Sunday, 15 February 2015

Such a Pretty Janet Card

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,
I just couldn't sit on this card any longer, It is so petty, perfect for many occasions, but Mothers Day
comes to my mind, with the beautiful pink card or the pretty flowers! This card alone has changed my mind about that Gemini Die. I have wondered though if I have the picture the right way round, the bow would work equally well at the bottom.
Janet will hopefully stop by and give us a run down on her gorgeous card.
Please leave your comments for Janet! I may try and persuade her to let me share the photos of her French home!
Well I hope you all had a nice Valentines day, Matt (my son) decided to take the girls to the West Midland Safari Park for their birthday treat, so that meant Paul and I had the whole day to our selves, which was just perfect, I persuaded him to take me to see Fifty Shades Of Grey, the film itself was good, not much like the book, but I expected that, the most frustrating thing for me was "Madge & Maurice" sitting next to us! They had bought themselves a fair picnic to be honest, ( I don't have a problem with that, we took our own Wine Gums), I think I have never heard such a bag that rustled so loudly with every single piece of popcorn (yes she ate every one individually) she seemed to put it in her mouth, there was the initial crunch, but then I was confused as she gnawed and sucked on the popcorn like she was not wearing her dentures, all with her mouth fully open, ever now and then breaking for an ear splitting 'slurp' of her drink, I honestly expected her to Burp and fart to complete the frustration! oh no that's not it, every time on of the cast spoke they had a little chat about how it compared to the book and then an annoying giggle! Some of the scenes were a little 'racy' as I expected, which felt a little uncomfortable with these two so close, Maurice made some 'bizarre' sounds, at one point I felt that I may need to call a paramedic! So my cinema experience was a little 'marred' by our 'seat neighbours'! But the film was good, do any of you ever get bothered by the fact that it is ok for a woman to be full front naked but the nice hot, fit men don't, the best you get to see is their peachy bum?!
Pat, I will lend you the book, you will love it! xx
Sorry if this has been a little naughty for your Sunday Morning Cornflakes!
Love and Hugs


  1. Good morning Sandra and coffee shop friends. I really like how Janet has used the Gemini die, it's made me wonder what it would look like on all four sides - I'll have to wait until everyone else in the house gets up before I have a try though! So I'll just sit in the corner quietly, drinking my coffee and enjoying my selection of French pastries courtesy of Janet.
    Your cinema "experience" sounded interesting, I hate it when people talk through a film, can't they wait until it's finished? I'll admit to not having read the books, as a school librarian my reading tends towards teenage fiction, which actually is brilliant at the moment. Unlike a lot of adult stuff it has to grab the attention of it's readers within a few pages or teens won't bother to read more, and as I have the attention span of a goldfish it suits me perfectly! Also you'd be amazed at the number of "adult" authors who have discovered the untapped teen market and who are now writing for them; Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, Kathy Reichs to name three.
    I hope that you're not feeling too sore after your meeting with the carpet, those cold callers have a lot to answer for, but Saba has some great ideas as to how to deal with them, Have a lovely Sunday. Sue xxx

    1. Good Sunday morning Sue,
      Janet's card is beautiful isn't it, i am not sure what the Gemini die on all sides, but it might look stunning, I have seen the 'Lyra die cut on all four sides and it made a lovely frame!
      While we were on holiday last year I had finished all my books so I picked up and started reading my 14 year olds book ' Twilight ' series, well I will be totally honest with you I couldn't put the books down, I bought them for the kindle so that I could read late at night without keeping Paul awake! So I do appreciate teen authors, I was same with Harry Potter series!
      Thank you for stopping by this morning and for setting my mind to rewind back to those great books, have a lovely Sunday Sue,
      Love & hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

    2. Hi Sue
      I did a card with the Lyra die on all four sides & it made a lovely frame it's on my blog if you would like to take a look.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  2. Morning Sandra and My Dear Friends,
    If possible could I have a weak Latte and a Toasted Teacake.
    Well Janet you've done it again what an Amazing Outstanding Card I Love The Gemini Die, The Flower's on your Card Look Truly Beautiful, I Love checking out The Cards when I visit "The Cotswold Cafe"
    There is some Extremely Talented Ladies that visit this Fabulous Friendly Cafe.
    Janet it would be so very nice to see Photograph's of your home in France, an ex colleague of mine has a Holiday Home in France and it's just Beautiful.
    Sandra I'm sorry to hear your's and Paul's night out was marred by the people sitting next to you both in The Cinema, they sounded like they were very rude with no manners at all, Like yourself you don't mind people taking things in the eat but at least be quiet and I really hate to see people eat with there mouths open.
    Thank You all my friends for all your very kind comments re: The Hospital actually Sandra's comment about a Peachy Bottom made me laugh as I'm sure your aware when you go for scan's or anything like that you have to undress and put one of those Gowns on well I was asked to remove everything by the Nurse and place on a Gown I went through loads to find most didn't have two loops or in some cases the loops were not long enough to tie, there was a Long Mirror in the room I Definitely Do Not Have A Peachy Bottom, I'm So Pleased I Had Taken My Dressing Gown.
    Mrs B I really hope you was able to have lots of Cuddles with Christopher (What A Beautiful Name)
    I really hope you all keeping well, please take care and have a
    Great Sunday.
    Sandra Take Care
    Love and Hugs to all
    From Sam xxx

    1. Oh Sam, I do feel for you and those shocking hospital gowns,
      I have had so much embarrassment from those things, the last one being an MRI, I had strip down to my knickers and put 'the gown on'
      And then go and sit back out in waiting room for the scanner!
      I will just add that I had to remove my bra (38GG)!!! So not only was I worried about showing my knickers to the very handsome young man but lord knows what he thought the two lumps on top of my knees were! Let's just say with age and gravity and without the substantial scaffold to hoist them up, I was in danger of one dropping out from under the gown! So like you next time I will take a dressing gown or get a soft cup bra that might give 'a little' support!
      Now I hope that image hasn't put you off your dinner!
      I just wanted you to know it's not just you, lol
      Anyway enjoy the rest of your day, Lyndon is going to wonder what you are giggling at when you read this post!
      Love &thugs
      Sandra xxxx

  3. Morning Sandra and all friends that visit today. WOW.. I think maybe the bow should be at the bottom lol but who cares,Janet, its stunning, really really pretty. Isnt it great how Sue designs her dies so you can interchange them and make one die look like two ? CraftySue.. Ive used my die round all sides on the 8x8 cards and it looks amazing as you can match the little swirly leaf up all the way round (if that's the way you want to use it) give it a try you wont be disapointed. Oh EWWW, Im so fussy with eating habbits I dont know how you managed all that time sitting next to piggy noises like that, it annoys me no end when people eat like pigs, maybe they should eat from a trough rather than plates !
    I couldn't get into 50 shades if Im being honest, I did try, just to see what all the 'fuss' was about, think I'll stick with James Patterson and Cathy Glass. Id love to be able to go to the cinema, its been donkey's years, cant even remember the last film we went to see ! I find it hard to stay awake much past 8pm so I just know id fall asleep in the cinema, and its too loud for my sensitive hearing lol. Im sure it wouldn't go down too well if this barmey Brummie started screatching "turn it down" lol
    Im with our Sam, id love to be able to admire Janets cosy sounding French home if she'd let us ?
    Well, fingers crossed for our Sue with the awards tonight. Has anyone seen the new Tattered face, oh I mean Lace dies yet ? Is she trying to give the impression of peirced edging but with larger holes does anyone think ?
    Well I'll love and leave you for now. Im so tired, the dog woke me at 4am and I have no clue what for, out of spite I think. Wish I had my boy back with me.
    See you all later, have a lovely day whatever your plans.
    Lancashire Steph xx

    1. Steph, I am with you about eating like pigs. When ours were little if they started on one and mucked about with their food my words were " ok you want to eat like a pig? Next meal time your will be in a dish outside" and believe you me I have done it to just let them know it was not happening again. It's a pity I coukdnt go that far with some of the children I have nannied for over the years! Hazel x

    2. Steph, I too totally agree about eating habits! Children who eat nicely earn lots of praise from others so they soon learn that it's worthwhile having good manners. About the Tattered Lace - totally agree - the holes are too big to be just left as pierced edges but too fussy and thin to weave ribbon round! They always go OT
      T. Sue explained in one of her shows didn't she why she didn't have dies like that done!
      Love Myra x

    3. Too right Steph, I hate bad table manners. My girls and now my tiny grandchildren have all been taught how to behave at the table, and even though they are only 7,5 and 4 they always say please may I leave the table and they know they won't be allowed to return so they finish their meal first.
      Love Saba

    4. Hi Steph,
      I too hope that Sue wins tonight, her die range is second to none, she deserves to win across the board, I wonder if Kim was invited?
      I imagine Julia & Phil went, but not sure about the other DT members.
      The other companies don't deserve to win as the just copy Sue's designs anyway, well some of them do! I am not sure about 'shattered Face' though, the don't deserve to win, given the circumstances! In my opinion! I was watching a show on Friday, they were "pick of the week" again, but one of the designs was a tractor, a 'Lacey' tractor! Really!!
      Well I hope we hear tomorrow that the night was a success! The awards shouldn't all go to one company just because they have the might of a huge TV Network behind it!
      Also, in my humble opinion, manners cost nothing, My mum in law always complimented us on the way we had bought up our children to sit and eat properly at the dining table using cutlery and manners! Other family members children wouldn't even sit at the table, had no idea what a knife and fork was for either!
      So I have done something right! As far as Mr & Mrs Slosh & Nosh in the cinema, I was so angry at one point my knuckles were white! Then I did a little cheer when she finished her family size bag of popcorn, she slurped from a bottle, wiped her mouth on her sleeve ad got a bag of bloody boiled sweets out! Let me tell you she didn't suck one of the bloody things! She must have been so thick skinned as Paul will tell you I can take a certain amount before my voice becomes audible, boy did I cross that barrier, dosey woman must of thought I was moaning at the film!
      That was our punishment for sneaking off to the cinema without the children!
      Enjoy rest of your day,
      Love Sandra xxxx

  4. Good morning Sandra and the other who pop in. A weak tea please. Oh Sandra you have started my day off so beautifully, I have laughed at " Madge & Maurice". I haven't been to the cinema for ages, but Tammy was the other week and she was saying much the same as yourself about folk and their picnic !!., She takes a bag of sweets, she refuses to pay the cinema prices, anyway Sam I too cannot stand to see people eat with their mouths wide open. Also I know what you mean about those gowns I to was glad to have my dressing gown with me and why do they put those mirrors in the room?
    Janet you have given us another delight to admire to day. Your card is stunning, I love the colour and just those few little elements along with the die cuts are just perfect - yes it says " Mother's Day" I think your right Sandra I maybe round the wrong way but it works both ways. Yes please can I be nosey to and have a look at your French home!!!
    Well we had a lovely evening as a family ( adults). Christopher our son invited us all to the valentines dinner/dance that was put on by the Tayside Kidney Patients Association. it was a brilliant night, the room was very tastefully decorated with just little touches of heart chocolates at each setting, a few petals etc. the meal was lovely also. They raised £450 from their raffle and seeing how there was only 100 folk there if there was that it was great. My lot were in stitches as I had taken some of the donated items ( Chris asked me to turn these into gifts) I did my usual out of their packaging and into a basket, I had made Sure that they were placed in the car safely so they wouldn't get juggled about and things would move. Well when they were getting taken to the table of the winners this lady was holding them always except the right way , I was about having kittens, well you can see my face and I was saying "it took me ages to get that to sit right". Had lovely comments about how I had made them up didn't do it for that but it's nice when people stop you and comment, Any way thank you for the cup of tea and the laugh. Will pop in later. Hazel,x

    1. Hazel, Brilliant that so much money was raised, glad you enjoyed your evening even though your gifts which you had lovingly made up got shaken about. Saba XXX

    2. Hi Hazel,
      You made those prizes look a million dollars, no wonder so much money was raised! The money raised was amazing given the amount of people attending, it sounded a lovely night though!
      Love & hugs
      Sandra xxxx

  5. Janet Ecco of Sheffield15 February 2015 at 08:50

    Morning everyone - Thank you Sandra for showcasing one of my cards today. May I please say that the bow is at the bottom but it's easy to turn it round. It's not often that I use pearlised card but I came across this when tidying up some card stash - It's from Crafters Companion. As you see I cut two of the edges with the Phoenix die from the Gemini group. I next cut the inner die from Times Square New York collection in white and the centre piece in matching background colour from the graduated squares - from Tonic dies. I cut two tags from Califonian collection corner border and tags and just glued them so the ends were on show. As you can see the main dies of from our SW ranges. little flowers are made from Mulberry paper and I purchase these from Ebay as they are so tiny and I just cannot make anything this small. The only element raised is the centre square the others are glued flat. I use photo glue these days as in Sue's words 'it gives me some wriggle time'. Shakey hands and immediate sticks really do not work! lol.
    The sentiment inside is 'May you have for every storm a Rainbow' etc as I used the other day. I have a small collection of poems for inside my cards which I collect from such works as Helen Steiner Rice; Irish Blessings and some from Pinterest. I love poetry so it's easy for me to collect.
    I hope you all like today's card. This one is for one of my craft friends at Knit and Natter who shares the same birthday date as me.
    Will pop in later for a cuppa. Have a very happy Sunday.
    Hugs Janet x

  6. Morning ladies, what a pretty card just my colours! Definitely a good Mother's Day card!

    Can I have a strong coffee to get me going! Loads to get sorted to go away which I should have done yesterday!

    My husband loves the cinema I hate it I see the opening credits and wake up exactly at the point the closing credits start! Was so proud of myself when I saw sixth sense years ago thought it was a fab film bought it on DVD and had no recollection of half of it obviously slept again!

    Did a nice card this week with Sues new Greek background die I just love the ivy in that collection if I get a chance will email Sandra to share.

    Anyway must dash if we can get internet will be with you over next few days if not keep the coffee pot warm xxx

    1. Have a lovely few days break Alison. Saba XXX

  7. Morning Sandra, morning all, What a beautiful card from Janet, so feminine and pretty.
    Oh Sandra I did laugh at your description of Madge and Maurice, but it also sounds awful. what a shame people don't think of others.
    Off to Bristol today to take Emma out for lunch. I am amazed each time Tony and I have a meal how quick people eat. I am a very slow eater .
    Well I'd like to order a nice cup of tea, and a crepe. please. They sell beautiful ones from a little stand on the Champs Elysee, Paris.
    Have a great day everyone. Love Theresa (TOB) xxx

  8. Ha ha! Sandra I love your post today, I can just visualize you in the cinema with these two, I think I would have had to say something lol! As for full frontal of men...well not very nice to look at and I don't agree with seeing full frontal women its usually not necessary, I prefer a muscle torso but hey, further down I think they are like clowns...once you have seen one you have seen them all!!! Sorry! Lol!

    Beautiful card by Janet btw.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Hi Sanda, I just read your comment you left on Christine's blog and had to check your cards out. They are lovely and I want to see more so I've subscribed to your blog. I hope you have a wonderful day crafting and I will be back to look closer at your past work soon.

    1. You are very welcome Teresa,
      Please feel free to join in any conversations that are in full flow, if you want to share a card, just email it to me and I will post it for you!
      No pressure though!
      We gave an amazing bunch of ladies here, whi have nicknamed my blog the 'coffee shop' as we come in and out all day, sharing our news or giving support to someone that's having a bad day!
      Thank you for stopping by,
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Teresa
      A big welcome to Sandra's blog, she shows us some fabulous creations she has made, shares her ups and downs and makes us all very happy to be a part of this unique blog. She also has guest designers from amongst the coffee shop ladies. We are like one big happy crafting family and always happy to welcome new crafters into our coffee shop. Look forward to seeing you soon.
      Love Saba

    3. Welcome Teresa to the "Coffee Shop". Sandra is a great hostess and you get any thing you want to drink and eat, even calorie free cake, no we are not all crackers we just use our imagination to think we are all sitting chatting, and I think I can speak for most if not all of us, we truely would love to be meeting in a real " coffee shop" Hazel x

    4. Hi Teresa and welcome to the best coffee shop in universe ,the drinks is perfectly hot and the cakes is to die for and calorie free !
      No we are not totally crackers as Hazel says but being a little bit helps ,just ask people around you when you start telling them about a place that not actually exist but great to visit and hopefully Sandra's dream will be true one day. Maria x

  10. Just a thought Sandra (maybe not a nice one but there ya go) !! Lol. Should the film last night 'turn on the light' so to speak, ; ) lets hope they kept the picnic downstair's - if any left !! How 'off putting would the popcorn be like a cement mixer going round and round !

    Have a lovely few days away Barbie you so need the rest xx
    Lancashire Steph xx

  11. Hello Sandra,
    This is a gorgeous card Janet. So fresh and pretty, and the flowers are lovely.
    I'll just help myself to a latte and scone Sandra, whilst you sit and watch the world go by (one of my favourite past times - apart from crafting).
    I haven't read the book because I've been there, done that and got the T shirt - not really, only kidding - HONEST!! I just didn't fancy it, I tend to gravitate to authors like James Patterson, J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter books which I thoroughly enjoye)d, John Grisham . I'd much prefer Pride and Prejudice - but then I'm a boring old f*rt.
    Going to the Cinema to see it would be a no no because I'd just be too embarrassed with other people around me.
    Who are Madge and Maurice - ditch them fast ha ha. When we went to see "Into the Woods", the people next to me brought in an Indian meal, which was in an airline type food tray. The smell was horrendous but at least I was spared the eating noises. However, when the film was finished and they left Cinema, all the trays, polystyrene cups, paper bags, etc. was left for me - and others - to trip over, and for other people to clear up . Pigs, that's the only thing you can say about them. What is it with these people, we do take some sweets (as we refuse, as you say, to pay cinema prices) but popcorn and meals are a nightmare. My granddaughters complain about some of the children on their dinner tables who eat with their mouths open. As Zoe (8) says "it's disgusting Grandma".
    Well I think I've exhausted that topic so I'll wander downstairs to see how George is doing with the lunch. I think it's chicken today.
    Oh, I managed to get two cards done yesterday, so will go into my craft room to start on the Sympathy card and get that over with. George and the chicken will have to wait !! xx
    P.S. I hope you are not so sore today after your encounter with the floor. xx

    1. Maureen, have you read the detective books by JK Rowling that she has written under the pseudonym- Robert Galbraith. They are quite good. And tonight there is the tv adaptation of her first adult book written as Jk, the casual vacancy, it on BBC, not sure what time.
      Saba XXX

    2. Thanks Saba, I haven't read it but it's on BBC1 at 9 pm UK time. I'll watch it. xx

  12. Hi Sandra,
    I'm much earlier today! What a difference a day makes!
    A lovely card from Janet in lovely soft colours. I do like that Gemini die and it would be great to try it all the way round.
    I'm not a film goer but so sorry you had to next to the odd couple! Sorry about your fall Sandra - how are you today? Are you stiff and sore ?
    I can't remember what I mentioned before so will just give a quick run through!
    Congratulations - Sue on the birth of baby Christopher. What a lovely experience for you.
    Theresa - I was thrilled you won Sue's card! You deserved to win after all you have gone through.
    Sam - sorry about your hospital trip and will be thinking of you this week.
    Lots of love to everyone,
    Won't have coffee or cake until later if that's ok!
    Myra xxx

  13. PS! Barbie - have a lovely holiday! You deserve one!
    Love Myra

  14. Good afternoon dear Sandra,
    Janet, once more your card is really pretty and would make yes a lovely Mothers Day card but also a lovely card just to say hello to an old friend that you have lost touch with along the way. Thank you Janet for allowing Sandra to show your work off in the cafe here, the walls are filling out just nicely with all the fabulous creations that have come in. Glad you enjoyed wee Lily Mae's party yesterday, did she have jelly and ice cream or have we well and truly left those days behind us? I hope that she was suitably tired so that her mum could get a rest as well.
    I am so happy that Paul remembered why he well in love with you for and took you out for what should be a lovely couples night out.. However your choice or not as the case maybe of companions to sit next to could have been much better chosen me thinks. I have nothing against people taking their own refreshments and eats in with them as long as they can be sucked quietly or bitten into quietly. I hate rustlers, chompers, breaking of teeth because they are crunchers or anything like that because it is down right rude to the surrounding people. I also hate people talking the whole way through a performance whether it be on a film screen or worse a live performance, or them getting up for the toilet or to go and get more munchies part the way through and come back and everyone has got to get up out of their seat just because of some peoples lack of manners. Sorry i know i am a snob, but when people are up on stage giving their all to a performance, i do think it is rude for people to get up part way through to go places and come back. Must come from mum taking us to the cinema and making us wait until the end before we could go to the toilets.
    Not in to nudes i'm afraid but that could just be because i came prebuilt shy and never been one to go in for exhibitionism.
    The last film that i seen at the cinema was when i went with mum, Kirsten and Rory to see Mamma Mia and although it didn't start out as the sing a long version that didn't stop a lot of us doing just that to Kirsten's absolute horror, oh her mother and grandmother showing her up like that. It was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
    Well i brought my sewing up to do with me today so if i could have a large hot latte please Sandra and calorie free piece of cake, i would very much appreciate it. I didn't realise how much i had knitted until i went to sew them up. Awh well it needs to be done, i'll be in the wee corner across there where i can get my back up against the wall, have a lovely day everyone,
    Love and crafty hugs angels,
    Norah (Glenochil)

    1. Janet Ecco of Sheffield15 February 2015 at 16:04

      Hello Norah - thank you so much for your lovely comments about my cards. I really do appreciate them. It makes all the difference when lovely comments come from people who are crafters themselves and you know that they aren't just being polite.
      We all loved Lily-Mae's bday. Yes it was well and truly a traditional birthday party. All our little ones are - we have chucky egg sandwiches; Red Jelly and Ice Cream; butterfly buns - homemade of course - and a proper birthday cake with candles and yes we all sing Happy Birthday as well.
      Our next one is at the end of May when our eldest Great Granddaughter (Isobel Ruby) will be 4. So it will be another wonderful day. Hope you and your lovely family are keeping well and that Rory is still enjoying creating things I'm also hoping that Kirsten has settled into her new home and that everything in your house .is now back in place. Hugs and love Janet xx

  15. Hi Sandra,
    A hot chocolate and a scone please,still nippy outside. Another stunning card from Janet. The colour is yummy and sweet,yes perfect as a mother days card. Lovely to see all the different dies sat together.
    Have not been to the cinema for donkey years. people razzling with sweet papers etc.and running to the toilets. People getting so involved with what happening and talking to the film... oh dear thats me I'm afraid and I'm doing it at home too to most programs to my familys annoyance .I'm trying not to and getting better, I think. 50 shades of grey,ey. Not much for mens bits lol but neither for women ,seen to many to care lol. Good you had a nice time with Paul anyway. I left a message early this morning Sandra on your last post ! someone after me this morning have sent something really weird, do you know the person ? Will try to catch up with you tonight until then, Take it Easy ! No more carpet burns for a while, hope you not to sore after yesterdays fall ? Many Hugs Maria xx

  16. Hello Sandra,
    Please may I have a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a pot of earl grey.
    Sorry your cinema trip was spoiled for you. It makes you wonder just how some people behave at home. Imagine Madge and Maurice having their lunch, and heaven help them if they have spaghetti. The slurping would be beyond belief. And as for those noises he was making, well I can't let my mind go there!!
    Now I would rather have a peachy bum any day, those front bits just make me want to giggle. Can I tell you about the nicest peachy bum I ever saw?
    Many years ago on my ward I had a student nurse come running to me saying "you must come and see this" so I did, and there was a gentleman wearing one of those vest and long john combinations. It looked a bit like a baggy babygrow, only it had buttons at the back on the bottom area, to make it easier to visit the loo without having to take it off. Well this gent was walking down the ward corridor with this flap open. Not only that but he was smoking a pipe as well. He was a retired farmer and about 92 years old and it was a sight to see. Of course smoking being strictly banned, the student was naturally concerned so I told her to let him go and enjoy his morning visit with his pipe in peace and if anybody complains just pretend you never saw him. It was a peachy bum I will never forget.

    Janet, your card today is so pretty, and I love the little flower arrangement. Anyone would be delighted to receive this and I am sure your friend will love it. I need wiggle time as well, I can't bear it if I stick something down and it's not straight. I tend to use double sided tape, but add a line of wet glue to it and that gives me the wiggle time I need.

    Well ladies I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday,
    love and hugs to you all,Saba

  17. !!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!
    For the first and hopefully last time we have like a 'spam' blog comment on yesterday's blog, it must have been very late last night or early this morning,
    Shall I delete? Can I block him?
    Do any of you want go read about "how to win your girlfriend back" before I delete!
    Not sure where he has come from!
    Answers below ASAP please xxxx

  18. OMG Sandra delete it. It wasn't there this morning when I read all the comments from yesterday that I might have missed. Glad Maria spotted it.

  19. Sandra, just had quick look online and found this
    " You can't block a specific person, but you can set your comments so that an administrator must approve them first, and that way you have control of them, and can delete them without anyone else ever seeing them"
    That would probably cause you more work though, so perhaps just wait and see whether that idiot comes back again.

    1. Sandra delete it straight away, I had that a couple of times and I just deleted them. Hazel x

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi Sandra and everyone,
    Appreciate others may also have got this but had an email from JS and she has £4 off some of Sue's new dies! Might be worth a look as there is no P&P either. Love Myra xx

  23. Hi Ladies,
    I have permanently removed 'doctor spell temple', how very bizarre!
    I wonder where he got blog address from?
    Anyway he is gone but some good news!.....
    we have a new coffee shop customer & fellow crafter, Teresa Doyle, she has joined us from Christine Embersons blog today!
    Welcome to the 'Crazy Cotswold Coffee shop' Teresa!
    Hope you are all having fab Sunday ,
    Sandra xxxxx

  24. Hi Sandra and lovely ladies, I'm so late today as I was at our monthly scrap booking crop today. It was really good there are 12 of us and we have a right laugh, nothing is taboo to talk about, just like your coffee shop!
    Sorry about your cinema trip, I bet you wished you could have told them to be quiet, we don't go to the cinema as much now, the people are so noisy, gone are the days when the usherettes shone their torch at you if you were a bit noisy or misbehaving, especially in the back row!!!
    Janet your card is stunning would suit a lot of occasions, thank you for letting Sandra show it to us.
    See you all tomorrow, take care.
    Jess x

  25. Hi Sandra
    Late again today. Please don't give me detention. Lovely card today Janet. I have the Lyra die and its so lovely. The flowers really do make a card don't they. I nearly made my first card without stamps yesterday for my sister inlaw yesterday. But I stamped around the edge of the card with the swirly stamps I used for my poppy card. Sam I do hope that everything goes ok for you.

  26. Hi Sandra ipad playing up again. I go back to have a look at something and it won't let me write any more.
    The lat time I went to the cinema was to see Alice in Wonderland for my Grand daughters birthday. 14 of us went. 8 children and 6 Adults, and even we didn't make that much noise. Bring back the usherettes I say, to throw these noisy people out. Pete hates the cinema, unless I presume it was a war film. I'm glad that you and Paul had a lovely day by yourselves, as you usually have a full house most days. I wonder who the mystery blogger was, I see that you deleted it off Sandra. Must ring hospitals tomorrow to see about my op and Pete's scans.

  27. Sorry to be late but have been watching the Welsh rugby match. We did win - just. Lovely card today Janet. Thanks for showing us Sandra. Have just ordered the Lyra die. Dd try before but out of stock. Had an email from JS so ordered it quickly.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      No need for apologies, I check for stragglers right up until I go to bed! You will love the Lyra die, I love the one Janet used today too!
      When the iPad stops letting you type try tapping the 'keyboard key' beside the 123 button (on the keypad) and then tap back where you finished typing, you should be able to start again!
      I wish this coffee shop was real and I could just show you!
      Hope it helps
      Love & hugs
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Littlelamb, yes you did just win at the rugby but have to say ours deserved to loss p, I wish they would man up and play, I am not into rugby but Charlie was watching and you can help being dragged into to things. My iPad is doing the same. Hazel x

    3. Thanks Sandra. Will give it a try. Not sure if it will be the same on the iPad but will look

  28. Don't know why but couldn't type anymore again. Best wishes to everyone who needs them and is feeling unwell. Can I please have a hot chocolate and lemon meringue. Haven't had any for ages. Thanks

  29. Hi Myra
    Just check on first as they are still cheaper then JS on some dies. Just watching the motorway madness. Pete now has a bad back and has hardly been able to move. Our carpet in the dining room is higher than our living room carpet. So some of the door needs to be cut off. The trouble with that is that once the door is closed we have a big gap underneath. Not to sur e how when the dining room was added on, the floor wasnt laid evenly at all and was laid a bit higher that the living room. Not to sure anyone can understand this, these tables are playing havoc with my thought processes.

    1. Thanks Pat, Will do!
      I completely understand about your carpet/ floors and the door. Dining room floor higher than living room floor and to lay the carpet is causing problems with the door between the rooms! I hope I've got that. Oh Pat sounds like a real trial . There's always something sent to try us. However don't want your husband hurting his back.
      Maybe get draught excluder for one side? Is that possible?
      Take care and thanks.
      Love MYRA xx

  30. Hi Sandra,& ladies,Sorry late blooming I pad kept freezing up
    Janet your card is gorgeous love the colours so pretty all the die's work so well together,I too would love to see your French home sounds gorgeous xx
    Sandra I have Still got a picture of you in my head with the hospital gown I'v been there too & mine do the same bounce on my knees Yuk.
    Talking of manners We went to see Sarah Ferguson in a live show & sitting behind us were five women they were all talking load & laughing when the show started they just carried on well Terry took so much & turned round & said can I join in as I'v listened to every word so please would you shut up,cheeky cow said this is only the supporting group,with that the man in front turned round & just said shut the F..k up.
    Had lovely day Darren Sam came to dinner & had gorgeous cuddles with Harry. Love him so much can't believe he is 8 months now.
    Have you got a cup of tea with dash of milk any Apple turnovers left please Sandra.

  31. PS! My iPad has taken to typing my name in capital letters. I usually notice and alter it but not this time , sorry, Myra xx

  32. Not feeling myself so just wanted to say a quick hallo and bye bye before a early night,for ones :-) Had e-mail from SW about the dies and she told me just that they have been delayed, no problems. I know she is a very busy lady what was funny was that she asked if I wanted to change with the person who won the rectangular squares as they had bought them themselves. I declined and hope now that it was ok, do you think I did wrong ? Glad Sandra you managed to get rid of the guy from today on yesterdays post, hope's his gone for good. Hugs to all, Love to you and the family Maria x

    1. Hi Maria,
      No you didn't do wrong, you won your prize, if that's what you want then that's what you get, Sue is so kind & caring she wouldn't mind at all!
      Sorry you are not feeling 100%!
      Hope you feel better tomorrow
      By the way if you had won a prize, you would accept it gracefully and maybe sell it or gift it to someone, the person who one a die she already is a little bit cheeky I think! Maybe she shouldn't have entered that draw!
      Love & hugs
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Maria, why should you give up your die, because the selfish person had a cheek to ask Sue if she could an exchange because she already has the one she won??? I bet she wouldn't have liked if Sue had asked her to change if the boot was on the other foot. No Maria you won it you keep it. That women is just like a spoilt child who got two of the same present - tuff!!! That's what I say. Sorry you are not to good, hopefully a night sleep might make things a little better but here are some (((((hugs))))).
      Well here's hoping Sue has some lovely news for us in the morning. Hazel x

    3. Hi Maria,
      I'm putting my tuppence worth in as well! You did not do anything wrong! How cheeky of that lady to ask Sue to swap! I know I bought a couple of dies in advance of the draw and if I'd won I'd have given them to my friend who is a keen crafter. Don't you feel guilty. Have a good nights rest.
      Goodnight all!
      Love Myra xx

  33. Sorry My lovely I didn't say Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  34. Welcome Teresa. Great to have you apart of the fun and talant in this crazy lovely place. See you again rwally soon.
    Nite nite dont let the guilding flakes bite : 0

    Lancashire Steph xx

  35. Sorry Sandra to be late but better late than never as they say, is there any washing up I can help with you do appear to have been busy today.
    Another really stunning card today so very beautiful the colours that have been chosen are just wonderful as are the delicate little flowers so delightful Janet. Thank you Sandra for making it possible for us all to share the beauty of Janet's work, it would be so lovely if you are able to share the pictures of the much heard of cottage in France, then we can all see if it is just as we imagine it.
    Well done Sandra getting rid of the 'strange' comment from your blog.
    Promise I shall try and call in sooner tomorrow.
    Good night and God Bless everyone
    Margaret corgi owner

  36. Sandra Just thought I would try and see if what you said worked. Yes it does. Thank you very much for that tip. It was so frustrating.

  37. Hi Sandra

    I'm sorry I have left it so long to return to your blog, but have had many birthday cards to make and cards for DT and also my poorly elderly , Summer cat has needed some serious one on one cuddles .

    Thank you so much for leaving such lovely comments about my cards on my blog it really does mean so much

    I haven't been to the cinema for,.. good grief I just can't remember, but one of the reasons exactly what you have mentioned, is sitting next to a chompy eater. I cannot abide people with loud eating habits. If they are enjoying their food, that's good but I don't need to hear them enjoying it. I would rather hear them fart or burp than hear them eating . Urrhhh!!
    ( Maybe Not ).

    I have said many a time, but not always, that regarding the full frontal vision of the a man is enough to turn you vegetarian, But I do like a nice peach!!

    I really hope I haven't offended anyone.

    Big hugs

    Tina XX

    1. Oh my word Janet, I forgot to say that your card is so Beautiful, I was being distracted by the peachy bums talk. Really your card is just so pretty.


      Tina XX


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