cheryl do you live in Street, Somerset ? Our garden need a tidy up too but it is so cold out so I will leave it for another couple of weeks.
    Sandra, have you and Sue managed to go around the nurses on Pats ward yet ? promise you are on your best behaviour or you might be banned for any more visitations lol Hope Pat is ok and feeling herself soon again. Steph, how is things for you ? any nice ladies to have a gossip with on the ward you are on ? Saba, you live in a beautiful part of Germany. Being nosy as I am , how come you moved to Germany in the first place ? Say Hi to Val and hope she is ok after her op ! Mum not starting her chemo until the 26th and I find that a long time as her op was done the day before x-mas eve, maybe because she had a infection and that had to get better first.
    You know Sandra that we are so many now so it is like reading a book when visiting your cafe lol I love it but not much else is being done so the trick with the duster out and some air freshener I will take onboard tihi
    Take care and Hugs to all ! Maria x

  27. Hi Maria,
    No I live in Cannington. A rather largish village just off the A39 towards Minehead, 3 miles from Bridgwater.
    Street is about an hours drive away and used to go there a lot to the Clark's Village designer shopping centre. It was built on the old Clark's Shoe factory site, the Clark's house is still there and is now used for offices I believe. I used to work at Clark's factory in Bridgwater when Robin was quite small. They were very good employers.
    Cheryl xxx

  28. Maria' congratulationto you and your OH on your anniversary. Enjoy your wine. Nuremberg is beautiful, it doesn't compare to home in the Dales but it really is a lovely city. We live less tha 5 minutes walk from the city centre. My OH comes from here and his family all live about 15 km away from us in a tiny village. It's work basically that has us here though. Very little chance of a job for him in the UK but as soon as he retires we are moving back. Mind you he might be made redundant soon, we are waiting to hear, big meeting coming up in the next few weeks, but hey ho we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
    Your poor mum having to wait so long for her chemo. You must be so anxious for her. I feel so sorry for you being so far away. I am here for you anytime as we all all love.
    Love and hugs

    1. Thank you for the information about the dolls. They look lovely. Hope it won't be too long before o can use them. How is your sister? Progressing well I hope.

    2. Thank you Saba. Sorry to hear about your oh and his job, any chance he could take redundancy and finish a bit earlier hope all goes alright Hugs Maria x

  29. Hi Sandra and everyone, just popped back with some cake as promised, it will probably still be ok for tomorrow.
    Thank you Saba for the info about the paper dolls I will be checking it out later I hope you enjoyed your visit to Pat and cheered her up.
    I received my Wednesday card giveaway today from Sue, it is beautiful so much better in real life than on the telly, I just need a space in the craft room (spare room) for it.
    Hope everyone is well, catch you all tomorrow, Jess x

  30. Michelle I have just been catching up with the comments over the last few days, what dreadful news of your friend, life is so very cruel at times they say there is a reason for everything but this does not make things right. They have been able to marry and that is very important for them, I am so pleased they were able to do something positive together I hope they are able to enjoy there time together as husband and wife. They and you are in my prayers sweetheart.
    With love and hugs of comfort
    Margaret xx

  31. Hi Sandra so pleased that Becca has been able to get another car and you all arrived home safely. I hope you are feeling recovered from your headache but it sounded more that just that, please do take care. I have emailed you the picture as you have asked hope it arrived safely with me you never know where things go!!!
    Saba thank you so much for the link you provided I shall check it out.
    Well to all those not feeling too good I am sending comforting cuddles to you all.
    Norah hope all is ok missing you.
    Must go as some visitors are due to arrive, oh it is lovely to see people but it does get in the way of my crafting.
    Love and hugs to everyone until tomorrow
    Margaret xx

  32. Hello Ladies

    Am feeling much brighter tnow for some unknown reason. My friends fiancée managed to get married in her wedding dress so that was nice. He has his phone with him & is able to see messages but hasn't got the dexterity to reply.

    Work was better-no silly meetings, just busy which suits me fine. Always do the Tesco shopping on a Thursday so home late, only just sitting down now not that I'm moaning given my friends circumstances!

    Thanks to everyone thats left lovely messages-you are all most kind.


  33. Michele, it lovely to read that your friends fiancée got to wear her dress. It so sad to as it was meant to be the happiest day of their lives. Here's hoping they have a few days in which to enjoy each other. Will the hospice not let his now wife to live in his room with him??? Yes being busy will help you, not sure about the Tesco shopping which I hate. We are all here for you as they say " it's good to talk". Hazel x

  34. Sandra, I know you will be shattered after being out to visit Pat, whom I hope is a bit less in pain today. Also that the three of you didn't make to much noise?? So I will pop back in tomorrow, not working first thing which I am glad as it been a long day today, between being at work plus we had to go to the solicitors to sign paper work . Just us up dating everything, we are t getting any younger so we are making sure everything's in place now. Hazel x

  35. Oh what a busy day today, I had only about two hours sleep total again last night, I am surprised Paul didn't get up and disappear to the spare room!
    I was a pain in the bum, as I kept huffing and puffing and moaning and trying to wake him up for a cuddle, but he was out for the count! I did finally nod off at about 3.30 only to be woken and about 4am by Milo, I could have throttled him, but them saw that darling little face and my heart melted and I got up and fed him! I got back into bed and it took me a good 45 mins to get my pain under control again, I would be interested to know if any of you fellow sufferers of pain have what I would describe as a racing heart and fast breathing when you move without having your pain under control, I find myself having to take deep breaths to get my racing heart and breathing under control, I wondered if its just linked to the extreme pain!?
    I want to thank you all for keeping things running in my absence again today, we did have a lovely afternoon with Pat, she looked brighter today, she is remarkable, managing on just paracetamol! I will tell you of Sue's funny antics on tomorrows blog!
    Right I am exhausted so I am off for a shower and an early night!
    Thank you very much to Sam and Cheryl for your lovely cards.
    love and hugs

  36. Hi Maria thanks for asking I have got drops for my right eye as suspect glaucoma,well I'm a bit suspect all over really hihi.
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary ( how many years )
    Glad you had a lovely day. Gentle Hug's for your mum must be a worry for you. Big Hug's for you love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda,
      we have been married for 22 years today. omg how the time flies lol
      Suspect or not I hope the drops keeps it at arms length so it want spoil your crafting because you make some wonderful things take care and warm hugs to you and the family incl.fourpaws and beaky xx

  37. Hi Sandra, Thanks so much for the update on Pat. So pleased she is so much better today! Hope you two remaining Graces behaved!
    Have had such Internet trouble today and "sent" posts three times only for them to go in wide blue yonder.
    Have to say - Sam - gorgeous card, glorious colouring and genteel pearl frame! Loved that idea. Thanks Sam - pleased you feeling better.
    Michelle - my heart just goes out to you and your friends - however it is so nice that love can sort of temporarily overcome the sadness. This young lady is going to need a lot of support. You too, my dear! Sending hugs.
    Now Maureen - thank you I think for printing the car menu today! You are too kind. Lol! I'll get my own back - can't believe I've said that . I'm quite nice really! Lol.
    Steph - hope things are going as well as they can. Hope the crafting is coming on a treat. Hope you have found at least one nice lady to talk to.
    Hugs to Saba and Val.
    Lynda - pleased Eye Appt went well. hope Terry got on ok at hospital on Saturday .X
    Theresa - so pleased you seem to hve got some answers! Sorry it's taken so long. Hope and pray your pain gets sorted out very soon x
    Home tomorrow ladies, in the meantime,
    Buenos noches!
    Love, Myra xxx

    1. Hi Myra,
      Hope you have both enjoyed your holiday & are well rested,it hasn't felt like you have been away as you have come back to the cafe every day driving back & forth lol Thank you my right eye is suspect glaucoma have to put drops in at night ,keep missing I'm rubbish at eye drops lol. Safe journey home. Email you soon, love your latest card on pinserest Myra it's gorgeous. Love Lynda xx

  38. Hi Sandra hope you have a better night sleep tonight lovly. Sounds like you & Sue cheered Pat up,hope you both haven't got barred frame visiting again. Glad she is on the mend. Xx
    Saba my Daily (((( Hug's )))) To Val, fingers & everything crossed your husbands job is safe a worry for you both.Love Lynda xx
    Good night Sandra & all you lovely ladies Love Lynda xxxx

  39. Hi Sandra and any lovely ladies that are still awake! Thank you for the update on Pat, good to know she is feeling brighter and only on paracetamol, that's really good.
    Michelle how lovely your friends bride could wear her dress for the wedding, I hope the staff at the hospice do their best to make their time together special. I hope you are tucked up in bed now after your busy day xxx
    Cheryl my cousins name is Heather Douglas and she has lived there about 5 years so quite a newcomer. She is lovely and completely mad and has a huge garden which she loves. It is a small world and would be very funny if you did know her. Xxx
    Well I've taken 2 huge antibiotic tablets so far and it is staring to feel a bit less swollen. Must go to sleep now as I'm doing the station run in the morning! I won't lock up just in case I lock someone in again (oh the shame of it!) but will make sure the door is shut behind me. See you all tomorrow. Night night xxx